PoP 192 | 17 Tips for 2017 to Plan, Start, and Grow a Private Practice

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How to Slow Down to Spark Innovation

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17 Tips for 2017

17 tips for 2017

  1. Evaluate your business avatar: Who are you trying to attract to your practice? Focus on the pain your client is dealing with and the outcomes you help create. That is your tagline.
  2. Update your website: Make it responsive. I prefer WordPress. Make sure it is simple, the five-day training at www.WebsiteRoundtable.com is awesome!
  3. Answer 2 questions for clients: When they come to your website, there are only two things people ask. Am I in the right place? Can this counselor help me?
  4. Know your client’s worth: Say your average client comes 6 times and you charge $120, that means a client is “worth” $720, this will help with your marketing efforts to know what you can spend on client acquisition
  5. Blog more: If you write one hour a week for 26 weeks, that’s 26 hours of lost time. Say you charge $120 per hour, that’s $3,120 in lost income. But if your client is worth $720, that means you need 4.3 new clients to come in as a result of 26 new blog posts. www.practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog
  6. Listen to more podcasts: Practice of the Practice podcast, Smart Passive Income Podcast, School of Greatness, and Story Brand are my favorites
  7. Invest in learning: learn from a consultant (www.practiceofthepractice.com/consulting), read books, or join a mastermind group. People have done what you want to before, why start from scratch
  8. Attend a conference outside of the counseling field: look into marketing, sales, online business, and other conferences like www.SlowDownSchool.com or www.PracticeofthePractice.com/pinot
  9. Utilize your office fully: How many clients are you seeing? Most clinicians are seeing 20 or so clients per week. Your office can be used M-Th from 7:00 am-8:00 pm, that’s 13 sessions per day potential (if you schedule on the hour) Friday you could do 7:00am-6:00 pm (11 hours) Saturday and Sun 8:00-3:00. That’s a total of 79 hours per office. Sublet with a fixed price or percentage or hire W-2s or 1099s. Imagine you took those 79 hours, subtracted your 20 and only filled half of the 59 left, that’s 29 hours. Even if you got $20/hour that’s $580/week times 48 weeks = $27,840 in additional income!
  10. Schedule time to work on your practice: If you schedule time to blog, network, and level up your practice, you’ll grow much faster. Automatically have it repeat each week.
  11. Outsource more: Achieving goals is fun, but if we don’t outsource the non-essentials, we don’t have time to level up to the next thing. Automate with virtual assistants and technology tools. Are you answering your own phone and designing your own blog post images? It’s a terrible use of your time! www.practiceofthepractice.com/blog-images
  12. Clarify success: What do you want to make this year? Work backward from income and hours to get your rates. For example, if you want to make $100k gross, work 46 weeks ($2,173.92 per week) and work 4 days a week (make $543.48 per day), seeing 5 people per day ($108.70 per session) so charge $115 to have a buffer.
  13. Focus on one big goal at a time: What’s the one thing that would make everything easier? Follow the seven Practice of the Practice to set, achieve and outsource goals. 1. Evaluate what has been working. Define whether you are starting something new or amplifying something established. Plan the steps by working backward from the final product. Create content to support the goal, it could be blogs, podcasts, or infographics. Attract partners that will promote your product because it helps them. Serve customers really well. Outsource the on-going processes so you can move on to your next goal.
  14. Do something unique: Have a refrigerator with drinks at your practice, write and give away a book, or market something like “Dinner and a counseling session.”
  15. Get local media: Get on local radio or write for the local paper
  16. Do something that stretches you outside of work: When we are healthier, our practices thrive more!
  17. Slow down to spark innovation: We have our best ideas when we slow down, do this by outsourcing as much as you can, setting up boundaries, and slowing down.


Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.


Podcast Transcription

Pop 192 | 17 Tips For 2017 To Plan, Start, And Grow A Private Practice

[0:00] Brighter visions biggest sale of the year is going on right now until january thirty first i sign up now you’ll see a hundred and twenty dollars in your first year if you pay monthly and hundred and sixty nine dollars if you pay annually.
The price for what you get is an absolute steal you get their entire complement of services professionally designed website,
unlimited tech support complimentary is to just for forty and bucks a month,
instead of the standard fifty nine head over to brightervision.com/joe to get this once a year sale.

