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It’s our 1000 podcast episode! Today we celebrate our huge milestone with you, our listeners, by going through some of the voicemail submissions that you have made. Thank you for the journey thus far, and onto future horizons! To celebrate our 1000th podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses Practice of the Practice’s history and journey and how the podcast came to be, with submissions from you, our listeners! 

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In this Podcast

  • Background to the podcast
  • Messages from you, our folks, and friends!
  • The act of creation 
  • What would I want every private practitioner to know?
  • More messages from listeners!

Background to the podcast

Back in 2012, Joe was listening to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast and through listening to Pat Flynn while he was building up the foundations of Practice of the Practice, Joe learned that there was a way to work in sales that wasn’t unpleasant.  So many people are nervous or unsure about marketing their businesses because they know the stereotype of the oily salesman, and would do anything to not look or seem like it.  Luckily, there are ways to market yourself and your business in authentic, clear, and attractive ways to your customers and clients! 

I just started blogging originally about what I was learning, so what I was learning about SEO, what I was learning about marketing … At that point, I was still subleasing an office, and in early 2013 I decided, “You know, I’m going to launch a podcast!” (Joe Sanok)

After a year or two, Joe decided to really get serious about podcasting and to do it regularly, because the website traffic began to build up from the weekly episodes that they were releasing. This led to Joe working with colleagues and starting new projects, which got the ball rolling for the Practice of the Practice.

Messages from you, our folks, and friends!

First of all, congratulations on your 1000th episode! I mean, that’s an insane number! And if I had to offer one tip that has helped me level up through my life and my career, it has to be easily, ‘Learning to ask for help and accepting help when it’s offered’ … So, if you want to give that a try, you might have the same inflection points! (Simon Sinek) 

Some of the tips that you have told us that you have loved from the podcast so far are;

  • You can always level up 
  • There are other things that you can do in your private practice apart from strict clinical work 
Hey, this is Pat Flynn … Joe, I just first want to congratulate you on 1000 episodes my friend! I’m so proud of you, and it really speaks highly to the dedication that you have for your audience and the industry you are in. What you have done is incredible! I know as a podcaster myself, what a feat, and I just want to congratulate you for that! (Pat Flynn)
  • You can’t (and shouldn’t) go through it all alone. Build your network and lean on others so that you can go further and more happily into your future! 
  • Buy the URL that resonates with your practice the most
  • Don’t wait to be perfect before you start to create!
Hey Joe! … One memory I have from the podcast that really stands out to me is your series … Where you invited guests to share their challenges that they had overcome. I was so inspired by people being so open and so vulnerable and sharing about the dark times … and the light that they discovered, I was inspired to reflect on my own challenges and personal life, and to really focus on how those challenges have shaped who I am and have pointed to strengths that I have [which] have been a big part of my “why” when taking that leap of faith and launching a new business! (Marta Hamilton)

The act of creation 

One of the beautiful but difficult parts of being a creator is that when we make something, publish and put it into the world, and witness people interacting with it, it no longer becomes ours.  Creators learn to produce and let go, and witness it be changed by the people who interact with it. It’s a beautiful process! Sometimes difficult, but it shows ultimately how we are all interconnected. 

When I think about this podcast … When we create something, we have to have that openness to it not being what our vision for it was initially and I think that’s also important outside of our private practices, just in life, to have some of that non-attachment to the outcome. (Joe Sanok)

What would I want every private practitioner to know?

“You are good enough how you are!” We can always have goals and want to grow our businesses, and so forth, but when any of these actions come from a place where we feel like we are “not enough”, the whole process is fraught.  There is so much more to life than just succeeding at your business, so don’t let the important things get lost in all the to-do lists. 

When we’re pushing into productivity and hustle culture and all that all the time, we’re missing so much of what it means to be human … Yes, we want to make great practices … But if I go back to what I would want every private practitioner to know, it’s that you’re doing amazing work right where you’re at. (Joe Sanok)

Don’t let failures or missteps set you back so far that you cannot see your progress at all. There will always be ups and downs, but remind yourself to see the bigger picture and that every misstep is a step in the direction you’re supposed to be going in, so appreciate the small things, do your best, rest, and take each day as it comes. 

More messages from listeners!

  • Get clear on your north star and then find the people who can help you level up and get there
  • Don’t be distracted by all the things on the side and focus on the course ahead of you
Joe, you have truly created something extraordinary! One pivotal ‘aha’ moment for me was an episode where you talked about time management … You said something which really resonated with me, you said, ‘A healthy person has lots of goals, but an unhealthy person only has one’, and it made me realize how narrow focused I had become on my professional goals, and that I was neglecting to carve out enough time for personal pursuits. So that spurred me to make a significant shift! (Tracy Masiello)

Thank you to all our listeners! We are grateful that you are on this journey with us, and so much of what we do is possible because of you! 

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