Building a Fully Remote Group Practice with Hannah Rose | GP 225

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Have you considered transitioning into a telehealth group practice? What can you do to scale your group practice? Where do you practice passions lie? In this podcast episode, Andrew Burdette interviews Hannah Rose about building a fully remote group practice.

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Meet Hannah Rose

A photo of Hannah Rose is captured. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), an Advanced Clinical Relapse Prevention Specialist (ACRPS), a Licensed Clinical Supervisor, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), and trained in Brene Brown's Dare to Lead program as well as EMDR. She founded Rose Wellness. Hannah is featured on the Grow A Group Practice Podcast.

Hannah is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), an Advanced Clinical Relapse Prevention Specialist (ACRPS), a Licensed Clinical Supervisor, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), and trained in Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead program as well as EMDR. She founded Rose Wellness, a fully telehealth group private practice based in Maryland. In the last year, Hannah has transitioned from a full-time therapist to a consultant and public speaker. She uses her therapeutic training to help her clients become “unblocked” from their self-defeating beliefs, imposter syndrome, gratitude shaming, and other maladjusted behaviours that hinder their growth both personally and professionally. This past fall, Hannah was a contestant on the Emmy award-winning reality competition show Survivor. Her controversial decision to quit the show shook the internet and highlighted a culture of shame-based beliefs. Despite her brief time on the show, Hannah quickly became a fan favourite among a younger generation of viewers, specifically due to her encouraging them to be authentic and listen to their boundaries.

Visit Rose Wellness and connect on LinkedIn.

In This Podcast

  • Hannah’s transition from in-person to virtual practice
  • Scaling a Group Practice
  • Finding Your Passion as a Practice Owner

Hannah’s transition from in-person to virtual practice

Hannah was initially sceptical about fully virtual practices. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Hannah was forced to move her clients online. At the time she believed that virtual therapy would remain a temporary measure, but as lockdown continued, and her caseload grew, she began to consider making a full-time transition to virtual therapy.

I think as I got used to working from home, it started to become, not just like ‘oh this is more comfortable and convenient, but I really enjoy it’ and surprisingly to me I found that I could still do really good effective work with clients and they could be just as receptive and tuned in while on Telehealth. – Hannah Rose

At the time though, Hannah still had her in-practice office, but what finally caused her to switch to telehealth exclusively is that the overwhelming majority of her new clients were requesting Telehealth. 

It started to become more of the norm, and eventually, I said, ‘okay, I’m paying rent on an office that I never use. And the two therapists that I hired also want to be virtual, so why am I keeping this office? – Hannah Rose

Scaling a Group Practice

Hannah now employs over 20 clinicians in her group practice. However, when starting, she didn’t intend to grow as quickly as she did or end up in a management position. What truly kickstarted the change in her practice was when she rebranded and systematised its operations.  Hannah had planned to be out of the country for a month, and it forced her to hire someone to do her payroll, to streamline her practice, and to delegate tasks.  During her time away, she had time to reflect on what it was that she wanted to be doing within the practice, and how she viewed her role.  After her return, she rebranded her practice and her website, which caused her to receive a number of job applicants from prospective clinicians. 

More and more people kept applying. The rebrand happened, my website was completely different. The language we used, the application process, everything was different. – Hannah Rose

This change in the practice structure led to Hannah stepping into a more managerial role. 

It’s great because now I have the time and the capacity, more importantly, to just be present for the clinicians… it feels really great that all of the therapists, counselor or social worker, can come to me. Whether it’s a clinical issue, an administrative issue, logistical or insurance billing, it’s like I’m just on call for them. – Hannah Rose

Finding Your Passion as a Practice Owner

Hannah’s passion stems from her being a mentor to her clinicians. However, she also enjoys learning from them, as when she’s doing supervision, she’s often workshopping different interventions with the clinicians, which has been a big opportunity for her personal growth. In addition, Hannah’s passion stems from the pride she feels in witnessing the development of her clinicians.

Like me at the start of private practice, I was full of imposter syndrome and doubt and fear and so I’ve kind of watched her go from that to recognising her own strength as a clinician while still being eager to learn. And it’s just so satisfying and I’m so proud of her!”  

Finally, Hannah also enjoys the more systematic and concrete side of management. She takes great satisfaction from the organisational aspects of her business and being able to check off tasks which need doing.

There’s something really nice about opening up the analytics page and looking through, ‘oh these are the insurance claims that haven’t been paid. These are the outstanding balances of co-pays. – Hannah Rose

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    Meet Andrew Burdette

    A photo of Andrew Burdette is captured. He is the host of the Grow a Group podcast.

    Andrew founded Mindful Counseling PLLC in Asheville, NC shortly after completing his graduate program in clinical mental health counseling. At the start of the pandemic, he pivoted to an online solo practice, and in 2022, began to grow a group practice. He most enjoys helping clients and colleagues identify what ignites their passions and assisting them in creating a life rooted in authenticity. Andrew approaches his business development with alignment in mind and enjoys the integration process connecting the many puzzle pieces and systems required to run a successful practice.

    Visit Andrew’s website and Apply to work with him.

    Email him at [email protected]