[0:31] Music.

[0:54] The location for you called seventeen tips for two thousand seven.
About how to when starting throw a kind of activity two thousand seventeen the very best year for your private practice.

[1:05] It’s a multimedia presentation so i got the,
the teachings here as well i have a video with slides over at practiceofthepractice.com/17tips and then also you can download all of the slides print them off so that you can focus on one or two tips at a time,
put on your desk so that you can be inspired all year long their beautiful slides my designer.
Sam did an incredible job with making the slide so again that’s practiceofthepractice.com/17tips,
and here we go years ago i was at the dentist and he asked me.
How often is flashing and the timer button is flashing me once a week if that is his kid a slimy there.
Flash filter fingers cut off circulation and it was super awkward and he said it,
no you gotta flotsam and it was the same conversation we had over and over and over since i was little kid,
and i asked that okay cancel with the minimum amount bank of los in the future just lack every other day with your dramatic improvement.
It is almost every time ago and now it has a cavity in people’s use all your sweet teeth and he’s like no you just need plus more.

[2:29] So with that in mind in every other day flashing cone to my wife and i say what if we did floss challenge this year.
Where we.
Make a commitment to flushing in these fifteen days a month at this place using grass will i was working a community mental health and we just didn’t have a whole lot of money,
and so we wouldn’t really spend money on a fancy car that in you’re getting chai dirty chai latte with extra whipped cream jackie and it was a really big deal because we are just super tight budget,
so we do the floss challenge that here in with she paper every month in our bathroom read fifteen dots and there’s a c for christina and aj for general,
if you floss fifteen times in that month then what happened was you got kill for you buy something expensive coffee,
is a high roof lost like fifteen times are over there often times lately fifteen he’s really tatted sixty south was christina would be more towards like the end of us your address is fifteen days left and,
what’s more and it became this one game that we did but also if you talking a lot about goal setting when you’re looking at.
How to do something new that hasn’t been hacked and in that time.
We floss and we still floss and we look at where there’s like he,
just regular floss and floss picks i feel bad about the environment but if it fall out then so be there is so it doesn’t floss sticks to me.

[4:02] A good decision is yours or message when put in a place in toothbrush so it minus the this little guy she can find and now i didn’t get free coffee,
so when we’re goal setting we’re looking at seventeen tester two thousand seventeen to improve your private practice.
What was looking at a small steps in the right direction there sustainable.
Not sleeping on the gas you all seventeen of these instead.
You can really focus and then let’s go from there so the first i have.
Is a evaluate your business avatar so what you trying to attract your practice who are your ideal clients.

[4:46] It’s a really think through what is being that behind you love working with one of the dealer so is it.
Kids getting kicked out of school or parents are getting twenty calls from the principal or is it.
Not going can i get a marriage and what’s the outcome of therapy week if your calls from the school and get you plan to.
Work with your kid and having love school again.

[5:12] Or you feel connected in your marriage and they can become your tag line and some were leaving statue who is you love work so look at your own skills.
What skills are you have the you can bring,
i want your friend practice what are the clients profiles that you love work you work with everyday,
does a new just work with people eating disorders that doesn’t mean you just have to work with kids or volatile the could be that you help people or transition,
a company that you help women who are identify who has a life,
is it have to be just one silver super specific niche in your area but in bigger towns often has a house using her answers are other people.

[6:00] Set number two is the website to see wanna make it responses which means that,
if you are on mobile if your i pad if your desktop it just saw on and the screen looks beautiful matter what device are,
in general right now this at senior fifty six percent of people looking things up on their phones which means if you don’t have responsive web site right away,
you’re missing sixty percent conversion rate sixty percent of steak seasoning supply conversion.
Sixty percent acquisition where people are in your website image of ice with one little change up six or seven more people coming to nc.
You do that right away so think about specifically what is weather look like.
I prefer wordpress and there’s a lot of other great like square space is really want to.
Over and what’s a round table come with a five d of course that’s all about.
What web sites where was it turns websites we should know lol.

[7:06] So i’m getting your website is definitely one stitches and forgive us seventeen mission is simple the more leaving added things back make a clearest hug schedule that’s gonna help convert people into practice.

