Attracting Wealth

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Attracting Wealth

I was recently listening to a podcast and the guest, a multimillionaire who also went bankrupt (and rebuilt his fortune), stated matter-of-factly, “I have an unconscious competency to attract wealth.”  It really struck me.  Whether or not that’s been proven to be true in his case, this is a man who believes strongly that wealth will come to him.  I loved that quote so much that it’s been something that I’ve added into my daily affirmations.  I’m making space in my mind for that to become a reality.  If you’re ready to grow, expand, and take your practice to the next level, it might be a good time to as yourself the following two questions:

What does wealth mean to me?

Ask 10 people on the street what being “wealthy” is defined as. The majority will tell you that it’s a financial thing.  Merriam-Webster, however, defines wealth as an: “abundance of valuable material possessions or resources”, and an “abundant supply”.  I really love “abundant supply” because it has less to do with money. It has to do with more than enough of something.  The guest on the podcast talked about money just being energy, which isn’t good or bad.  It’s about scarcity or an abundance mindset.

Maybe you’re in business for yourself because you want to have a wealth of free time. Or an abundance of energy to put into your other hobbies or projects. Maybe even just a wealth of knowledge about the type of therapy that is your passion.  Wouldn’t you be wealthy then if you had an abundant supply of time, energy, or knowledge?  I also want you to ask the above question so that you can stay in touch with your own value system. And try not to “get wealthy” for the wrong reasons, including that it happens to be what someone else thinks you should do.  We get stuck when we ask for advice about how to build wealth. When we’re talking to people who encourage us to do what worked for them, and they encourage us to share their own value system about money and business growth.

What are my own limiting beliefs about what I’m capable of?

This is a big one that I hope you’re checking in with yourself about.  There’s nothing wrong with making money!  There’s nothing wrong with having a thriving practice and delegating things to others to free up your time.  ‘Hustling’ is not the only way to be successful!  One of the things I’ve heard come out of the mouths of so many helping professionals in varying ways is the following:  “Well I didn’t get into this field for the money, I got into it to help people.”  This statement sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.  Can’t you be of service, be compensated fairly for that, free up your time, and not live like a martyr?

This is where our old, possibly limiting, beliefs about money may come in.  Maybe you think money is the root of all evil, or that money doesn’t buy happiness.  Maybe you think that if you start making money you’ll become a greedy person. And you’ll cease to have the same value system as you did when you started out.  Let these beliefs be explored so that they can be challenged!  You can be even more helpful to others when you’re learning how to take great financial care of yourself and your business.  See what happens next week if you repeat to yourself, “Money is just energy, and I have an unconscious competency to attract wealth”.  Best of luck to you this year for your business, and all the years to come.

Elizabeth Pace is a therapist and clinical supervisor in private practice in New Orleans, Louisiana.  What she loves the most about private practice is supporting others as they question their old ideas about “doing it right” and start to cultivate a newer awareness about the kind of life they want to fearlessly pursue.  Another passion is advocating for and advancing the counseling field through presentations on professional development, financial literacy, and coaching others towards the personal and professional goals that bring them joy, excitement, and financial stability!  

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