Podcast 93: Education System Reformation an Interview with Priscilla Were

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For Pricilla Were, Kenya’s education system wasn’t doing enough. So, she changed it.

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PoP Culture meet Pricilla Were

Mrs. Priscilla Were is an educational system reformer. She heads Butere School in the western part of Kenya where she is pioneering a unique model of raising aspirations and attainment levels in students from underprivileged communities. In her first job as a volunteer untrained teacher after her A levels (high school) at 22 years of age, she was tasked with starting a school that is still thriving. Her teaching career spanned a period of 31 years took her through deputy principal for 2 years and principal 29 years during which she transformed the two schools in character and academic achievement in both schools. Successively she moved the schools to top ten ranking nationally. Her current school, Butere High School, has moved from a grade point average in the 2+ range to an average of 7.4 (on a 12 point scale) in four years. But more importantly for many, is her vision of building a school on values. The school has no rules, no prefects (supervisors, overseers, reminders and custodians of rules)… the girls are coached, mentored and encouraged to live the values such as honesty and integrity on a daily basis.

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What you’ll discover in this private practice podcast:

1:25 The wild day I had

5:46 The power of shampoo

13:19 What happened in Kenya

17:32 Getting rid of historical injustices

22:19 The value of responsibility

27:01 Creating the country you want

“You cannot give what you don’t have, the best thing is to equip the young people as they grow.”

