3 Key Tips to Up Your Game as an Online Therapist 

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Up Your Game As An Online Therapist

Being an online therapist can be a very rewarding career. The ability to work from anywhere gives us a sense of freedom that cannot be ignored. With this freedom and serenity of our home office comes the responsibility of continually looking for ways to up our game.

Checking out YouTube is one great way to follow other well-renowned online therapists, clinical psychologists, and life coaches. You could begin by listening to some of the more famous mental health professionals like Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Allison Gopnik, Jordan Peterson, Joseph Sanok, and Tony Robbins– just to name a few. Even if the theories of these individuals do not particularly resonate with you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from them. The ability to absorb a few well-articulated viewpoints that you endorse could help with some of the troubles that your clients may be facing. 

Many of these intellectuals have podcasts that can be followed as well. Podcasts are another great resource, especially on road trips or when doing your day-to-day errands. Working alone can have its challenges, like staying motivated to improve our work. Gaining new knowledge can keep online therapists at the top of our game and help us continue to grow as professionals. 

The third tip that will help us up our game is to constantly strive for improvement not just with our clients, but also with ourselves. If you can take away at least one piece of information from a YouTube video or a podcast, it was well worth the listen. There are plenty of amazing therapists doing amazing things that we can learn from and that may perhaps spark our own motivation and creativity.  

I believe that growth is an ongoing process. I aim for the pinnacle of life– for enlightenment. Aim high. Jordan Peterson taught me that. He says, “We only see what we aim at. The rest of the world (and that’s most of it) is hidden.” If we aim only at what we can see, how can we aide our clients in aiming for anything more than what is in our narrow world view? 

Online therapy is a great way to work from the privacy of your own home. But let’s face it, we have immediate access to all of our creature comforts—including social media platforms that are (quite literally) at the tips of our fingers. Strive to stay hungry, humble, and smart. Continue your path of knowledge and wisdom. Too much of the same thing can lead to feelings of burnout. New information keeps us on our toes. 

Start by taking 20-30 minutes to listen to an influential mental health professional each day. Remember, you must carve out time in the day. Robin Sharma wrote this about time in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: 

The things that get committed to paper are the things that are committed to in life. And the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.”  

So carve out that time slot and up your game today.


Rose Skeeters | Up Your Game as an Online Therapist Rose Skeeters, MA, LPC, PN2, NCC

Rose Skeeters is the creator of Thrive: Mind/Body, LLC, an innovative online counseling, coaching, & consulting practice aimed at helping adults and teens that have experienced trauma heal their inner pain and transform their lives. Rose also provides consulting and clinical supervision to like-minded and driven clinicians. Are you interested in learning more tips to grow your online practice? Contact her today at [email protected].