[7:20] Thirty.
There’s only two questions that people ask themselves when they’re in your counseling website vs me in the right place so am i in wisconsin website.
It’s amazing how many counselors out there don’t have counseling therapy right at the very top of the website,
when will this but i could just as easily be a massage therapist or acupuncturist as it is somebody that in wisconsin so rare we need to make it clear that in the right place that you can help them,
and then on the other side can also help me so do they specialize in the area that is how.

[7:59] Excuse me can hear a voice is a little bit for all of you today am you know having a little sister coffee or can she doesn’t really help my voice it on but it is delicious on pizza because structure answers to questions i know it.

[8:13] Next you’re gonna wanna know your clients worth to say your average plain columns six times in charge a hundred and twenty dollars or so.
Don’t use your clients equal worth asking me seven hundred twenty dollars so that really helps you with your marketing efforts to know what you can spend i claim acquisition.
So if you do a facebook ad and spent two hundred dollars for new clients from that test horribly worth it if you do consulting and,
getting fire six new clients are able to raise rates this holy worth it because you know everything new classes were seven hundred twenty dollars,
and some knowing your clients were is the number for is probably one of the more important things to know as well.

[8:59] Far-reaching blog more.
If you think about it if your place where you are to give up c twenty six weeks of blood of counseling so an hour every week,
set twenty six potential session you can see not your average person comes like eight times are seven times just divided by how many weeks you spent on that and you think you get three or four clients because of your blocking,
i was a course you are you’re definitely gonna get more people coming the blog because google them is gonna raise you higher as well the,
make it easy for people to fire up center keywords of the relevant hunting pics with your business avatar attacked by an earlier steps and the more the you blog,
the more that demonstrates exactly what he is,
you that specialize in but i see how can i take your business every time he had ever practice the practice that count for such five day block this number five the block of five de mayo course there that help you unplug it.

[10:01] Six is listen the more hives cast one thing that people often do they can get,
we have a private practice to get into the chiropractor so much they’re not getting external information especially external information is outside of the house and feel people in the business world the marketing world are the things that,
are so much more gas than what we see in counseling world.
And there’s no reason after being that will just because are feel tends to be behind when it comes to marketing business which was changing based on gas like mine or other people’s built you really wanna be looking for podcasts that are out there,
it really can help you understand what’s happening in the business world what’s happening on-line marking the you can,
william mean clearing out so that people let us have the premier practice i want you to be the envy of all the other clinicians count as you’re the most beautiful of say,
you’re the most full practice your acting clinicians and that comes as your educating yourself and consuming time no.
When your can something just like if you’re in a lot of food if you can soon too much just sit around and don’t do anything,
then if you lethargic and makes you gain weight that’s all the negative health benefits as junior business as well so you have to take action as well when you take,
action from a podcast you listen to podcasts are willing to do with this that’s where is the sweet spot where you can soon and then you act soon then.

[11:30] There’s no parking in front exit practice to practice podcast love this podcast.
Also the smart ass thinking park so great way to learn about alternative streams of income.
So great comcast covers a variety of topics lewis houses incredible and story grandpa canister all my favorites listen to an regular basis.

[11:51] Two seven oz invest in learning.
So excited podcasts are so many great conferences school thing going on there learn from a consultant,
you wanna work for me and practiceofthepractice.com for session something and we can figure out a consulting the good fit for you read books are there in the master maker,
people done this before so you need to do it from scratch i know the investing in my own learning and reading books and understanding us looking to spend one of the game changers for moving the ball forward.

[12:26] Get me i would say is to attend the conference on side of the house feels so look at sales and marketing conferences or on-line business conferences finals conferences that,
or outside the typical cuff i know that when i go to conferences oftentimes you show up to stay at a hotel.
Go walk around and look at all the booze and gonna come previous actions most precious sessions oftentimes of the top people that can at your same level in the put together and already can break section in the thirty people on their.
But what’s frustrating is that often times one or two nuggets and there,
they’re probably got high canister book and it’s not really is focused or as helpful as i don’t want it to be and so looking at people are doing things that are extremely different from just the way you are maybe going to,
i live for answers are conferences that,
i’m here no parking going to marketing and sales conference is going ones that really push you to think differently at home and apply this to counseling and a huge stack the right direction for your two thousand seventeen.

