PoP 117 | He Sees Spirits an Interview with Jonas Elrod

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In this podcast session, I talk with Jonas Elrod from the documentary “Wake Up,” Oprah’s first Super Soul Sunday guest, and from the series “In Deep Shift.”


PoP Culture meet Jonas Elrod

Jonas Elrod was leading an ordinary life until he woke up one day to a totally new reality. He suddenly could see and hear angels, demons, auras and ghosts.

The documentary movie WAKE UP follows this fascinating story of an average guy who inexplicably developed the ability to access other dimensions. Physicians gave him a clean bill of health and were unable to provide an explanation. What was it? Why was it happening to him? One thing was certain for this 36-year old man – life as he had known it would never be the same.

With his loving but skeptical girlfriend by his side, Jonas crisscrosses the countryas he searches for answers and delves deeper into this thrilling world of the phenomenal and spiritual. Along the way, he encounters an amazing group of religious teachers, scientists, mystics and spiritual healers who help him piece together this intricate puzzle.

The film shows how all of us can search inward for our own peace and happiness while contributing towards a positive shift in global consciousness. WAKE UP is a call to consciousness to everyone who sees it; an invitation to accept that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

WAKE UP had its festival premiere at South by Southwest Film Festival in March 2009 and its New York City premiere, hosted by Sting and Trudie Styler, in April 2010. It is being released on DVD in September 2010 by Beyond Words, distributor of the acclaimed films “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know.” The movie is being privately screened throughout the fall of 2010

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 117 | He Sees Spirits An Interview With Jonas Elrod

[0:00] Music.

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So today.
I cannot believe i got interview this guy jonas arrived he has a documentary week up it’s on netflix and i’d heard him interviewed by rob bell on the rob cast and i went and watched a documentary right away.
And then i tweeted to him that night like i have to have you on the podcast and when we did this interview.
Jonas is the real deal and he’s not some like super spiritual leader that’s trying to like.
Change the world through just like making things up like he is a really fascinating guy a number of years ago he woke up and he could see spirits and he’s got her all about.
Make his journey of going to psychologists pastors doctors that figure out what is going on.

[3:37] She was the first person was interviewed by oprah on her super soul sunday which every sunday morning she interviews really interesting people,
people like jimmy carter alas more said jonas all ride and then he,
how is the main guy behind in deep shift which is a series that is on the open at work and so this guy like is well-connected,
he’s amazing he’s a deep thought leader and i just am blown away that were able to get them here on the practice of the practice podcast so join us if you are listening thank you again so much for taking time out to chat it was such an amazing conversation and.
At the end of it he flips the interview answers asking me some questions about things i’ve never revealed on the podcast and so.
Listen all in because there some juicy tidbits at the end so without any further ado i give you the one the only the never replicated johnson rod.

[4:35] One thing i did forget to say is that jonas does say some naughty words once in a while,
i’m so if you are listening to this podcast with kids in the car i would recommend that may be you wait to you are alone or have headphones or doing something that were your kids are around i’m just gonna surprise you with couple swear words in there,
without further ado jonas alright jonas around welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.

[5:02] Hey this for me amen yeah this is awesome you know i heard you on the rob cast with rob bell and your story was so interesting to me and then,
right away my wife and i watched wake up on netflix and i was like i have got to reach out to this guy and,
i was like laying in bed and i treated out and you tweeted back within like a couple of minutes like no way it’s gonna be amazing so thanks so much for taking time out to chat.
I think the instrument is really sweet i appreciate yeah we’ll let’s start with a guy who are you my reset with you wake up in a hotel and things are really shifted for use of people that don’t know your story from wake up.
And give us the overview of what happened to you and you woke up in the hotel okay where’s your dad and.
Well how is funny cuz.
I start is constantly room figure things out and then when i’m a silver out and talk to us ever really talk about much more so by stutter stamper and i kinda lost is going on but.
Let’s see a ball twelve years ago is are having these experiences classless metaphysical experiences.
And the sound voice or seeing dead people answer seen or is in the spirits.
Is your voices started having from for dreams.
And this happens fairly quick this started using hotel room in the dark material my tree.
I was doing a film on bears is it okay and i just not in that the audience is listening may not know what beers are of okay so this is more for of the audience than just in.

