PoP 111 | The Future of School and Entrepreneurship an interview with Isaac Morehouse

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The future of school and entrepreneurship

In this session, I interview Isaac Morehouse.  Isaac Morehouse is an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom, and is an advocate of self-directed learning and living. He is the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive one-year program combining real-world business experience with personal coaching, professional development projects, and interdisciplinary education for those who want more than college. One of my favorite interviews ever!


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PoP Culture Meet Isaac Morehouse

isaacbwcircleIsaac Morehouse is an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom, and is an advocate of self-directed learning and living. He is the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive one-year program combining real-world business experience with personal coaching, professional development projects, and interdisciplinary education for those who want more than college.

Isaac previously worked at the Institute for Humane Studies where he raised support, mentored students, and directed educational programs. Prior to IHS, Isaac was at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy where he created and directed Students for a Free Economy. He’s been involved in a number of business and non-profit start-ups, and loves connecting people and helping them discover and realize their dreams.

Isaac writes, speaks and teaches on entrepreneurship, economics, education, philosophy, freedom, communication skills, how to change the world and an assortment of other topics.  He has a weekly podcast and is the author of hundreds of articles and two books, Better Off FreeThe Future of School, and co-author of Freedom Without Permission and Why Haven’t You Read This Book?

When he’s not with his wife and kids or traveling the country and building his company he can be found playing guitars, singing, reading, writing, getting angry watching sports teams from his home state of Michigan, or enjoying the beach.

You can find him on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn if you want to know more or strike up a conversation.  For speaking requests or media inquiries send an email.  For general questions, check out the Ask Isaac page.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 111 | The Future Of School And Entrepreneurship An Interview With Isaac Morehouse

[0:00] Music.

[0:27] Ios and not your host and welcome to two thousand and sixteen the future is upon us.
I hope that your holidays during december were great in your new year’s went amazing and here is a new year how exciting.
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[1:49] And what like life is good but also rough those few their parents and also entrepreneurs.

[1:57] It’s crazy when like.
Physical sickness hits your house my girls have been sick lately and then my wife got sick and then i was out for a couple of days and it was this like weird stomach bug and i never seem to have like stomach bugs.
But i just have this constant nausea and drink a lot of ginger tea and all my gosh like.
I’m so glad i’m feeling better i had a green smoothie this morning it sat really well isn’t she is seeds and flax seeds and kale and just like good nutrients for my body.
Oh my gosh like when it hits you special in your own business know it on my gosh i had to reschedule like a thousand dollars worth of people age,
that’s really a big deal to your bottom line but you know you have to factor it in throughout your new year so i want to tell you about,
isaac morehouse who is kicking off two thousand sixteen with us so i said morehouse he’s at entrepreneur,
i think you’re a communicator and he’s dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom and is an advocate,
of self-directed learning and living is the founder and ceo of praxis which is in intensive one year program combining real world business experience,
with personal coaching professional development projects in interdisciplinary education for those who want more than college.

[3:19] I previously worked at the institute for humane studies where he was really where he raise support,
mentor students directed educational programs and prior to this time there he is at the mackinaw center for public policy where he created and directed students for a free economy.
He’s been involved in number of business non-profit start-ups he looks connect with people and helping them discover and realize their dreams.
He is a prolific writer about economics education philosophy freedom communication and how to change the world.
He is a weekly podcast who’s the author hundred’s articles that have appeared,
in better off three the future of school and co authored freedom without permission and why haven’t you read this book.
Oh my gosh, let me tell you a story,
about eyes at my house so it can i were actually in a band together in college and the band was called second floor jungle,
i live in this house where we had each room,
decorated a different way and so we painted my room like a jungle that’s where we would always practice second floor jungle.

[4:28] And then we had a room that was stucco the inside of nail sticker greek room we had one room that it was like an underwater theme.
And we even hosted a room warming party were hit ribbon cutting at puppet show and we’d register for gifts at target and people ask george foreman me grill are.
And is it was a part of this amazing vibrant community of friends that we had there and its crazy so he.
He just a part of the stand and i ended up marrying the violin player that played with us christina and paul and melanie made from the b and.
And i’m sick ended up marrying a friend of ours named heather and so we’re all in this like group together.
And we just had so many times we take road trips for shows and up like sleeping on the stage cuz we have the back to back shows and didn’t wanna drive home and the german your hours away.
It was just like it’s an incredible time in our life where we get to just like write music and be creative and so many of the seeds of marketing,
and just inspiring communities of people came out of that experience of being in this band,
i would bring it hyundai every time i travel to a foreign country i would pick up a hand drum and so i bring like twenty or so hand drums and just hand much the audience are people to play along with us and,
i got a burn sit hard and likely the said tire and had him drums and it was like this really just amazing band and it was so much fun,
and whatever we practice together we almost always watch dumb and dumber or the movie clifford and it was just a good okay time in my life and you here in this interview.

