Big Ideas Mastermind Application

Do you have a big idea inside of you that is dying to get out?

Are you ever working with your clients and think, “This is something that the rest of the world needs to hear?”

Do you wonder if your ideas could go national or maybe even international?

The Big Ideas Mastermind is for people that have big ideas that they want to launch to genuinely change the world!

Maybe you want to launch:

  • A podcast
  • An e-course
  • Consulting
  • A book
  • A keynote

What is your big idea, that will go beyond your private practice and get you to the next level?

Big Ideas Mastermind

The Big Ideas Mastermind is a proven, structured way to help you launch your big idea, but not just that, we want it to actually help your business (and the world) too! This Mastermind Group has up to eight people in it and meets for 12 months.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • We meet 2x per month for 12 months: Twice a month, we meet for an hour. Here’s the structure:
    • 10 minutes: We discuss what’s working and what we’ve achieved, we call these “wins”
    • 20 minutes: One person has a hot seat. We start with, “What is your big question for your hot seat?” For five minutes we ask clarifying questions and then give rapid fire ideas. (We record the video and share it in a private FB Group so you can go back and watch it)
    • 20 minutes: We have a second hot seat
    • 10 minutes: Time of Q&A, quick ideas, and Joe’s tips
  • Text and Phone Support: For the 12 months of the Mastermind Group, you get text and phone support from Joe. Quick phone calls and help getting unstuck is included.
  • Private Mastermind Group: You get access to the Next Level Mastermind Facebook Group, where you can watch other hot seats from other groups, learn more, and ask questions to stay focused on your big idea.
  • Discounts and FREE Access to Digital Products: Get discounts and FREE access to over 50 e-course modules.
  • Slow Down School ($3,900 value): Get a free ticket for yourself (non-transferrable) to Slow Down School. This one-week intensive will help you slow down, focus, and work on your big idea. The 2019 Slow Down School is July 21,27, 2019.

Cost is $500/month for returning Mastermind or Consulting Clients. $650/month for new applicants.

The next cohort launches Spring 2019. Why don’t we have an exact date? Because Joe interviews each person and we want a great group dynamic, it’s more important to have the right people, rather than a full group. We’re going to be meeting on Wednesdays.

What Happens Next?

Are you ready to start, grow, and scale your big idea? Maybe you’re not sure if it’s the best use of your time, let’s talk.

Here are your next steps if you want to join or if you’re on the fence:

  1. Complete the application below
  2. Our Director of Details will schedule a follow-up phone call within a couple days of your application
  3. We’ll chat for 30 minutes about where you’re at, your goals, and what you want in a group
  4. When you decide to join, Joe will send you a PayPal link to start payments
  5. We’ll have an initial Meet-n-Greet, you’ll get all of the dates and hot seats, and we’ll be off and running!

Apply Now, Space is Limited to Eight Spots

Big Idea Mastermind Application