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I’ve had an idea floating around in my head. Here are the concepts:

  1. Affordability: I’m starting to max out my hourly regarding how much the average counselor can afford regarding doing private practice consulting with me.
  2. Time-Use: In order to keep testing ways to grow influence and income, I want to reach more people to help them with their business, while also being smart about how much time I am away from my family.
  3. Coolness: There are so many things in my everyday environment that I love. As you may have picked up, I love living in Traverse City.

So what is this leading to? I’ll tell you in a minute. But first I want to explain a process you can use when you have an idea.

Pinot & Practice

A couple months ago, I had this idea. Actually, a few years ago I wanted to do something, but didn’t have the audience. So here’s what I am cooking up:

  • What: Two days in Traverse City, MI doing group consulting and going wine tasting
  • When: Late July or early August
  • Cost: Around $500

Here’s the schedule I’m thinking:


Everyone arrives in the afternoon/evening. Explore Traverse City on your own or with others that are there.

Wednesday and Thursday Schedule (this is the plan for now)

7:00-9:00 breakfast, coffee, stand-up paddle board yoga, or sleep in

9:00-12:00 Group consulting, practice planning, and some hot seats to focus on private practice

12:00-1:30 Eat at the food trucks, explore downtown and the beach

1:30-5:00 Wine tasting, talking private practice, and driving up the Old Mission Peninsula

+ Some surprises

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Here’s a little bit about Traverse City:

  • Travel + Leisure Magazine  “America’s 20 Most Romantic Towns”
  •  “20 More Can’t-Miss Beaches”
  • USA Today  “The Best 10 Great Coastal Drives” and “Top 10 Places to Enjoy Local Wines”
  • Touring & Tasting called the Old Mission Peninsula one of its Seven Top Wine Regions to Watch. (The only non-California region on the list.)
  • listed Traverse City as one of America’s Top 10 Wine Destinations
  • listed Traverse City as one of America’s Top Adventure Towns

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