Christopher Lochhead Wants You To Be a Small “E” Entrepreneur And He Hates Pickles | PoP 335

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Christopher Lochhead Wants You To Be a Small "E" Entrepreneur And He Hates Pickles

As an entrepreneur, do you focus on the problem or the solution? Do you think that being ‘different’ is a negative thing? What sets you apart from everyone else in your field?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Christopher Lochhead about being a small ‘E’ entrepreneur.

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Meet Christopher Lochhead

Christopher is a former three-time, Silicon Valley public company CMO and entrepreneur. The Marketing Journal calls him one of “The Best Minds in Marketing,” Fast Company Magazine calls him a “Human Exclamation Point,” The Economist calls him “off -putting to some,” and Newsweek calls him, “The Howard Stern of Entrepreneurialism.” At 18 he got thrown out of school, and with no other options he started a company. After 30 years in business he retired. Christopher can’t remember his wife’s phone number, but can recite much of The Big Lebowski. He’s a proud advisor to non-profit  1Life Fully Lived, a surf and ski bum who gives the occasional ass-kicking talk. He’s living happily ever after with an amazing woman, a great tribe and six little dinosaurs in Santa Cruz California.





Christopher Lochhead’s Story

He was born and raised in Canada. His family is originally from Scotland. Christopher became an entrepreneur by accident when he was 18 and got thrown out of school. He had no money, no experience, and no education, but was faced with either becoming an orderly in a hospital or starting his own business.

In This Podcast


In this episode Joe speaks with Christopher Locchead about about being a small ‘E’ entrepreneur and embracing ‘your different’.

Mindsets Of People Who Have Niched Down

The great entrepreneurs are natural at niching down, are natural at being intuitive about categories and what they realize is that they’re not going to do marketing in a traditional sense.

Legendary entrepreneurs are focused on the problem first.

Embracing Your Difference

If there is something different about your appearance or the way you do things in business, this could set you apart from everyone else in the playing field and makes you memorable.

How To Identify What Makes You Different

If I was legendary in this moment, what would I do?

We do so much stuff to try and fit in, some of it is appropriate, but the legendary people remove things that aren’t them, they don’t try to fit in.

Begin by removing all of the things that aren’t you and carve yourself into being the person you want to be.

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