Getting Your Office Ready!

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Getting your office ready

When starting out my private practice, I was initially subleasing. But as my practice grew, it was time to find my own office space! I did some research from location and decorating, and this was what has been helpful so far!

Office Decorating

I moved into my new office the last week of July 2018, and this meant it was time to decorate! It took a lot of planning and shopping around town.

Color Scheme and Feel

What really helped me stay focused when shopping and decorating my office space, was to think about my brand and color palette.

If you’re unsure as to what this means, think about the colors in your logo or the colors primarily used on your website. You want to make sure that these colors are all similar. Think of your office as part of your brand and who you are!

I wanted my office to have a soft tone to it, so I used a lot of soft blues, grays, and to make things still fun, I have some gold and yellow accents. I recently got into plants and wanted to add some nice plants to my office; however, I don’t have any windows, so I had to be sure to get plants that require minimal sun light. I ended up getting a Pothos Ivy, a Snake Plant, and a Blue Elf Aloe Vera plant. So far, these plants are still alive and hanging in there!


Before moving into my office, I made sure to measure my office and I had a game plan as to where all my furniture was going to go. I also made estimates as to how big my couch was going to be, my rug, desk, and bookshelf. This was super important for me because I have a small office to work with and this made it super easy to eliminate certain options when shopping.

Another tip is to shop with a measuring tape in hand and take your measurements with you. This will again, help you determine how t and look at the specifications when shopping online!


Lighting meant a lot to me when shopping. I absolutely hate the overhead lighting and with no windows, I needed to incorporate some lamps to have soft lighting.

I mixed up the light bulbs with white and clear and placed them in places where the light would also be able to reflect off of the mirrors I hung up.

Mirrors are a god send, as they open up your space.

I listened to “Your Office Lighting is Hurting your Business and Other Tips from Cheryl Janis” and this was super helpful. I highly recommend it and take notes!


When thinking about where I wanted my practice I decided it was best that I made my practice easily accessible to many clients. My practice is in San Antonio, TX and there are two large loops that surround the city. My practice is pretty central and close to two different highways, this gives me access to different clientele and is easy to find because I am close to the airport and to a shopping mall. Thinking strategically of your practice is really important. You want to make sure you are in a convenient and easily accessible location!

I hope these tips are helpful for when you decorate your office. Remember to have fun and make it personable to you!

Priscilla Rodriguez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who owns a private practice, Modern Wellness Counseling, in San Antonio, TX. She works with couples and individuals who are wanting to enhance their relationships and connections with others. She offers online services and an online relationship class; which couples can learn a multitude of research-based relationship skills.