Ask Joe: How to Have a Self-Pay Practice as an Introvert? | PoP 578

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How can you use your skills as an introvert to grow your business and connect with your ideal clients? Can you use your intuition in your marketing?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok answers your questions about how to have a self-pay practice as an introvert.

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In This Podcast

  • Self-pay introvert
  • Think about your value
  • Decide what you enjoy and trust your intuition

Self-pay introvert

When you’re doing self-pay instead of insurance you’re going to put most of your energy, instead of billing insurance systems, into building your image, your marketing, the value you provide and the outcomes. (Joe Sanok)

People pay for things all the time. It might seem strange to be self-pay initially when insurance is an option, however, you will be pleasantly surprised when you find clients that are happy to pay your fees because they are out there.

People pay cash because it will speed up the solution for them.

Think about your value

Whether you are an introvert or not who is doing private pay, think about:

  • What the value is that you are providing,
  • What are you speeding up for your client,
  • What are the add-ons that you are supplying them with?

As an introvert, what can you do?

  • Write workbooks for your clients,
  • Create homework for clients to complete outside of sessions
  • Create a teachable course that you sell and give away to your clients for free

Taking that thoughtfulness and that groundedness and that deeper thought that introverts often bring to the equation and saying “how do I use that in a way that is going to help my clients get outcomes faster?” (Joe Sanok)

Figure out where you come alive and utilize the innate skills you have as an introvert will help you grow and create value for your clients.

Decide what you enjoy

  • Do you like design? Create a Pinterest or Instagram page!
  • Use your introvert strengths to create deep one-on-one connections through your marketing,
  • Use your skills and communicative depth as an introvert in your marketing.

Consider: where are the self-pay people? How can you combine what you enjoy with there your ideal client is spending their time?

Follow your intuition and go deeper in your personal life and allow those resources or conversations to enter into your professional life.

Use your introverted communicative skills and strengths to deepen the power of your professional communication. Not only will this create work that is more meaningful for you, but it will ensure that you connect with clients that resonate with you who are.

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