[6:06] Just the friendship that came out you know when you interview someone new it’s like your stuck and getting to know them but this is two friends reconnecting,
we haven’t talked in probably years before this interview we both can i just went are separate ways and we reconnected and then i was on his podcast recently as well.

[6:26] And just such a good person and he gives you some great take a ways and set free gifts at the end as well so.
Without any further ado i give you the one the only the never replicated isaac morehouse.

[6:40] Is it more house welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.

[6:44] Thank you joe it’s wonderful being here man like we’ve been friends for so many years and it’s so good to hear your voice again and you’re doing such cool stuff like,
i’m so excited for my audience to meet the one the only is it more house well,
i was gonna say normally you probably when you hear my voice you expected to be backing you up with some sweethearts that is true,
it is a can i use to be in a band called second floor jungle you may have heard of us cuz your that famous up and we would practice in my bedroom is on the second floor of a house that i painted the entire inside like a jungle also,
we to other members and yeah life is good.

[7:24] Yeah for me to experience that is wonderful to hear from you as well yeah i think a lot of its twenty a lot of our marketing and things we learned trying to sell a band that,
when less than stellar but somehow you think it got gigs those type part of our formative marketing years,
oh i mean you were always making those days somehow you knew james is gone for ever heard us to,
throw in you know free pizza and gas money when we were common place yeah we would like to have only green m and ms,
what is it you a couple years ago launched praxis which you wrote a blog post and practice the practice back when press the practice was a,
and tell me about praxis like where have you banned maybe introduce people to what the concept of practices absolutely i,
we could get a little tongue-tied here with practice on practice of french like it will practice on the direct yeah so,
alexis is a one year program that gives bright and ambitious young people insert eighteen to twenty five year old range the chance to go and work,
we have an offer with a small growing business for start-up,
dream the program and concurrent with their work experience there they’re doing a really intensive education program that includes a lot of everything from,
how to build your own website and build your own brand and business basics like cash flow statements and accounting to even some liberal arts type stuff you know the philosophy of work to examine philosophy history economics a lot of.

[8:54] Personal coaching with weekly sessions with a practice advisor it all kind of built around the participants only,
goals and name so it’s unlike most structured education instead of saying,
here’s what we think you need to do jump through these hoops memorize these facts and you’ll get you’ll some sort of worker certificate or star,
we ask the customer to participate in what are your goals for the end of this year is it you want funding for start-up is that you wanna be offered a job,
at your business partner somewhere else is it that you wanna have always open up some kind of online store have published certain number of particles whatever those are.
We work with you to build these monthly strip challenges we call on pdp,
is professional development projects every month centered around those goals and your practice advisor is meeting with the weekly we have monthly group discussion the private facebook,
what group you know exchanges things like that to help you and a whole library of content that we host our site you have access to help you achieve those goals and reach those tangible outcome so.
The whole idea is when your program whether you doing instead of college is many people do and end up getting hired right on a great company on that they wanna work at re-do it as a supplement to college during or after the whole idea is.
Recognize the weight of the world is changing you no longer have to pay a bunch of money to get,
a degree which is really just a credential a signal that says that you are worth hiring and hope that carries enough weight to get you to come to life that you one cream when it’s really taking off from real mites and saying.

[10:26] All that matters is the value i create and can i prove to the world the way i can trade value can i can i show them instead of just telling them look i have this degree show them look i’ve done the following things hear the tangible,
results so that kinda mindset of the rest of the whole program.
Well and i love it because like knowing your personal background of home schooling and going to college early in graduating early and all that like it matches your coming non traditional.
Education background this is made you into a really amazing on tripping are well actually does you know it’s really the.
People ask when it practice starter how to come about it and it was kind of like,
that like a ten-year delay is a seven-year old boy he doesn’t exactly one thousand dollars i was like,
okay this is all cool tall fine i enjoy some of the discussions and things but most things i learned and enjoyed were things i was kinda discussing with my friends anyway just books i was reading coffee shops whatever,
and i’m paying to go to college me while i was working at work my way to your columns working two days a week or three days a week.
And on the job was in over my head every day i was learning so much i’m getting paid for this and i thought it’s so weird that these are totally set,
set the work experience in this so-called you know sort of educational experience and really the one from learning the most,
is the one that i can not getting paid for not paying for it and.
You know and i thought that we really boil it down camera icon realize.

