15 Free Ways to Grow a Counseling Practice

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Free Ways to Grow a Private Practice

When you are first starting a private practice, it’s best to focus on low cost and free ways to promote a practice. With student loans, low income, and lack of resources, it’s best to have a low risk practice without many on-going debts. So many people that are starting a private practice will focus on free ways to promote it. But, there aren’t many authoritative guides on free ways to promote a private practice. Now there is!

Free Tips to Grow a Private Practice

  1. Write a thank you notes: Write a thank you card after every meeting, include 1-2 of your business cards. When you do this, you’re staying top of mind, showing you are courteous, and communicating well.
  2. Give out your cell: Give your cell phone number to referral sources. Let them know that if they ever have a complex client, need to personally vent, or aren’t sure what to do, they are not alone.
  3. Go places: Be active in your community so people meet you. This doesn’t mean doing it for networking, just so you are known. Go to church, yoga, or kid’s events, if that’s your thing.
  4. Put your phone number in the header: The header of your website does not change, so make sure your phone number is at the top of every page.
  5. Have a clear call to action in the header: Put something like “Schedule an Intake” or “Start Counseling” in your header and have it go to your contact page.
  6. Revise your content: You through all your content on your website and make sure it’s aimed at your ideal client. Think through these questions that potential clients ask:
    • Am I in the right place? Does this person serve my needs (anxiety, depression, transitions, etc.)
    • Can this person help me? Do they have the trainings and education?

Free Networking Ideas for Private Practice

  1. Attend Young Professionals: Most communities have a Young Professionals program. If you’re eligible, check it out. You may have to pay if you want to be a voting member, but attend free events to see if it’s a fit.
  2. Follow-up with doctors: Referrals from doctors are one of the best ways to grow a practice. When appropriate, get a release from your clients and send a summary to their doctor. (Here’s my article on how to get referrals from doctors)
  3. Get on the radio: Local talk radio is frequently looking for people to weigh in on news, offer free content, and talk about mental health issues. (Here’s a podcast about how to get on the radio)
  4. Write for the newspaper: I have never subscribed to an actual newspaper that is delivered to my house, but tons of people do! In fact, one of the best ways that I have found my articles to get distributed is through parents cutting out the article and sending it to their kids. Write for your local paper regularly to get more clients.

Fill Your Brain

  1. Listen to business podcasts: Podcasts that have been formative in my business are:
    1. Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn
    2. Youpreneur by Chris Ducker
    3. This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt
  2. Learn to Rank Higher in Google: There are so many tools to help you rank higher in Google. Start understanding keywords and what helps you get seen.
  3. Start blogging: Blogging is one of the best things you can do to rank higher in Google. So blog on a regular basis using your keywords. Here’s a link to my free 5 Day Blogging Course.
  4. Subscribe to The Practice Academy email list: There are so few people I directly recommend, because so many private practice consultants are saying things in the same way. Jeff’s content is so well designed and useful that I’m a tad bit jealous. Click here to hear his podcast about SEO and How to Rank Higher in Google.
  5. Attend a Webinar: My friends Kelly and Miranda have a free mini Bootcamp for private practice. It will walk you through some great steps to get new clients, click here to attend Mini Bootcamp.

Free Videos to Grow a Private Practice

This video is all about how to make a blog post quickly. It will help you to learn to rank higher in Google quickly.

This video helps you to learn how to make beautiful images for your blog in Canva. People make assumptions about your private practice based on design. If your images are outdated, they assume your therapy is too. If they are fresh and current, they assume you are too.

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