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Podcast Transcription

Podcast 93: Education System Reformation An Interview With Priscilla Were

[0:00] Music.
[0:27] Today’s podcast i am just so glad you’re here.
What is a beautiful day in northern michigan yesterday we just had the craziest storm i’ve ever seen in my entire life we were.
Hanging out is sunday afternoon and i looked out of the road in front of our house and we heard wind is picking up.
They are branches flying horizontal.
We end up having a tornado we took two little girls down into the basement and had candles and stuff cuz the lights were going on and off and.
Huge trees just operated and some of them flight landed on people’s houses and our neighbors stand up paddle boards are still yet to be found in,
those things are heavy those canada wild and wild evening he and,
yeah few cancellations today because a lot people don’t have power or there’s like gigantic trees in the middle of roads and cannot kennel while day while they here.
But really just makes me grateful for just the community and live and and the the world we live in and seeing people just help each other out.
And it’s really applicable just when people are without power or like don’t have water right here in traverse city michigan because,
my guest today priscilla wear a from kenya ima tell you a little bit more about her and second.
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for fifty nine bucks a month they just do such a crazy awesome job i’m compared to some of those other pay by the month sites like thirty say to other folks.
These guys just you an incredible job for us to work could you update stay have unlimited support,
all for fifty nine dollars a month of your brother vision dot com for slash jo deftly wanna check them out if you’re looking for website or website upgrade before i tell you more about priscilla,
i want to tell you about one of my first international experiences in the developing world.
So i travel quite a bit of refreshing of college i went to europe for six weeks and just kind of trouble they’re not the went to from youth hostels and things like that,
but in the summer of two thousand and one after i just graduated with my double bachelors degree in psychology and comparative religion with my mom to haiti and my mom gone the year before,
can we are helping out at a medical mission there were there’s people that the little early had no drinking water that was clean,
they had no access to medical facilities and would often have walk a day or two when the american doctors came,
and my mom is on some amazing work they are setting up can’t recall bush clinic so teaching people how do you diagnose really just simple diseases.
[3:30] And when you refer so these people don’t have to leave the community for a whole day to get down to from madison.
Wait in line maybe not even get seen then go back the next day or the day after that are for things that can really be treated with in the villages of haiti,
so were there a lot of the kids were just really excited to hang out with us and,
we go down to this river that’s where we would be the best from suits in so we taking a big bottle of shampoo and i remember one of the first days like he is going down there,
and my mom has enormous bottle of shampoo just enormous me like the biggest size shampoo that you could buy at like a supermarket and just like,
how much she does a woman need for like two or three weeks so i figured out why.
She’s like the pied piper as she walks down these trails between these cactus is this like cactus fences that the man and woman who cut with their machetes to make a fence around their their property,
i’m sure going to use weaving trails and there’s these random like growths everywhere and.
Slowly a couple kids get high my mom and then another few behind my mom and next thing you know there’s like thirty kids that are following my mom down to the river.
Can meet you then you know whether and i realize that to these kids they don’t always have access to.
Cleaning supplies to soap to shampoo and that if they could get a little bit to scrub their hair or scrub their bodies when they were down at the river when we’re down there the day would just that would be just amazing for them.
[5:05] So we going to the river and were gonna like shampoo are here to fix the little to clean even on this water is and he’s really super like dirty and like not the cleanest,
water cuz people are you know washing the clothes and the dishes and also to things in this river.
Sweetie down there in all these kids like surround my mom and he and reset giving a little like.
Play a quarter sized i’m size bits of shampoo in each of their hands images that all these little hands around us forgiving of shampoo and shampoo.
This one little boy get some any excuse to the back and has this little little brother,
and give some to him like office have any switch back to the pack and put his hand up and i see what he’s doing and am a little more goes gives it to the other little brother who couldn’t get and nice,
but will his way back in and puts his hand back up and get some and,
you know of all the kids can go in there in the river shampooing and yes it down to just kinda cool off cuz it’s in july and he.
And that same little boy likes walks up behind me and he put his hand on my head with shampoo interests are like,
scrubbing my hair was in the state of some random kid started like scrubbing your hair that would be kinda weird i mean it was kind of weird that moment you.
But this little kid just think show this on men’s love this amends giving this immense just like self less service to the world where he was,
looking for his little brothers he like even can i want to thank me up by putting the shampoo in my hair and kind of being playful with that.
And i feel like so often in at least the northern michigan american culture.
[6:38] I forget gift of a dime size bit of shampoo we we forget that our toilets have cleaner water than the majority of the worlds water.
That we have such a guy.
Buy the affluence we have like we don’t feel that way cuz we’re next to much other people that have these things in your we look at these big cars we sell my gosh like become much money they make and we compare ourselves to other people that have.
Money but no comparatively.
We just we just have so much more than the rest the world and factors this website global rich list dot com i think if i’m actually looking at right now global.
Rich last thing if dot com let fuck.
It’s a global rich last year in up early to finish a house so you put in your income you put your location so let’s do the united states usa.
Yeah let’s see in you will not income so seventy thousand dollars it is like what we see is a pretty good like upper middle class income i wanna see like.
What percentage of the world makes less than seventy thousand dollars a year,
arse if you make seventy thousand dollars in a year you’re in the top point one three of a percent and so that means you are the seven million five hundred forty nine five hundred sixty if south thousand three richest person.
On earth by income so the top point one three percent so more than the top one percent of the world.
[8:12] Cause i think for me as a young person having this experience in haiti seeing a place,
seen poverty that i would like never seen before your we went to part of puerto prints.