[11:57] What people are buying they go to college there not find the knowledge of the network experience and i mean those things are all good and everybody likes them,
if you wanted all of those things you could just moved to a college town never enroll in classes just sit in the class for free without registering,
i go to the party do all that you could have all of it the reason people pays for that credential that degree because.
If the signal to employers that you’re worth more than the average person as that signal is declining in value which would jackets even then but now all the more and as there more tools like.
Now you don’t need a rest you have google people google your name to see what you are to find out your track record if i look up joseph account need you to send me a résumé or show me where you graduate,
my practice is thepractice.com and i’ll be like this guy is amazing like its using that new world to,
get me a long time to kinda figure out how to make this happen but i tell you their business is everywhere especially smaller start-ups,
and i know for often real businesses that are hungry for young talented and they care about what you can produce rather than how much school you have gas so.
Take us back to like your home schooling and in college and.
I need i feel like knowing your mom i color okay am earnings karen kenmore house but also the kalamazoo mom because she really was like my mom in kalamazoo i feel like she,
just give me a different home schooling experience than a lot of just home schoolers i’ve met maybe just speak to select the days such interesting story of car where you came from and how that’s what informed praxis.

[13:33] Yes it is it’s incredibly interesting and i have only become conscious of it in the last couple years really so.
My mom it sibling so the three of us she basically raises and home school us,
in addition to take care of my dad when i was three my dad was in a car accident and has a closed head injury and so he’s,
is in a wheelchair he has no short-term memory can’t walkie has basically requires care twenty four seven we have home health aides in and out of the house and my mom,
do a lot of kids a lot and they have decided to home school of before the accident and my mom continued on with that,
and so partially her personality she’s kinda she’s real socialite and always talking with people doing all kinds of activities overcommitted up,
and not super organized and partly because of,
all of the work she’s doing to try to take care of my dad and home schoolers are home schooling was basically like very last firm is very un-structured,
and she always go bad for that time and was like oh we should be like these families of these magazines were all like churning butter together for a capital after all fluid to greek and latin age seven all the stuff,
and we really work and was there i pretty much played legos and played sports and did household chores,
and very little else that we took on school class is we had a pretty vibrant community of home school sports and things like that and the armor doing my mommy i need to do your you know algebra.
Saxon algebra one half is it and i would sit there and i would do it.

[15:06] And i would rate myself should i do get it done get all the way to heat and then i kinda thought like answered she be like water from the home and i don’t know anything i don’t know cuz.

[15:19] There wasn’t at the time there was a word for it i knew up but today is basically on schooling which is it which is sort of a growing movement in and my wife and i am basically on schooling our own children,
in which is kind is letting kids do what they want to an understanding that the in a human curiosity and interest in learning things that are meaningful to you,
will get them ready to go it’s very scary at first but that’s of having that,
you always had jobs and earning income from a very young age those were interested matter with saving up money,
and just having that will independence i went to a private,
high school for my sophomore year because my brother and sister were at that point basically never home and a lot of my friends had gone to the same high school,
mostly for the basketball team have to the thriving basketball the first cuz the home school team was competitive but it wasn’t as that’s,
the it’s her in all of her to play basketball in your when you’re wearing a bow tie and amish no i’m just about like the stereotypes,
what’s up with ads private school for my sophomore year and it was fun in the social elements will find enjoyable.
I always feel like it was such a waste of time for one i couldn’t work i was used to be able to work during the day and you know do paper route to,
lol no problems or it was probably illegal child labor whatever but i said is i just have this image of like the nineteen twenties like titanic sank a huge selling used favorite fishing,
reload the.

[16:49] Three hours and you see where that will have them my name is isaac morehouse person music was the guy what i it’s a kind of feel like that now i feel old looking back but there was no internet back that’s,
so so i felt like what’s weird is we’re all on the same schedule and it’s artificial like some of us can go faster some slower.

[17:10] So i went to community college for my last two years of high schools are member might well for my first semester at community college and had to wait for my mom to pick me up and drop my license so he goes fifteen when i started there and.

[17:25] I actually enjoy that quite a bit because i could pick my own classes and set my own structure and.
Yo kinda do things in my own pace joe’s use do and be able to work a couple of days a week still and then from there i transferred to western michigan university and finish my bachelors graduate like nineteen with my bachelors,
yeah you i remember you i graduated college your married and on the house but you couldn’t buy alcohol of does my first year of marriage my wife is about,
two years older than me and so we will go shopping and i had to wait in the car because there are fifty plus some wine or beer something so you know i think all those things having the level of independence that i had,

[18:10] As in through my education i didn’t recognize it the time i just thought i sort of got away with eunice rip cheating and yeah good for me i made it through without doing all this formal time being structure the classroom.
Now the more that red with my one children it really started alvin to theories of education things like that and actually come to believe that.
That level of freedom and autonomy i had was huge and it kept alive a for a entrepreneurial independent spirit that i think is served me and serve me really well.