[6:46] So i wasn’t documentary about gay subculture ball bears who are large hairy gay men that don’t really fit the stereotype of.
How people look at a gay man is supposed to twenty c not the sort you see these are really masculine kind of ask is.
Door and dinner is a good documentary around this big contest in san francisco so stockman contest.
And i start having these crazy medical experiences the first question what ask is like how much re drinking do you do drugs young man.
No i mean in case of a beer i don’t do drugs i did hit my head against the wall i was doing completely yoga which i even know about the time.
It just started happening and it was gradual and often and that was.
Both beautiful and actually care are yeah i can i mean as psychologist the counselor that someone walk in and said that would be okay like we tiny drill schizophrenia we probably need like look at other things too so.
I need.
I would not know what to do if that was happening to me even though i’m a counselor like what did do you pick up the phone did you like text a friend like what did you do when that started.
Well i’m.

[8:03] I’m so hold on for dear life by a in my mind it was real but i can also am inundated everything will make you strong migraine maybe mind your own itching where the case may be so.
Is my girlfriend caller id the dr house portion of it wherever we go battery of tests and mri psych evaluation drug test you name it.
Set that wasn’t guys making some that’s wrong well-being so i could just roll it out because i have something wrong in the front load then that could explain it.
But stairs car funny and cute so they would show me things and never happened by constantly and not lottery numbers but.
There was some kind of dialogue kinda back and forth that this is real.
Is he lighter sentence than it was a terrible how what is reality held if you find out the simple doesn’t have a bottom so it will how does it go within the film wake me i have a psychological evaluation.
And i’m and i want just released that isabel is a two-hour session the first one and just i’m a warrior by nature anyway i’m looking at the.
Psychiatrist by language and look at me i’m a quivering mess trying to explain this guy what the hell’s going on with me yeah i’m gonna say that there is probably thought it was something in my head.
But he can’t rule it out he didn’t find the distance from the are things is from sometimes associated with same things hair horses.

[9:35] But you know you wanna moses wrote to see a therapist about a brain buster life is so right away i’m not with myself in the group you know any like these things are normally told in.
Stories or religious tax but i think i’m more people have some sort of intuition ability early six variants.
For me it was down to live in alaska for quite a while the nixon yeah when the most fascinating scenes in the movie with figuring is real maybe and they are doing like,
you’re like a dark room and they would take pictures of certain like infrared in different,
pictures and then you eat compare what you are saying to upright slaughtering the scene but i think really interested and like,
this use of technology and what you are seeing and interacting was just fascinating to me.
We try to bring science reference is into the equation because my mind was this is a clear spiritual thing happening to me but.
And also to open a myriad of problems.
For me so we are trying to show the audience and myself will look like with it so this guy this man name of birth and his team have some software that would run it through.

[10:51] And would bring up different letter making it.

[10:56] I’m trying to think of the spectrum that we can’t seem is trying to illustrate that was a dark and so it is it is funny if you’re.

[11:05] If your seen stopping it or you have experience running a feeling like you have a feeling this for someone to come up invalid that for you yes even about last morsel week right hand was sir.
Answer our phone if your if you were thinking about something still valid that release have you pause for something so when i saw some nice photos.

[11:27] No it was somewhat relieving have a violation yeah and it’s me yeah is now accusations my head i have living proof of what i’m looking at.
But you is scientifically is a can with the software but it’s not to be confused like the thing ago centers in.
What are you to me.
One thing they just keep coming to mind was in this wasn’t so your experience will give all the sudden human their brain could see x ray or the brain could see like infrared things that the average human i can’t see,
that person it would almost be like the have this ability that goes beyond humans and as the human mind develops over time and we evolve.
Could there be certain things that then start overlapping between what we’ve called spiritual but maybe we’re actually like always going on.

[12:23] I-i think so in my slaughter my portion of your is where they will try shows is the res ultraviolet x-rays divination spectrum.
I mean it some people out there that can’t happen these different things that letterman phenomenon of people that matter to new grooves holter that’s kind of what i try to do,
my wish is spontaneous and so i did it sharper is.

[12:49] I was pregnant select cameras on can i chased for certain amount of time that i have them on the mayor’s it will not destroy my sesame psychotic with a chase.
I would sells religious journalist joyless happened.
But yeah i think we are calling me we also bradley cooper in limitless write music until all the.
So then after so you make this documentary,
but what happens next level where does your life go because of between that and now like you know working for over a meeting open like always big people there to me or the first person super soul sunday which.
Be like super sauce such as such a void for people i think that are spiritual but not religious like that a lot of stuff happens,
how do that stuff sir to develop after the film.

[13:40] I’m so worried and terms of what is actually just your career path so you have all these things happen which seems like documenting it’s.
Like an artistic journey well it’s also a personal journey and then the where do things go in your life after that.
Why is making wake up would be super suicide.

[14:02] But the spirits told me to do it and so i would always fight with the stairs and wanna do this and i didn’t work out okay.
Now i know for certain people here that will hear voices that’s really wish you.
And i would agree to a certain extent but a lot of people have internal voice is the ball around or just more drama but i would have more sis tell me to do things.
And make it not always one of them there all positive things you know.

