Sex and Counseling: An interview with Monica Lieser


When I first met Monica, is was in Kalamazoo. She gave me my very first client. She now does couples therapy in St. Loius, where she is the co-owner of Sandhill Counseling. Monica is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is a Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Also, she just wrote the book:

What you’ll learn about private practice

  1. How to build a private pay private practice.
  2. Why you probably disagree with Monica on sliding-fee scales, but might actually end up agreeing with her.
  3. How to charge more in your private practice.
  4. Why you need to talk with your clients more about sex.
  5. The one thing that every counselor in America should know

Music from the Podcast

Silence is Sexy


Private Practice Resources from the Podcast

Monica’s Resources

Sandhill Counseling: St. Louis Couples Therapy

14 Days of Foreplay Facebook page

Private Practice Resources Mentioned

Podcast from where Monica and I used to work: How to have a 40+ clinician private practice.

How to set up your own website for $15

How to write an e-book on Amazon

 Customer Service Podcast from 12/23/13

How to increase rates

Starting a private practice

Learn more about why counseling is like sushi.

Learn more about why counseling is like sushi.




private practice consultant headshot

Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC

Joe Sanok is a private practice business consultant and counselor that helps small businesses and counselors in private practice that are starting a private practice. He helps owners with website design, vision, growth, and using their time to create income through being a private practice consultant.

Joe was frustrated with his lack of business and marketing skills when he left graduate school. He loved helping people through counseling, but felt that often people couldn’t find him. Over the past few years he has grown his skills, income, and ability to lead others, while still maintaining an active private practice in Traverse City, MI.

To link to Joe’s Google+ .

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  • Love listening to Monica Lieser talk about her new book – 14 Days of Foreplay! She is obviously passionate about her work and a true expert in joining couples in their journey both in and out of the bedroom. So glad to have been alongside her on this adventure as her co-author. Hoping this fun little manual will serve listeners to this podcast well both for yourselves and your clients! Play on đŸ™‚

  • Love listening to Monica talk about the book 14 Days of Foreplay with passion. It has been a true honor working along-side her as co-author to this fun little read. We both hope this instructional manual will ignite both emotional and physical playfulness for both your romantic relationship as well as your coupled clients. Play on!!

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