[18:44] So tell me about praxis like how hot is actually where the nuts and bolts of is so so i’ve got a.
Nineteen year old who’d hasn’t gone off to college they don’t fit the typical mold but they the same could fit for practice and what would the experience as they go through that program,
yeah absolutely in and says it’s really,
it’s a mindset of anything in terms of who the program is a good fit for i can i think that it’s like that person who environment,
they’re usually they usually sort of,
when so to speak order capable of winning if there some artificially defined like okay here’s what you do succeed in this environment but they’re often board,
in many environment like okay i know what it takes to succeed in school but that doesn’t really throw me a lot more that the county there are always doing like a side hustle,
you know there like selling twinkies on the playground and there is there curious or interested in doing a lot of things and burning out fast and learning from doing so what say your nineteen and.
Maybe you’ve this is really common you had a year of college and you realize okay this isn’t all that thrilling to me i thought it be i thought it would be all the things high school wasn’t but it’s too similar on board of like i can do more so.
You play the program and we have kinda multi step application process it’s about it’s pretty competitive in about fifteen percent of applicants get accepted and,
once you’re accepted than,
we work with you to place you with a business and we have a network of business partners across the country we have over two hundred business partners across the country and in a variety of industries delta be like five two hundred and.

[20:17] Are you companies were found or still actively involved they’re stealing growth notes are not just repeating the same thing and where participants are gonna be doing like real tangible work and not just sitting in a cubicle,
farm with a bunch of other interns making coffee self.
We work to place the business partner that matches your service skills and interests and often young people don’t really have any idea either like or work in marketing like okay why,
i don’t know cuz on mad men here she like okay well you’re here’s a company that does you no financial,
business to business services and or a company that is helping in some form of your manufacturer medical tech startup in austin texas,
it’s not working but the experience to have trust me like this is really good for your skills so it’s really valuable for them that we can help with our knowledge of our business partner network find something that’s a good fit.
So we national business partner and still often that means moving to a new city during the program we tend to encourage that because i think you actually get your,
that way but on some people are geographically bound we and we can almost always work with them cuz we have business partners and in almost every major city,
and then when the program starts with twelve months the first two months,
are we called camping you’re not working in your business partner yet for the first two months you are first you build a website we go through give you a whole bunch of.
Sure of course and building your own website building your digital brands,
you’re doing things like blocking every day for,
three days later tonight which is really intense but really valuable add you in the mode of creating is a discipline a kind of just taking ownership of your own branding your own presence.

[21:54] That’s one two is is basically an entrepreneurship bootcamp and really getting geared up,
i understand what you about to go into it your business partner and how to really how to really kill it there and a little currently has you there so those first few months.
So from like your side of it,
but how much of that is like in person face to face via skype with tactics actual staff time and how much of it is sort of an automated process.
Yeah so it’s really what we’re trying to do is combine the hugely valuable resources that,
on line indication in technology offers us but to to combine it with a real genuine personal touch so that it’s not just like here go log on and watch a bunch of videos you know it’s,
you have a we have we have a portable.
Can you get access to and want to ensure we have all these modules and that’s where you access all of the contents of the whole point of contact raise a,
dating and it’s already the best of everything out there so there might be some you know episodes of the tim ferris podcast wanna,
oh by somebody or a book you know the start-up of you or zero to one.
A whole lot of things in there and you’re kind of going through those like okay this is the content for this model this month you can go through your own pace and stop where ever you are via the internet and then there are usually a couple of times a month,
two time mother every two to three weeks there is a group discussion,
with all the participants that’s done via zoom which is a web video conferencing technology which is really awesome by the way if you want something that’s better than.

[23:33] Skype or google hangout for having a lot of people on at once on the zoom dot us wonderful with the cost for that.
It is free i believe i think you can pay for a premium account but you can you can use it for free products great,
it’s really nice and it’s less buggy and legs so we usually have a gas coming your we might have jose come in and show us how he how he how he started his practice and you know what it takes and etc,
we can the partisans have every week of a thirty minute coaching session with their practice advisor where they are on the phone or skype or whatever the preferred method is.
And they’re kind of.
Working with them on these are my goals this week and they’re and there is no that the advisors are really there for help keep them accountable like a fitness coach water or,
something to that effect where they are there to help her push them help them navigate their difficulties help them set their goals and stick to them.
To the first mother all done.
Basically if there’s a virtual opening seminar which is like a three day for of intensive thing we do a lot of video conferencing you’re doing workshops on public speaking and writing and things like that.
So in after the first two months of boot camp,
you start your business partner for the next ten months you’re working about thirty hours a week you getting paid ten dollars an hour which ends up coming out to about,
covering the cost tuition for the program so the net cost of the program is zero you have to cover your cost of living there,
so real quick before you pass the platform,
so what platform do you use for the actual like the course the video is the homework cuz i think a lot of people there listening have the idea of somebody but you some sort of virtual course some counseling topic so.