[13:37] Next week but utilizing your office fully.
So imagine you in anything by your average office from monday through thursday of probably seventy after eight pm.
Office could be used in the house thirteen hours a day in the forties me to tell hours and then on friday probably from seven am to,
five or six pm and saturday from top of the eight three and sunday may be three,
so you’re looking at seven but the hours per week in office creepy use,
when you look at the air conditioners full-time detergent twenty to thirty sessions a week or so now nz probably has,
forty or so hours a week you could be either renting out your office you could have ten eight ninety nine contractors that you tuesday center state and when you think about what you could get from that.

[14:32] When you think about see you even talk like.
Twenty or thirty bucks per session for some sub letter for coming in twenty or thirty times.
Are in a week that’s a lot of money in a week that’s like five to six hundred dollars tonight nine weeks.
More cu is like fifty to sixty thousand dollars off just renting your office for having ten hundred.

[15:00] Getting.
Schedule time to work on your practice is great thing i’m gonna do all the things on the set these goals and rock it out two thousand seventeen but.
Really wanna think about how is it that you’re going to really plant building your practice.
Is this mindset of being a solo parent or which is basically giving yourself a job so you give yourself a counseling job.
That’s one way to run a practice and then the other way is really look at your practice as ceo the maybe it’s.
The yourself practitioner of you bring in some virtual assistance to make different things in your,
in your office to medium one that answers phones in one that makes images for blog posts and info graphics so that you can really start to use your time on the things are most important to me is how many clinicians are there.
They are regular basis tell me that their answering calls or returning calls there designing things and can’t for the practice,
and they have full practices that turn people away.
When you think your son one person at hundred fifty bucks if somebody for ten hours of time at fifteen dollars an hour.
That’s crazy exchange for one hour of your time could be,
with the more people increase in full-time employee that works for you to do all these things for forty hours a week.
What are the multiply times and what are the best ways to do that is to start scheduling time to work practice.

[16:34] When are you gonna blog twenty network when you look at the things you level of your practice in my calendar i have things that repeat every week in my face time that are non negotiable solicitor the,
so for example every thursday morning i work on my podcast so today this morning and the cancellation from one of my clients yesterday,
and some working this today which is wednesday and it’s a thursday tomorrow,
i’m not necessarily going to work as much of a podcast me work and other things but those blocks of time where you know,
hey you can work on certain things is really important to keep moving that before rather than just can’t get right we over continue to level up and increase your income,
your impact in your influence the world.

[17:19] Also the ways that you can keep track of all those new ideas and what is it gonna put time into right now verses in the what time to leave here.

[17:29] That’s your source more references to previous tip but the more you can outsource to maximize your time the better.
And so for me in houston looking at where my using my time,
do i have to be the one that does this one of the things i don’t have to be doing and how do i continue to move forward as much as i can in the right now i started a google doc of the types of females,
and so i did the scanning how do i receive the scan of her response and have assistant,
who’s going to be checking right of course she change her she is trained to look at what are the things that i need to respond to vs her,
so we can set up when is that she can start things that i can just come into my email address on the things i need to do is work on the rest and then respond to those things on my past this next level of pairing down what i’m doing.
So that i can maximize time the areas that matter most revenue fifty at your podcasts every year and hope all of you learn.
So they can continue or practices that something only i can do is that something in the system could get her to do a podcast.
So awesome searching design his sam doing design for the clutch in all the slides of those of you that are here in the video.
Or whenever there beautiful slides in if you can see them if you’re a podcast reasons your head over practice and the practice start for flash seventeen tips.

[19:01] Is one seven tips and you can watch the video there and also download slots.

[19:07] I could designs lights to go down for your job for the cia in like doing.
What would be worth it for me for four hours you do the stars no.
Instead what i did was i stopped over seventy text i got into trouble are prioritizing your duty in trouble.
Literally a day later i had the seventeen besides heater and some quick tips something that change and then from there,
when you just have a rain funny e-mails records so that i can continue to create awesome content rather than six front of screen creating slides.

[19:43] Sixty one excercise success c twelve this is one of the more important ones because where your head if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing is really difficult,
june know what you got while to know if you succeeded snow blower and what you’re doing with your just so matching you wanna meet hundred thousand dollars gross this year okay hit sixty years,
that for me would be awesome and you know me you say you suck on it six weeks off total this year so many that hundred canaan divided by forty six weeks,
that’s pretty ambitious vacation schedules batteries of life,
seven hundred two thousand one hundred seventy three dollars and ninety two cents per week if you need to bring if you won a hundred grand and say you say you something what i only work four days a week,
i wanna have three weekends every weekend sometime to kids i wanna be just like joan wanna get to that level i really feel start to do that.

