20 Podcasts To Listen To Now

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20 Podcasts To Listen To Now

I’m going to share with you my favorite podcasts. Of course I love my own podcast, the Practice of the Practice podcast where we help people have innovative ideas to start, grow, and scale their private practices. This is for people that have a counseling private practice, massage therapy, chiropractors, attorneys – all sorts of people with a private practice.

I’m just going to go through what’s on my phone.


NPR News Now

This one that I probably listen to the most. I love those five minutes of quick news. If I miss the news or I miss the top of the hour news, I can just quickly go through that.  Now for a while I didn’t have it so that only the most recent episode was in there and so they just kept piling up. Make sure you have your settings to show just the most recent if you have one that’s going to be giving you an hourly podcast.

Feel Good And Spirituality

Rob Bells the RobCast

This is more of a life podcast, thinking about bigger things. RobCast covers issues of spirituality, The Bible, Buddhism, how to be here and he hosts all sorts of really interesting guests. He recently had a guest who rode across the Atlantic Ocean.

Waking Up With Sam Harris

In contrast to the above I love Sam Harris’s podcast. This covers science, agnosticism, atheism, how to live a life outside of the spiritual but that is spiritual, without necessarily looking to a deity. And it’s great because I have this internal debate between Rob Bell and Sam Harris that’s going on each day.

Heart Wisdom

Jack Kornfield is a Buddhist philosopher and teacher, he has great lessons on meditation and just allowing yourself to love who you are and love the world around you. This is a very calming podcast for me.

Sounds Good

This is a podcast with Brendon Harvey Brendon. He interviews people that are doing really good things in the world, things that are exciting. It fills up your heart a little bit so I definitely recommend this!

Business Podcasts

All Of Your Beeswax

My daughters and I really enjoy listening to this podcast with Pat Flynn and his son Keoni.  It’s talking about business type things but from a kid’s perspective. Pat and Keoni have these discussions that are really interesting.

Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat

Pat Flynn also has these 2 podcasts which are great for when you’re just getting started in business.

Entrepreneurs On Fire

Another one for intro to business is this amazing podcast that’s done by John Lee Dumas.


This is another great intro to business podcasts by Chris Ducker.

Legends And Losers

This is a long-form podcast that I’m really into by Christopher Lochhead. He’s a three-time CMO New York Times best seller with his book Play Bigger and now he has his recent book Niche Down. He brings on these amazing people and I’ve been fortunate enough to be on there once.

Story Brand

Donald Miller has such a great philosophy and the core of it is that as a business leader you’re not the one that people are looking to as the hero. Instead you’re the one that’s the guide, so you’re the Obi-Wan Kenobi and your customer is the Luke Skywalker. He walks through this philosophy and this framework through his story brand podcast.

Fun Podcasts

Hello From The Magic Tavern

This podcast is all about this guy who falls through a riff in the universe behind a Burger King in Chicago and falls into this magic land of Foon. He has a talking badger and this wizard as his friends and he’s interviewing them about this magical land of Foon. It’s a mockumentary and it’s very profane so if you don’t like swear words or naughtiness then don’t listen to it. But when I need just a mental break to laugh about something that’s just ridiculous. I’ll listen to that.

Additional Podcasts

Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins is an amazing speaker and has so many good interviews on, there really love that podcast.

Armchair Expert

Dax Shepard, the actor hosts this. I have so much more appreciation for the craft of acting, but also how much of a deep thinker a lot of these people.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield’s podcast is another really good one. She has a few episodes about how to use webinars so that they convert, this is really helpful and you may want to take a couple of notes on this one.

Eventual Millionaire

This podcast is hosted by Jamie Masters has such great a philosophy (both Jamie Master and Amy Porterfield are great sources for online learning)

The Joe Rogan Experience

For a while I was into the Joe Rogan experience, they’re just so long, as some of them are three hours and I felt like I had to really commit to those. But every once in a while I jump into the Joe Rogan experience when there’s one that pops up and it looks interesting for me.

Ted Radio Hour

I got to throw that in there, some of the greatest thinkers of our time are going deeper beyond their TED Talks.


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