[25:15] What do you use like what’s the like what’s the start-up cost for the launching the course to release,
praxis start style yeah so you know we looked at a whole ton of things and we ended up.
We ended up going around which for a couple of reasons one we wanted to be able to,
integrate with application process really easily so once you are accepted you automatically get log in access to the to the back and it so that we can really easily manage change because i’m back there on but that said.

[25:49] It actually is pretty simple is basically you log in and you have these modules and all the content there’s it’ll tell you,
you know here’s this article,
it’s two pages or if it’s a video it’s twenty minutes here’s a short synopsis out and we’ve got we’ve got everything sort of structure,
in categories and subcategories in kind of the way that we recommend going through it and consuming it.

[26:17] Set it more or less a static list and has some features to it.
I lost it to play around with it but it’s not all that complex now.
There are much easier ways to do this i am not honestly current and what the latest or if you like all the time there somebody putting together basically a platform where you can go and cure rate a bunch of content,
and put it together and every time we looked at those they always just felt like the added another hurdle.

[26:48] That wasn’t adding up value is a white say let’s say you are looking to put together a thirty day you know the course on some concept in counseling or personal growth personal.

[27:00] I might say to.
Do it over do it over email to have your list of content and every week you get an email with your that the five pieces this week and how long each of them take in and then maybe you have.
Because you want interactivity a discussion at every place i looked at was like a third party were you go when you consume the content and then there’s like a discussion right there,
it’s not a part of people’s everyday habits and lights were facebook is so we just have a private facebook group,
that’s where everyday all the participants are discussing the content would you guys watch that you know that whatever tim first video or did you check out the you know and they’re going back and forth on that and so we’ve kind of said,
is cuz my take is always don’t build if somebody’s rebuilt it not,
and so we you zoom because somebody rebuilt it works really well we use facebook groups because it’s already apart of people’s daily life and they like to use it as a way to discuss things.

[27:59] So we’re kind of trying to use tools that are there are out there with the exception of our portable that you that you like into and had a web developer build that for me.

[28:09] I know to set the poor would cost by itself because we had we had the holes for front end web site and application all that stuff build the same time but honestly not all that much to build something where people can have.

[28:21] Register you know they can be registered users i can’t log in access a list of content formatted in various ways i mean you’re probably talking about.

[28:30] Feel free to five grand at a young web developer who’s you know able to put together for a while if you already have a wordpress say i just,
purchase the courses and i’m gonna be,
making some videos and some serious for how to study either gasses you like you got your probably more up to date on some of the stuff well i me i haven’t launched the any of the courses yet i have the consulting school that’s coming up but we’re just,
because of how many people are in that were actually just gonna use the facebook group and upload the videos there and have the homework right there and then we’re got i was i was actually looking for a really good,
platform for calls and go hang else’s that have thing i was looking at but zoom dot us sounds like it’s gonna be what i’m using for the consult school,
so yeah i definitely have some advantages of what’s,
awesome okay so that’s like a your platform stuff in the nuts and bolts of then the individual goes through had the next ten months getting paid ten bucks an hour getting the coaching and what do you say when people graduate from praxis,
yes so,
we’ve had so far we’ve had how many classes graduate twenty three the three glasses of graduated so total of nineteen people.

[29:44] And they have all one ended up well actually that was after she got a full-time job involved in full-time jobs after the program even those without a college degree.
Most of them an offer jobs from their business partner that they work during practice program and many of them except those offers,
others got jobs with other businesses are network and of you got jobs just to on their own reserve helping through the job search component,
they’re all doing very well and even like i said he knows without.
But there’s one right now is a vp of sales at a company that helps entrepreneurs published books as a way to bring in more customers and says.
You know he’s we got him a spot there during the program and they don’t even normally take in turns without a degree but because of the realist with practicing with their he kill that he’s doing phenomenally well he’s making.
Money that,
his friends who are gonna graduate for a couple of years we hope to make it like five or five or six yourself debt,
without that exactly going to see who’s nineteen or is it was eighteen due to the program is working at big pay a,
a really cool venture-backed up the queen company in atlanta and work in the marketing department varies hired on full-time after the program so they’re all doing really well we had one,
woman back to finish your degree and then one work for development company for about a year after the program and then went to grad school,
two to a really great program there to go on to be a certain even developer but it’s better if they’re really powerful just to see.

