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What is your client’s gap? In what way are therapists and coaches implementors? Which benefits can you enjoy when you think outside of the pay-by-the-hour model?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Jette Stubbs about career coaching and leveling up.

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Meet Jette Stubbs

Jette Stubbs is a Career Coach and Business Coach, and Podcast Host for Happy Career Formula with Jette Stubbs. When Jette graduated from university as an international student, she had 90 days to find a job or leave the country.

Since then, she has helped from recent graduates to corporate executives find what they love to do and sell themselves, so far in Canada, the USA, and the UK and in over 40 industries. Then, she started helping clients start and grow their own businesses.

Now, Jette helps people find what they love to do and sell themselves, whether they want a job, freelance service, or business.

Visit her website. Connect on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Listen to her podcast. Take Jette’s free quiz.

In This Podcast

  • The gap
  • Switch into implementation
  • Jette’s advice to private practitioners

The gap

Every person has a gap that they are at the edge of, and it represents the space between where they are now and where they want to go, both in their personal lives and with their business.

I just started to realize that everyone has a gap between where they are now and where they want to be. I have this gap, Joe, you have this gap, your listeners …. Everybody has this place from where they are now, things that they want to change within their life, and where they want to be. (Jette Stubbs)

When speaking with your ideal clients, be real with them about how you can help them to bridge their gap, instead of focusing on them paying for your time.

When you can identify that gap and help people overcome it, whether that’s in counseling … or consulting …. there is some sort of gap there that you’re helping people overcome and people will pay for that and I think it’s so important that people thing through the [transformation] instead of just saying “well I’ll just sell myself by the hour”. (Joe Sanok)

You are helping people to achieve an outcome and implement change faster.

Switch into implementation

Switch into the implementation mindset and move out of the idea that you are selling your time by the hour.

Work with the idea that you are an active agent in helping your client achieve their dreams, or bridge their gap, or reach a positive outcome.

Too often when we’re selling as a coach and a therapist, when we’re selling your time by the hour you’re just focusing on that hour when you really need to be focusing on the outcome, especially if you want to design your life and your career to support your lifegoals. (Jette Stubbs)

Switching to a mindset of implementation and goal-achieving instead of focusing on being paid by the hour allows you to be more focused on the outcome that you want, which in turn enables you to be more in control of the life you want to create for yourself.

Jette’s advice to private practitioners

Do not be afraid to ask for what you are worth. You know that you can help people, but you need to work on your money mindset to be able to add value to yourself and to your business.

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