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Do you want to extend your practice into two states virtually? How can Instagram and Google My Business help boost your websites individually? What are the three main things to be aware of when branching your practice out into two states?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok answers your questions about how to get online clients in 2 states.

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In This Podcast

  • Top three focuses
  • Pros and cons
  • Discuss locality

Top three focuses

If you work in two states, three things you need to be aware of and working on are:

1 – SEO:

Create a few different pages centered around the main hubs of that state.

Make sure you’re using good meta-descriptions, good tagging, good internal linking between pages and even external linking to Colorado resources or Colorado things-that-could-be-helpful-for-people, or New Jersey resources. (Joe Sanok)

2 – Local referrals:

Even if you are serving a whole state, you should still focus on making decisions city by city, to encourage those local connections. Consider finding other therapists and counselors that:

  • Share your same niche and setting up a relationship with them so that you both can refer to one another.
  • Do not share the same niche: you can then pick up the clients that they refer out.

3 – Local image:

Have local images on your websites. You can either purchase the copy for existing photographs or take your own.

Pros and cons


  • Expanding your practice into two states,
  • You may need fewer clients than you realize to make it work, so it is totally doable.


  • Expenses of keeping up two websites: you will have to pay the fee of hosting two websites,
  • Paying designers to curate eye-catching websites.

If you would like to check the success of your SEO, go incognito on your browser and search up your practice or different websites to see your ranking.

Discuss locality

On both your websites, make use of blogs that target some local landmarks and that discuss local issues pertaining to the cities in each state that you are practicing in.

This will boost not only your SEO but also your credibility with clients in each state.

Another tip: Make use of Instagram geotags to boost your SEO and locality as well, and make sure to list each state version of your practice in Google My Business.

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