[31:20] More than anything the mindset shift when these young people for of learn.
I’m in the driver seat i need to wait for permission or just wait until i have like until i’m like,
and expert or someone has said now you are able to do this i can create my own,
future i can i can sort of see myself as my own company even if i’m working for someone else,
and the water in and build the kind of life that i want without waiting for any any official to say now you are official in your,
and with enough to do xy and z i’m if that is very powerful is really strong alumni network that really actively engage they still come and join lager,
discussion interactive on the facebook group which is which is cool cuz are helping the new participants kinda navigate the challenges of a program,
yeah so owner can switch to talking a little bit about personal branding because i know you got the eyes of morehouse podcast and,
you’re an actual written an article that.
Hey in the ice your family stuff on facebook but my wife christina shared with me the article you wrote called stop doing shit you hate and,
like let’s talk a little bit about personal branding and can that side of things cuz i love can what you doing in that arena.
Gratuitously stealing from gary vaynerchuk yellow mean where he said talking shit you hate me and that is all these comments on it and people i shared all these people are like oh that’s not practical serve wrote an article that to further defend that idea.

[32:51] Yeah we won’t talk about mail lady for the people i don’t know gary vaynerchuk or dont know to set concept of sta,
i’m doing shit that you hate like take us through take us to your multi step process and in think this will i,
i think it was a i don’t wanna do stuff that i wanna do but like what does that really mean yeah so this is this is something that i’ve been.
Huge on for a long time because i kinda realize of interactivity before practice of working a lot rolls round can helping young people doing some career mentoring and things like that and.
I think it’s wonderful to say i want to do i love one follow my passion and i don’t i don’t disagree with that,
um and i hope that all of us can can do that as much as possible but i think it’s overwhelming if you’re like seventy eighty me and a pack of your,
thirty two like me to say what do i want to do what’s the one thing that can i call in with my passion my love anything about like what i’m doing now,
i don’t know that this was a possibility ten years ago i don’t i don’t know the number you’re gonna be a politician by now like running the government right of it to which is which is horrific to think about,
what is quick side note so i think we’re to some pretty powerful people in the state and also in the national politics so it was a very realistic thing that by now he would have been going toto with donald trump.
No that was miami politics with my guy i had this beautiful don’t come from the same motivation i love.

[34:19] Freedom i want help people live free live free and prosperous lives and live on their terms and so yeah i visit a lot of,
or countries and would really screwed up political institutions i thought oh okay we gotta get improve the political climate to bring about freedom and i,
richard a long process i realized that is not the way to the followers not leaders ancestor to come to this place where.

[34:41] Invading just instead of criticizing the world around you and in wishing it was different and it was,
build the kind of things that you wish existed and help other young people,
realize their own after ability instead of saying i wish this was different i wish someone would do this like bill that got criticized by creating so that i escaped the political mind is that isaac isn’t criticised by creating,
well it’s actually i would love the credit for michelangelo is the one that that’s typically attributed to okay,
it might be apart but you can if you actually hit me with the i use it all the time so.

[35:19] Yes that’s the one that you’re doing nothing so the heat so i can get overwhelming to say what i want to do with my passion where am i gonna go because almost none of us know and it’s not like you know one thing,
so i finally opposite approach to be much easier and more effective to say what do i hate,
what are the things that don’t make me feel like that make me feel dead inside that are draining my energy and my enjoyment of life and you make a list of those and you can make a physical list if you want to or mentalist okay you know for me it’s like.
Book keeping accounting hated never ever wanted to read your brother that’s exactly what is it when the company that does that for businesses including my own.
And you’re inhibiting your personal life like there certain people like every i hate you no talking with uncle what’s his name always makes me unhappy like.
Alright can you limit that you will it will be the cost and there are costs rights on not that’s why we continue doing things like.
It’s surprisingly hard to not do things you hate doing it amazing the number of things that we do we just sort of put up with because.
Being honest about the fact that they’re making us unhappy and the and in acting on that can have a huge social cost it can bring a lot of uncertainty,
but that’s really where the freedom comes from and once you start to make a list of things you know you don’t want to do it everyday you just work to avoid those my goal everyday is to do is few things that i hate as possible.
I want to do that you find everything else is fair game,
and you start to get into your zone because the thing is when you’re doing things you hate you hate your you’re not super per doc.

[36:53] If you’re not at your best and it’s like its like the eighty twenty rule right so instead of trying to find that twenty percent of things that are gonna bring you the highest return if that’s too hard.
Look for the eighty percent they’re not bring you very much return it all and start to eliminate those outsource than anything the smallest like i’m no i’m really,
frugal once i move my one for years and i’m like what am i doing i hated it takes hours i it,
even thinking about know we have to do it on saturday drains the energy from it was a somebody forty bucks that outsourced things,
yeah that’s fine and pay people like fifty hundred bucks to do what we take me eight hours of data entry if i have some little projects here and there and i think it’s a mindset of realizing,
how much of your time you’re doing things that you really don’t go away at once you start to eliminate those.
It’s pretty amazing happened so that i tell young people we work with all the time like don’t worry about finding what you love just don’t do things you hate you hate life is too short and especially when the pay off is to leave a like and i hate.
You know i’m in law school it’s terrible i hate it.

