Monthly Round Up Of Posts: January 2018

January monthly round up of posts

Practice of the Practice has started 2018 off with a bang! Bringing you articles providing guidance on how to take your practice to the next level. We hone in specifically on those running child and family practices and also give you tips and advice on how to achieve your goals and reach a multi-six figure income through your practice. On the podcast front, we speak about how to improve your office so your clients will come back as well as how to make sure you don’t get sued for using the wrong images in your marketing. It’s a wealth of information, that’s for sure!

Top Stories

6 Must-Haves for a Child and Family Therapist

6 Must-Haves for a Child and Family Therapist

As a therapist who works with kids, teens, and parents, having a bag of tricks is essential. Clients come to a stranger and, almost immediately, we ask for their trust. It’s nothing sort of a miracle to do the sacred work that we all do.

The Systems to Get to the Next Level

In the last post, we covered how to get way more done using the 3E approach I use every day. Is your mind spinning? It’s ok, take it one step at a time!

Three Differences Between Six-Figure and Multi-Six Figure Practices

When I was first starting my career as a counselor, I was talking to my dad on the phone. He said, “The best way to get a raise is to leave your job”. My dad worked for the schools as a doctoral level psychologist.


18 Practical Tips for Rocking Out Private Practice in 2018 | PoP 272

As we kick off 2018, what better way to begin than to go through 18 tips to make sure you rock out your practice this year! Everything from setting goals to making your practice more efficient through the use of technology is included in this comprehensive list.

Your Office Lighting is Hurting Your Business and other Tips from Cheryl Janis | PoP 273


Did you know that one of the primary reasons why patients may not return to your practice is because the environment unsettles them in some way? In this episode, Cheryl Janis reveals this and other eye-opening facts relating to the design of your counseling office. She also shares easy and affordable tips and advice on how to improve your space!

Intellectual Property and How to Not Get Sued with Bobby Klinck | PoP 274

Bobby Klinck ‘fell into’ intellectual property. He used to be a Federal Prosecutor. He then joined a small entrepreneurial law firm. Soon after he joined them, he was put in charge of a patent infringement case. Bobby loved doing this and so decided to expand his services within the intellectual property area and go into it full-time.

Phil Singleton Moved to Asia and Came Back a Different Man | PoP 275

In this episode, Phil Singleton provides comprehensive tips and advice on how to improve your ranking in Google, how to write a blog post, and how Google has changed their algorithms. We’ve also included some helpful resources in the form of video guides and links to Practice of the Practice’s Blog Sprint and Authoritative Guide to Blogging blog post.

Caleb Breakey Writes A Lot of Books and So Can You | PoP 276

Caleb has always loved to write. From a young age, he was the one that wrote the family newsletters etc. He then studied journalism at University and went into sports journalism. After about two years, he felt a calling to go into books.


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