[20:41] Play music on two thousand one hundred seventy three dollars and ninety two cents in divided by four days and you need to bring in five hundred and forty three dollars a forty cents per day.
Now i can only one work c five sessions a day just to buy that per day that means that you need average hundred and eighty dollars and seventy cents per session if you’re gonna see five people a day for four days a week,
consistently of your forty six weeks so if you charge a hundred and fifteen dollars and have a little bit of offer if you’re pretty sure you can see fall at twenty.
That you don’t think is a full twenty to meet you read that one twenty five so that your little butt head.
If your fifteen sessions a week right now you maybe do a thing twelve sessions we case yes discharges in case some people that stop coming soon if you look at what your financial goal is.
Divided by how many weeks you at work then by the how many days you at work,
ten divided by how many sessions per day on this to give you a pretty good idea how much she be charging if you can stay full at the rate you set unit will also valley how many sessions are hurt now if you’ll have ten sessions right now,
can you need to look at how do i close up if it wants a hundred came here to thirteen is focus on one big all the time.
So is chasing her go down load the slides over at practiceofthepractice.com/17tips but focus on one goal at a time the print out the slide the are working and put it by your desk,
every year the thing that work out and you said it is a beautiful slice the same as me and they can be super inspiring cute we focus on one big roller time.

[22:22] When you ask is what’s gonna make everything else easier this is based on the book the one thing which is such an amazing book,
when they encourage you continue to work backward i say in this one bagel one hundred k.
What is that look like this year or does that look like this month this week and this day and even got a sour if i am stock at a coffee shop and a friend of mine is running late so maybe twenty minutes late.

[22:50] I need to ask willing to do with this is my messages jump on facebook and just cruise around your couple phones of me having on facebook i’m going to go to one of the rooms and insolent question so that is moving the ball forward.
In reverse and media consultant or medium size of time to reach out to some podcasters in i’m gonna say to them hey you know what i would love to show and here’s some reasons why.
Or maybe you can respond to a haro help a reporter out.
So we are focusing on that one bagel and time he defines how to use your free time that.
You’re sitting at a coffee shop waiting for someone to get there you want to make sure that you knew the focus in one goal at a time.

[23:34] It is model that are sticking.
When was the last year to develop where the ad is that you slow down sister reset slow down and then the sparks come and then innovation.
So slow down is how we know we took the soil of our brain.
You are allowed to be open to new ideas and connecting the dots between different things like here at ted radio hour,
and we can i use your address this way and then i could do this infographic hear that doesn’t happen when we’re stressed and overwhelmed that stress and that overwhelmed feeling covers up those it isn’t the script on the way we do that,
is your slowing down and no spark flour and this would be do with innovative stop well first you evaluate,
we were what was working right now it’s not working what can you maximize in the working area.
Next we wanted to find whether started something brand new or whether star i’m going to fight are.
So we have clinicians are working but i do office hundred get another commission here in pa if i was are been working.

[24:44] Next plane out there cool what is that look like again with that being will that monthly and weekly deals.
The family of the mountain we want to look at creating content that supports that goal.
Is that content is gonna be that supports so that hunting could be an infographic iraq are your business cards you blog post could be where podcasts and then,
i’m having a transcribed entry e-book of these letters creek hunting this of yourself as the expert in your house and feel,
that’s gonna look at attracting the right partners so often we were worried networking,
i imagine there’s a psychiatrist this is the same people every fifteen minutes and there so busy they want to have someone else follow up with the clients on a weekly basis.
You’re gonna be a blessing to a person when you reach out to those kind of partners that i can eat real that you do work that supports there were.
Nice one over serve people.
This look like in your lobby and we have great drinks never fridge area starbucks frappuccinos la croix is coconut water to help people feel taking care of,
we return calls right away you know right away is much as we can.
So over certain people i can the top of the vehicle and become down.
We went out circle as much as he can it look at one of the key items that i need to continue doing and when is sick off my plate,
so often interviewers the his new goal that rush of endorphins and have their on my gosh is amazing and the light of the next school.