[14:36] Is in her suicide and made them it was with the horses around do you my girlfriend who is.

[14:43] Didn’t really know what to think about these experiences we were deeply in love and she stood by me i guess i don’t know what her belief was but she wasn’t drinking the kool-aid it was really hard for us as a couple.
But this is where the film oprah called wind of it and interviews for the show and me and maris and now my wife.
Definitely have the store was named stalin murder yeah the fans are gonna be like yelling at of why i call you mother yeah i think.

[15:17] Well i should say their names every two seconds but i just saw that revival tonight as it was kinda how we were but anyway.
That came out to let me know price and her new show called in deep shit with jonas all ride,
ryan wants your case you can have a spiritual path you don’t have to have always metaphysical experiences need to win the lottery anything meters they are gone honor.
You know you lose a close loved one and that were gonna wake you up to something so i wanna see where people’s past life in this,
movie like to the show yet so that’s where is the movie that you did the documentary.
Thank you your story and then i was so fascinated that what happened i mean if you’re living with spirits talking to you like that’s gonna be a pretty wild life to just like trying to figure out and then get in deep shift it’s like.
I mean tell me more about that well the color of the wake-up thing was your moment i learn to meditate where would call this phenomenon down.
And i mean a lot of people that are trying to open up the server channel’s.
And i was looking very popular thing where people try to see something on the train open ima come into this psychic where were the cases.
I am leaving and stuff are very it is always gonna sell you us with you but in my experience.
Haven’t had any street to show me there’s a bigger picture so i don’t need to be a daily occurrence i’m not psychic i don’t lottery numbers i just had some pretty out there stretches the meditation help me ground that and that’s are my life now.

[16:56] I know it’s to the point that you can say okay when i turn it on and turn it off or like it’s really hundred dollar down so.
I can still see things just as much is not as strong as i used to be able to ten years ago because that wasn’t very serving so etcetera direct the for brees and that seemed entities other form i am horses is not gonna be the most awkward thing for me.
That makes sense yeah i mean the function of just life that would be pretty disruptive if you couldn’t turn it down and up.
Where was disruptive when it happened and this is the two thousand seven summer or a number in new york city.
There’s a lot of energy there a lot of anxious people their lot of beer there and the time is crashing so it was zero k the ask happy as admission i could pull them aside go c experience no its neutral game.
But anyway what’s so down by one c with other people spiritual walk like,
and so that was the show we did in the shift i don’t think i answer your questions lol i was view this as just like sitting having a cuppa tea or a beer together like that like if we sit down.
The conversation would be all over the place and i love that about this podcast and if you break if people like it they can go find another one to me also say this is what is a reckless.

[18:21] There are people hanging in willis this see things and hear things and horrible things happen to all i’m not nodding my head on a spiritual experience,
yeah i know i confused,
and really i heard about my story prior to the experiences and i would probably go that person is having a psychotic break is over whatever the case may be.
I understand it’s not as simple as just the sane or crazy anymore at least in my eyes yes how do you conceptualized this cuz i’m.
For people that are seeing this type of thing for the first time the prize that i don’t even know what to think of what john talking about well.

[19:01] You know i’m sure some people are gonna know he’s an actor or is it filmmaker this is how it’s gonna make something up if you watch that still.
I mean unless you think i’m on break it this shit is about as intense rosa gets and i had people pass me in the movie was really hard instrument of antifreeze.
I am in there people.
The camera won’t work today got had this my entire life so i as so many people come up crying like i’m in the closet with the stopping so i kinda can’t close door down this repaired but i was kinda falling when i was told to do an exposé on it.
So i’m working all this is my struggle to understand and then my struggle integrate this part of my daily life and scotty to move in.
Yeah i definitely think that it’s not a vanity piece that you definitely let,
sides of it like i remember this one scene where you come home and you’re like i have to smudge out all this stuff there’s this tune i hear it’s going on here and like.
I wouldn’t and i would feel uncomfortable having a scene of me like going to the corner with a smudge to like make sure that i follow came on home lights up,
you show a whole thing.
I’m sure i need to look at my by language my shoulders energetically probably touching it was some this is really humiliating but i miss you where i could sleep for quite a while and i would have to burn sage which i never heard.
Is there he will say this is what native americans have lots of the project that they were sisters so it may work it didn’t work for me but.

