How Female Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome and More with Ryane LeCesne – Part 1 | MP 117

A photo of Ryane LeCesne is captured. She is a mindset coach and the owner of Inspire Brand Consulting. Ryane is featured on Marketing a Practice, a therapist podcast.

Are you a woman in business and an entrepreneur? Have you struggled with impostor syndrome and perfectionism? Is your nervous system perhaps impacting your business system, and vice versa?

In the first episode of this two podcast series, Sam Carvalho speaks about how female entrepreneurs can overcome imposter syndrome with Ryane LeCesne.

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Meet Ryane LeCesne

A photo of Ryane LeCesne is captured. She is a mindset coach and the owner of Inspire Brand Consulting. Ryane is featured on Marketing a Practice, a therapist podcast.

Ryane LeCesne is the Master Your Mindset Coach. Since 2012, Ryane has coached nearly 1,000 high-achieving women – specializing in the unique needs of high-achieving Black women – to advance their professional dreams by overcoming and healing from the self-limiting mindsets of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism.

Her coaching process is evidence-based, holistic, transformational, and proven to be instrumental in helping high-achieving women professionally advance.

Visit Inspire Brand Consulting and connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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In This Podcast

  • Three mindsets that can hold you back
  • Impostor syndrome for entrepreneurs
  • Distractionism

Three mindsets that can hold you back

1 – Impostor syndrome

The essence of impostor syndrome is the idea that regardless of someone’s background, meaning regardless of their education, experience, or titles … they have a deep-seated belief, a feeling [or] thought-process that says, “I’m not enough”.

Ryane LeCesne

2 – Perfectionism

This person tends to feel like they’re constantly getting ready to get ready … it whittles at their self-esteem because there’s an ongoing record that says, “It’s not enough”.

Ryane LeCesne

3 – Distractionism

[Distractionism is feeling like] I just can’t seem to do the smallest thing consistently that I know I can do, but I just can’t seem to make myself do them over and over and over again, and when you have a business, it’s about those small things!Ryane LeCesne

Impostor syndrome for entrepreneurs

People that struggle with impostor syndrome have a belief that they are “not enough”, or that they may be “caught out” because they believe that they are not good enough, smart, or educated enough to be where they are or doing the job at hand.

They’re both – because they’re high-achieving and they’re doing the things – they’re triple-working. They’re working to do the work.

Ryane LeCesne

Because they don’t believe that they are good enough, they overwork, because that limiting belief extends to the quality of work that they think they can produce.

Even if it is exceptional, they will push themselves over the limit, because they don’t see the value in themselves or in what they create.


Distractionism – a term Ryane coined – is about the struggle to stick with systems, and systems are what businesses are made of.

To get your business systems working well, you need to work on your nervous system and get your body and mind to a place of calm so that you can focus. The continual distraction is a sign that you need to realign yourself.

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Meet Sam Carvalho

A photo of Samantha Carvalho is captured. She is the Chief Marketing Officer and Designer at Practice of the Practice. She is the host of the Marketing A Practice Podcast and helps therapists successfully market and brand their private practices.

Sam Carvalho is a graphic designer living in Cape Town, South Africa, with over five years of experience in both design and marketing, with a special interest and experience in the start-up environment.

She has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs take their practices to the next level by enhancing their visual branding. She loves working with a variety of clients on design-intensive tasks and is always up for a challenge!

Follow Sam on Instagram to see some of her work. To work with Sam, head on over to

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