[26:20] But in the plate is so full of baking soda and spark innovation and then that overwhelm this is stress just sits on top of those new ideas and they just like can’t get out of their being buried alive,
this is really important to look at how can i also use this unit down to you i am an assistant here,
she goes to sand well and gets the extra drinks refills refrigerator i can do that i have been doing that but is not a great use of my time.

[26:47] Ten fourteen do something unique how are you gonna stand out so that you can charge more.
So that you can stand on your community for example we got refrigerator in our lobby of the things he drinks i give away my handsome books i book of mental wellness parenting,
the name of our taxes mental expensive people on the national this book is incredible holy cow i’m missing dinner acoustic session,
dinner causing session was where people pay a certain amount because in session we got fifty dollar voucher to go out to dinner,
i created in to a local restaurant where i got the seat for forty dollars and that is giving away to people so yeah i was hit because i knew.
Bit mike tyson worth a certain amount of their income average of six or seven times that first session in the q and a much cheaper rate for this innovative way to get some extra cross.

[27:43] Fifteen after the city and see you really remember to do it because this isn’t working changer for my private practice here in traverse city.

[27:53] Write your local paper or get and local radio or both looking for oftentimes looking for quality content.
Am writing an example article simple not symbols article is really important we have to over think what you think the average person needs.
All this thing about goal setting at the beginning of the year for example another sent me the topics of things like making the final don’t go bragging to people about it so you achieve something so you’re wasn’t re releases endorphins that.
To make sure that you know what you need to achieve really basic things.
And people resilient practical your article was in the paper as well local radio the things we know the average person doesn’t know.
You probably is set down talk to radio host just whatever you know.
I have a new b doing amazing i do tend to bring shoulders with me to help them guide the conversation about what i wanna talk about the meeting at a local radio and local paper is a great way to get extra free media.

[28:57] Two sixteen is do something that stretches you outside of work in a healthier that you are.
View your practice is going to be i reach you need try to push myself to do new things that stretchy,
what’s everybody by being cookbook that i heard about from rob bell and is it’s pretty cool i just started reading it yesterday,
in may two of the dishes make one when was this chia seed pudding that was repulsive and sore just throw that away,
but the lens the energy bars that,
and what you have seeds and chia seeds and it’s just so delicious and my daughters long and they’re super healthy and would like no sugar the only thing is sweet sounds like skeptical how can there this was,
states and in so doing using the stretch you and your health,
to meditate more i’ve never been in a really can do that but you know this morning it five minutes you sat there and.

[30:02] I thought of something that will this affect on it stretch the.
Traveling from using something that there was nineteen when i want your all myself to the child run for six weeks it is routinely how to meet you have new experiences that just blow my mind so when your hot your.
Our practice is dr russell push yourself this did you something you take a painting class to plastic riding class to something that,
question is used to help your mindset until seventeen is slow down.

[30:34] There are times whisper what i get when your first starting a private practice definitions after you sprint.
But you never weekends i think it’s so important to slow down the spark innovation are best ideas come out when we slow down and reduce by outsourcing as much as we can setting a boundary is slowing down.
Up to look for areas that you can set some clear boundaries.
Every weekend i set it up so that i don’t answer e-mails in automation set up so that i can genuinely time with my girls in my wife and my friends just do things that are holy outside of business.
I don’t listen to podcast on the weekend it time to hang out and you really recharge so that i can run full tilt of three isn’t working with.
This summer i’m gonna be off reaction conference,
hey call slowdown schools gonna be a three-day conference with slow down and then we learned some practices and then starts and innovation and then he after,
are the peanut practice you group consulting super hyper focus on your business and it slowed down that’s hangouts talk about exactly what to do and they were gonna go wine tasting.
The people are gonna come in for either one of those just slow down or just practice or come for both is the best way to file more stanislaus will that come.
Where you can let hung’s tons more about for a school practice and all that.
And yeah you guys are awesome thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain.

[32:09] Have a great week and i can’t wait to help you more.

[32:13] Music.

[32:19] Make sure you head on over to brightervision.com/joe to get their annual amazing deal on website you can save a ton of money,
thanks so much greater vision for being a sponsor the podcast and thanks so much for letting me into yours and into your brain have a great week talk to you next,
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