Where are the poverty you even mother teresa said it was the poorest place she’d ever been to.
I went back to haiti it was when there is a lot of conflict going on there rate for the earthquake,
and the un tanks were there cut trying to keep the place from just whole erupt in like i don’t deal with you and tanks driving to traverse city michigan and i bet that you if you’re listening to this podcast have access to.
You know an ipod or an iphone or computer things that most the world doesn’t have access to because of their level of affluence they don’t they can’t do those things.
So just affect your hearing my voice just shows you are being given so much in the even though i frequently talk about us improving our income and improving influence.
For me the bottom line is not just improving my influence to make more money for me it is being a global citizen for me it is about,
be able to influence the world towards the positive for me it is about creating a world that’s better than we found it in this in influence so that we have you know each of us has a level of influence and how do we,
leverage that in a different way than maybe we have in the past so two day.
[9:48] I get to introduce you to an amazing kenyan woman that i met.
At ten x in traverse city get interview her after her text talk name is priscilla wear a,
she’s educational system reformer she has the blue terry school in the western part of kenya where she’s powering pioneer in this unique model where she raises aspirations entertainment levels of students there from under privileged communities,
in her first job as a volunteer shoes on train teacher after her a levels which is high school at age of twenty two and she’s task with starting a school that still thriving this lady,
is doing amazing things to build the vision of what a school is that’s built on values in,
in her in her community and her ss in her area the school has no rules,
no prefect supervisors overseer’s reminded custodians of rolls of the girls instead are coached mentored encouraged to live the values such as honesty,
integrity and those sorts of values daily basis.
It’s a crazy model but it’s working and it’s insane to just see on that priscilla came all the way to traverse city to speak with us about what she’s doing in kenya.
Is super amazing thing that i’m northwestern michigan college the utopia foundation other i’m just great supporters in the traverse city area supported.
So without any further ado i give you for selling wary priscilla wear a thank you for being on the practice the practice podcast how are you today.
[11:22] My friend thank you for having me here yeah will you text talk today was just fabulous he talked with so many different things what we start with so,
in kenya talks with three major things going on with tribalism how can you vs how people know a little bit about just had the.
The sickness in canyon and we can talk about what you doing to change kind.
They usually sickness is antibodies and it has its used three because okay now was put together.
[11:55] Status of the communion really by just being together and number of the body trades which what.
To region and post it.
Show them for the forty four years that more and the communion will be the cookies he was divided and is so trying to set begins to try.
Then when we started to fall but it could be dehydration and number of leaders from various trades together and.
Because all day in the hood generation the a reads to fight.
But it’s not leave as soon as we go in the baggage.
Then but is it came back again and the instrument said stitch and is there.
Do you up for it for years and many generate in two days of feeling that once you have.
Position of that nature is for you to the bed and before we knew it for two practices.
[13:19] It’s in there for.
Two years that we have had our independence we.
It was laying these records and amanda why.
Are you discover that the misty blue wondering is that what you twelve roses the solution.
For the same in the end what we needed was the change of mind six to turn.
[13:56] It turns on the tv in the.
And that’s why we got to the buttons in for it only being there.
Show that to roll the dice these we then is adults.
Okay that’s good that’s what she will they have the.
These drugs so when we are apart as we had young people tell us a little bit about your school and how the hell.
[14:40] They bring in some system rc bx receives the condition that i am a graduate of.
Does the i’m successful protection be as offered as a new light comes.
I see a play blazing again the stick right friday the.
[15:04] We have the option to.
[15:10] Tries to zero seven two zero zero eight two days of the week most.
So when you say fighting in america that means yelling it means tvs if not it’s not violet tell us what fighting kenya is like it is in the.
Friday is burning houses as the flight is rating.
During presidential elections there’s place there’s always stopped and.
Okay has gone girl we any studios seeing.
She is my there’s that have their bases in trouble easy and corruption.
For example last before i came here trying cruiser wagon is back and even when she was six.
Sixty people and.
But can’t walk to discover so many would say that the majority of them will we be.
Break a leg once blissful hide yen shih this then them in the.
Reason because we would like to the share isn’t that crazy.
Righteous soul hundred changes society’s mindset i mean that seems like such a difficult battle how you make that so.
[16:46] It is difficult battle and then see you push it that as a people try.
But it’s all good because this is between me.
[17:03] To the unknown as a people as we vintage in each friends.
[17:16] Two thousand seven two thousand ninety one day you in an.
They come up with full conditions recorder to my jenn.
Three hundred from at least one of the saying in getting a read.
[17:38] In just a face in so i need to happen letters will we have to our social media.
Then it but the ice because.
[17:54] Because as the african proverb goes you could be what you don’t have.
We have.
I had in the world would be critical of the kids and then the fifteenth of the guy in two think be you and said.
I’m trying to mix with a regional in the.
Heroes hiding my with the key to about but it will not happen in match it has to be checked.
And how it was packed to roy children.
[18:44] But yours is the only one and the from the age of six to rule the age old t.
Baby he.
[18:56] Shit different things they live for example in my in my school which is a lot scored for growing buttons do.
Because he shot up if she will let it just roll backed lake.
The people we can’t make mistakes but you have the at the front of should be the school much impact.
One michelin and they say he’s.
We should be bankrupted the pin to wi be found being held as there is so much to share.
It is on but it’s back can teach away people who it.
But the best for tomorrow when i place the george went out.
And that is julie and begin eighty even hold the.
I’m not seeing well it will happen overnight the places betty to definitely save us.
And priscilla you it showed some the values of the school into an assisted at me was timeliness and working hard time even lie that’s on the list they get reconciliation but,
why timeliness and hard work from the tv is we we appreciate more of.
[20:28] But we should cracks well we would be to rob somebody to i’m back at some good so it’s.