[37:54] I think i’ll probably make a bunch of money sunday would you actually want to be a lawyer i don’t know you think you’ll enjoy it probably not,
i don’t know what you know what don’t do things you hate so it’s like anything in the counseling world leaks so often when i’m doing consulting with people,
like they’ll say well i just don’t want to be on twitter than don’t be on twitter,
that’s weather like i’m so visual like but nobody’s on instagram or pinterest that like on my clients and like wall but if you love that,
then you’ll find people attractive people that are on there as well like do the things you love in the fill you up and then if you have all this extra energy can go and the things you hate later.
Oh absolutely minutes it’s amazing to while on the way you put that the things you do will fill you up its activities that you love.

[38:40] I mean there their work in a sense there they there drain in some senses but they feel you off so much i love to write and i feel like if i write everyday.

[38:50] Every day right and i publish the blog posts i do this if it was a blog post everyday then the minute i click publish,
i have to hang accomplish something i’ve chosen to create something and turn creativity into a disciplined instead of something that just comes and goes as it pleases,
and now i feel amazing i feel like i can take on the world the rest of the day because so many things that i do my normal day they don’t have a public,
and i’m never done that yet or building a business most of the things it’s not like a camera sit down and finish that just on going,
and having at least one thing you can be like created that wrapped it up and she.

[39:24] Navigate me gone so even though it takes me thirty minutes a day or an hour a day to write a blog post everyday and you could say that’s valuable time what it gives me,
it keeps me on a high it’s like it’s like afterall for me to get me diana is that the daylight fills me up.

[39:40] So it’s and how does that we see do a blog post everyday at an amazing discipline tell me about the podcast tell me about like how are you gonna be monetizing or are you seeking a monetized blog the podcast and,
that will help with that in the steps for you professionally yeah so so the great.

[39:59] Interesting thought i would save the reason i was even able to get practice off the ground with,
sorta basically at a shoestring and am really just get from zero to our first class of six participants in a very short period time which is very small but is growing since then and i think it was necessary to like,
bring something into existence improve the other is not able to do that with because for years i’ve been really active on face,
can i blow i write articles for third parties here and there are going give talked about your very things mostly that i school students and college students and so,
i had a little bit victory smaller than a very small niche of a brand of some,
what i call social capital that i built up with my network and so when i launch practices i can’t recall on and say share this tell your friends check it out and i could certainly on the goodwill i built my basically,
giving away my writing and things like that and speaking for free for years to get practice rolling okay so fast forward to now.
They’re sort of two sides there’s isaac morales the individual and their practice and their very married in inter locked and i want them to be because as my brand grows i want that to grow practice and vice versa.
Weather for a separate cities we have a blog there and there’s a blog post pretty much every weekday by somebody on the practice team a guest blogger.
Really about the concepts and topics that are relevant to practice and i right there regularl,
i’d like everyday i’m engine and some of those are just really short and i want a weekly podcast and the podcast.

[41:35] We talk about a lot of the ideas that motivate praxis entrepreneurship education answer of living your living life on your own terms.

[41:43] But i mean it’s an exploration into anything that interests me and i found and i don’t sit there and lie right to an ira articles,
and some other third parties when i write.

[41:58] I found it drains me if i have to sit there and try to scientifically manage like okay well how am i gonna optimize the most clicks and views and how my gonna,
i just had the right,
when specially do every day don’t have time to write what i’m feeling in the moment sort of what is coming out what feels true to me and with pike as i explore what’s interesting to me is my only criteria,
and so confident that because of praxis is really everything i live and breathe on so cough it that might interest are gonna line so well that as my podcast grows and more people like that.
The only and has practice you we mention that we talk about in the show the overlaps a lot the number of people who applied to the program because they read an article on medium clicked on my home page so the podcast listen to a few episodes,
it’s somewhere in their practice mention through four times we to the praxis site saw a lot of really cool content there,
followed it for six months and then applied like that’s a really typical process so i can see my own brand.
As a way to really enhance the praxis brand and vice versa that is economics and yeah it totally does and it’s,
amines shift i think i probably made about six months ago just trying to follow my curiosity more and i heard elizabeth gilbert she’s getting interviewed by rob bell and his new podcast a few months ago.
And she is in the house as a writer she just tries to follow her curiosity and.
No even interviewing someone like you and the practice the practice podcasts so often people would just say oh no he’s doing something different than counseling.

