Does a Therapist in Private Practice Need a Business Consultant?

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Does a Therapist in Private Practice Need a Business Consultant? | Carole Cullen | Practice of the Practice Blog | Hiring a Business Consultant to Grow Your Private Practice

Maybe you’re fresh out of the gate with the doctorate to prove it? And more years of education than you’d like to count? Or maybe you’re an established clinician who’s just hit a bit of a slow year? Whatever the case is, you set out on this journey to help people. But how are you going to do that when it’s a struggle to even find some clients? Cue finding a business consultant.

Perhaps it’s time for a Business Consultant?

Believe it or not, this is a scenario that many mental health practitioners find themselves in rather often – regardless of how long they’ve been in the profession.

Running a private practice as a therapist is often akin to the experience of working freelance, or (since you ARE one in many cases) being a business owner.

These are lines of work that require extensive training in business and marketing, skills that are seldom picked up without the aid of a minor, a second major, or, in this case, a business consultant. Business consultants do their thing so you can focus on your job – and do it better than ever.

With a consultant’s helpful tips and advice, it’s not far-fetched to see growth in your private practice’s outreach, staff size, and overall income.

Why You Really Should Hire a Business Consultant

More often than not, individuals feel reluctant about starting therapy, or even a bit nervous about the entire situation. It’s an experience most people don’t have much knowledge about. They can easily become overwhelmed when searching for a mental health professional leading them to hire the first practice they stumble upon. The solution? Make yourself accessible and known.

A Business Consultant Knows How to Grow Your Practice

The average person won’t know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, let alone that they’ll need a specific type of mental health practitioner. A business consultant can help you gain visibility while also driving home your area of specialty. A substance abuse counselor has a completely unique set of marketing needs from a marriage counselor. Business consultants for therapists know the demographics well. They will identify your practice and demographic – all while marketing them in the best places with the best-fit media.

A Business Consultant Can Help You Work More Efficiently

Different scenario, maybe you’re a therapist who’s sort of hitting your stride, but the paperwork, scheduling, building maintenance, oh my! Work piles up and it can be a lot especially if you’re doing it on your own. Outsourcing workers to help out with these tasks – even if they aren’t other therapists – can take a huge load off your plate, allowing you to do your job more efficiently.

This can often seem like a daunting task, especially if one is unfamiliar with hiring employees or being a boss. In situations like this, it can be extremely helpful to have a business consultant to help get the ball rolling. Even if you get a cleaning company to come in on the weekends, or a virtual assistant to just take calls and keep track of appointments and meetings, it can be highly helpful. This will not only take the stress off your plate, but it will also in turn allow you to see more patients.

Business Consultants Can Help Increase Your Income

Many consultants also do an exceptional job at optimizing income in every way possible. Their advice can be as simple as “You should raise your rates by X%,” all the way to different ways you and your practice can generate passive income to keep your business comfortably afloat – even during the slower seasons. Therapy isn’t about the money, so it can be easy to become complacent with existing rates, income, and profit despite growth overtime. A fresh pair of eyes can ensure that you and your business get that well-deserved coin.


Whether you’re a solo or a group practice, you’ll always need to have some business insight to successfully and effectively run a private practice. Though this is something that one can do on their own, it can be nice to have the peace of mind that someone will have the dedicated job of handling outreach, expansion, and financial adjustments. Whatever your job is, be it a clinical psychologist or licensed therapist, don’t be afraid to look into hiring a business consultant when finding help growing your private practice.

Carole Cullen, LMFT

Carole Cullen | Practice of the Practice Blog Contributor

Carole Cullen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AAMFT Clinical Supervisor, and public speaker. She is a Certified Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapist specializing in working with couples in crisis. She has a group practice in Wake Forest, NC where she helps couples learn practical tools to reconnect with their partner and create a lasting love.

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