To me and they say the least begin to like it acts as a stepping stone to the corruption sound plays and okay because it it it it means that goes with this.
And the weekends get what we want to the shop cuts on her show is one of the shirt costs for company this.
Is showing the way in acting h.
I want to hear let’s but it’s not payment.
But that is a woman position.
And it had on the screen to full size and yeah able to be.
As a christian band.
What did god level week now couple for every day perhaps in that we will do so coming for the parents we lick to go and.
And so in kenya what’s what’s the typical mindset around time was teams and was.
And then we see the general perception wasting time you’re wasting time wasting and why not now we and this code with would be hard work.
[22:07] But the interesting thing about value education in the us and t’s convicted of this things will.
But you responsibility when you to chase possibility also.
Any solution or what could be there after shooting or being vitamin to be there beginning to be there in between.
When you have a young woman and you see that tribalism coming out like she’s not treating her appears well in your school how do you address the value that you have that reconciliation and you can bet that tribalism,
i’m in for a in my face.
I see where it we go to a introducing them to this new model which speech.
[23:10] The.
We know where we be and i can she so that the class five in my seat,
from the rules and regulations condition the dog tonight because is the the the primary source to get to high school,
he is a rules regulations and protect toward have from home suede booties news at bills so we get to the back and that’s fine we introduce.
This chapel be the.
Into and the disc is the thing is so big it used to reason gas so that when we from the motion on.
Decisions in his.
So in your talky talk about how that the girls will debate the known in both languages so what types of topics will the debate and have to defend that with the typical to beat that you are.
At four and will keep them but not to the lake.
[24:25] In summer it is my brother with a bunch of them to kick.
So the phone to use the mood will it be on you should as they have really grown the graphics and the fact that she be in.
To be able to perform for me that of in the euro and the selected that as teachers.
We’re just looking at the week somebody tall in it begins to show the be coming from because.
It is very probably.
[25:09] What a stupid me how lost some but i can try but and that is also at a gig th.
Cast was sitting this model could apply events you inner city gang wars the united states or.
Yo recessed areas of our country or like me it doesn’t seem like it’s unique to kenya seems like it could applied worldwide you alot of differ.
And this way i told that fool can’t to me and said he’d.
Passport try one of those that will which many investing when we lost what thirty seven and a great news in one.
It was bad and that’s why we must go through the news so that she.
We didn’t start.
So when when the kids are part of this process of being when i’m in the that’s not like a simple topic of the complex topics even adults are resorting through how how much do you give input how much do they is peers given.
It’s true that process so when the wind at wendys fact you can see the beatles.
[26:36] Is the two p and need to do this this that that the old wax will happen this to the produce begin to tell them that.
Try to a.
Turn up with me what cake ten renewed how children is okay and do you want to the see no do you think.
This is what to what can we do while so i guess i’m thinking.
What kind of change do you see like in these kids of there as they go through this will tell us about some of them as they like their transformation so the transformation that the guy who’s trouble with.
The shock and who begin the process of.
Oh come back and the is that when.
But there really bad news that the performance improves greatly.
It means it benefits the parents.
[27:57] And is the the goal because you know her address and make school switch you act scored as you pull the switch on the.
It’s the peice that he is my daughter will has always had thanks with his has seen it,
and she is coming she say no we can’t fight with me we as parents have the and the parents of begin to them some would say with this change and so,
the chain the person begins to feel comfortable as she needs to her siblings as she stopped payments should begins to.
[28:41] Come to the cops to school of course that gently can you send them because that’s a human feature.
She can’t see that she’s been in what she’s going cancel the no clothes.
I put this when the old with them on seen the pictures and the book value but i.
Set the parents and changing so quickly change the parents the parents.
[29:14] Seven lbs but no money no money send us comments comments about position and then we hear something like these will.
I am looking that up because she she’s the.
[29:34] Two days so that you can see the family and we been.
We have had a good musician cord the new car.
Has there been so much book you meant what day we column win.
New students are coming school and the interview them before the heat the factors of the economy tom.
Also the first year and coming to view that so that the truck and the man yet and windy they doing back documentation the social countryside.
You see how to fight.
There is one plus the given inside the blue might be that i don’t know the person just a machine that the button.
This is luca would would doing this to politician which them back and not be asked to this gentleman into that is.
For admission into the fast to high school.
One from the school and then going to need getting screwed which one you pick them gentlemen city even with my roast with the machine and the beast.
Do something that is married yeah that’s wonderful so one question i always end with is it every counselor.
[31:12] Meet in the world are listening right now what would you like counselors psychologists social workers would you want them to know i would be more of.
That’s like the one goes robots.
[31:31] When you use what you don’t.
Cancel the best in these tweet tweet that report is the roller will not.
[31:48] Perfect thank you so much for being a height of the wisdom and guidance and.
[31:53] Music.
[32:17] Sometimes i feel like after something like that just seeing the world through different different lands.
Oh you just think about how to have such tribalism space on the corner wasn’t happening can.
It just breaks my heart and soul to there’s not much i have to stay in that i feel like priscilla wrapped it up so nicely.
And if you watch your ted talk actually goes right to practice of practice dot com forward slash session ninety three all have that had hot there links priscilla’s website more about for school and we is the fact that.
[32:58] For you foundation.
Thanks again reservation for being a sponsor we could do this without your heart where sponsorship he leads a check amount greater vision back and forth fashion show.
And all new things for the tears she great thanks so much for all the reviews you guys posting and i will talk to next week.
[33:18] Music.
[33:26] The band sounds sexy and let me tell us what is it gets hot after crank it after work that much harder,
it’s the cover to emerson post publisher board so that the car.
[33:40] Music.