[43:30] But to me it’s like i wanna talk to interesting people i want to hear their stories i wanna try this how are there links between like the marketing that isaacmorehouse.com and discoverpractice.com and practice the practice of how they all,
a company makes me like fascinated and so like for me i just think that it’s been a part of embracing my own personal brand that it’s generally just i’m interested in this stuff and if,
people like it and the pilot mean if they wouldn’t and they prob wouldn’t like me in so it its clarifying who probably should listen to this podcast who price to turn it off,
yet will i think i like to think about.
What are the things that you can have a complete monopoly on me normally like negatives i guy wearing a monocle and like you know,
trying to keep competitors away i’m in the process of something that is so unique to you,
no one can replicate it if they want so there’s there some set of skills that you have that a lot of other people have right you can,
type certain number of words per minute you can write you can crunch numbers you can do things over all finals are all valuable skill that you’re real sweet spot.
Is the thing that no one else in the world can do quite like you and it’s very interesting actually to ask your close friends what you think is my most niece value after because often.
You don’t know where it is because to you it doesn’t seem valuable cuz it’s just second nature,
where’s to your friends that aspect of you is the most valuable thing in the world that often highly monetize board highly valuable to other people even if you don’t if you don’t recognize it but so you think about that.

[45:01] It helps you realize being served true to yourself,
you know if you follow what interest you and you bring on topics in this podcast there are there really speak to you,
you will start to dial into that thing that only you had will bring out information you bring something to the table that no one else can replicate.
And that’s where the most value is that’s where you make them the greatest return to create the most value for.
Oh and you know you’re closes friends say even before we just started this podcast when you said to me like practice the practice lines of so well with,
like who you are what you lead leaders and i’d never thought of myself as someone who live leaders but mean it like you’re a close friend,
so this is a wrong again she know it’s amazing in off the bake like,
hello how do i keep you not for you where i don’t have anything to offer on a specialist with a specific skill set and you,
it’s easy to see the pain that’s in your job title as what you have that’s valuable to the world cam accounts are i can counsel people,
that’s the way that or money that’s not what i bring to the table when you start asking people ask my good friend whose also or education director tea cake on and,
i asked him to get what do you think is my most unique thing that that’s valuable to bring to the table and he said you help people,
you make people feel like they’re the obstacles to their dreams are tiny and it’s totally easy overcome them and i thought well that’s just that’s just like my personality that’s nothing.
And he’s like do you have any idea how valuable it is the people how much people are willing to you know.

[46:32] Go after me about it to seek that in game that and really praxis or the incorporated version of that of that idea and then it was nothing else copies of the time but i think be aware that stuff,
i really hope you tap into that so so you can ask yourself joe at any given time how much time i spend a doing the thing that i’m so uniquely good at helping in a leading leaders helping people.

[46:54] No who have the potential to help others do it better do it more effectively do it with more in a more leverage,
and how much time is pending for being the specialist or doing things that others can do more easily you wanna be in that sweet spot where your spend the majority of your energy and time doing something that no one else could do,
man i feel like we have to like put on a wedding r something together and like go farther with this cuz this should this podcast is not enough time for us to like just let are.
Friendship and creative juices flow so.
Is i am actually said ask this question sounds like you talking for hours but when you are foggy day,
you park to okay sounds good sounds good so it every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to now.

[47:41] Good that’s it stops i’m not incredibly familiar with the counselors outside of yourself and a few others uniquely but i would say.

[47:52] Kind of a reiteration of of what i just said to ask yourself every day.
What am i doing that is stuff that’s noise that’s not bringing me energy but that’s bringing me down and.

[48:07] What can i do everyday to eliminate or reduce that some amount even if it’s just a small amount and i think.

[48:16] Thinking of in terms of.
At least one thing everyday instead of some big giant lofty goal that you can achieve over a year five years for me that’s really helpful like because you know i think of compounding interest if i improve myself by one percent every day,
that’s ridiculous turnover overtime return as a compounds it so much more tangible do of i can say what is what is one way today i can reduce.
The amount of time i’m spending on things that don’t bring me joy that bring me down.

[48:48] It’s really can’t want to and it will start you on a process with the momentum to sort of becomes unstoppable and before long you’ll be enjoying.
Damn you’re gonna of your life damn near the whole so i think if people wanna connect with you with the best way for them to connect with you.
You got it alright and you also have a giveaway for my audience right yes that’s right there’s free e-book called the future of school which is really kind of,
it and tell my personal story something stuff we talked right here but also sort of the philosophy of education and career development that practice is built on so if you go to thefutureofschool.com you can have a,
download a free copy me and i think if you’re blocking every single day i mean that’s like the dude that is so wrecked at the gym and you’re like i bet that he knows what he’s talking about and so if you get the book.

[49:51] It’s phenomenal i’m and share so i can we to download it myself and read it.
Thanks so much either morehouse for being on the show and i know this isn’t the end of our collaboration and you guys head on over to practice the practice,
you’ll be able to have links to all the different things we talked about praxis some of the books we talked about the podcast to tim ferris podcast zoom all the stuff we chatted about.
Will be over their fax the practice and i think we’ll chat more soon a day so much joe’s last.

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So head over to simplepractice.com/joe and actually howard has some tips there for his interview the did.
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