[20:33] There was anything romanticize about it yeah not engine you can hear the tone of voice that thing about there’s also an embarrassment because.
I realized he now lives in the civil society or into ever see things.
The only person is in some people have it some don’t but so i always get self-conscious about that it only runs very get the people out there these really while things with energy but.
Yeah betray for this just happened.
So i mean dominic will the train for it like where does one find training in energy and the light will.
Put four years and example so if one point i decided to stay on the american reservations.
Is it from there to talk to this man next to what i’m experiencing.
He just he doesn’t laugh about it is a pretty much everyone has the same situation going yeah so was it.
What’re locked out or he wasn’t trying to hold down the auto five different medications and my throat is part of the culture.
And they will tell you know we actually try to list these experiences have guidance from spirit so i thought very at home and car for wall with that you know i grew up in the deep south.
So some people think this is witchcraft are in nonsense and then you give with no actual sex.
And you’re saying this is clearly mental illness and you get in las villas that’s my yoga studio.

[22:11] Yes i want my truth at peace with that but yeah.

[22:17] I know the plans that we know it’s a little silly find it so,
as you’ve interview other people and learn about their spiritual has with what are some things that intrigue you or that you’ve discover found useful in your own spiritual path.

[22:33] Well his funny because it allows blinders on myself included in when i did the show the big thing the college people.
Is loss and that in the grand daddy of them all you know your life is cruising along you got everything kind of workout and some clothes you guys is.
Strolling on instructor these are question the record the nations reality was it means got a real nice shit why do if a lot of people is of course.
Real boy conversation look at this and what were we looking at here was a mechanism or what was foundation so.

[23:11] Unfortunately it’s not just up to you take over after that but i would need these people experienced great loss something will shut their life.
And then i would see how they would kill what they would do to the grief how they were grow and hopefully of all.
I am so that was very very helpful mean we had one person were to win warren happy to st.
The key back in the ussr visual any more can leave the house so we introduce and equine therapy which also smokes w mike’s it or error that is so.
That was across the shows trying to find other healing modalities that can be of assistance as opposed to use the new norm eastern ones.
Doesn’t that you know i am i don’t believe that there’s many ways can a cat in order sir so.
What they are you know it equine therapy experiential approach to therapy to me i feel like from a therapeutic for,
it helps people move so much faster through therapeutic process than just your traditional sit on the couch me that.
But like i hope star ceiling therapy program we took at risk kids out ceiling is good therapy ran the silver and so we these kids from foster care that,
they come out saying we do that they are in the boat you see these kids have never had any power and control their life and one week to go from being scared of the sailboat to then sailing this elbow on their own,
beautiful in that sort of like experiential therapy just taps into something.

[24:45] The just rc can in your traditional just like sit on couch there be usually i mean maybe their service that really have a great process but i feel like we as humans experience so why wouldn’t therapy or modalities for growth.
Take it outside of just the therapeutic environment.
Absolutely not this forward that to so so i guess like where you headed mean you have made this documentary did series with oprah like look what what’s next for jonas l ride.
Why i like the subject matter yeah it’s so i’m working on another show.
Can we talk about too much about it but i got a couple of projects i’m working on and i just.
I know i just don’t like this is the game yeah these questions that i need answers but like how do you do.
He reckons all the question how you resolve back with this oven and one day and so i’m not looking for enlightenment and enough i believe in that but.
I want to understand and what is the use of billing experience as i can possibly do so i rather than work.
God bless you so it when you see to understand what are things that through this process your starting to understand that maybe you didn’t before.
Well the benefits if there is one am and i would stop to that.
Thirteen how ten years ago that i was in love world play hurt when we do lose world deeply now deeply the world so kind of ways it may be our grandfather’s double things used on john wayne.

[26:22] Your way to let yeah this is these men killer pretty by over a mass corner so,
are you but i like it down here all of the time would be healthy and i believe all this is connected emotional health service connected as well.

[26:37] Your car to the daniels off then that’s not gonna help is gonna happen if i’m still claim her so can we.
Killing me on the super center and my experiences the more you start to fill up.
Just a liar yorkie life and i don’t wanna be sixty five in drag my knuckles in writing about rap music and the kids lol oh you know i was sixty but i do new thirty five yeah just serious this human experience.
You know to the fullest so that people serrano go.
Thermostat mean i directly see this idea like the one who said it is like i can’t wait and dies and go to hell you jesus yet and how happy.
What more will homework will that happen.
And i was ugly issues like i don’t want to wait to die did have really heavenly divine damn good time.
You can call me if you study jesus at all talk more about having coming to earth than escaping to some like pie in the sky.
Yeah we still have even the founder of christianity talks about having them and earth so so looking habits or.
Life giving activities are just fun things and what makes its way to john s are adds life.

[28:00] I’m pretty bored man at these crazy experiences but now i.

[28:06] Don’t or musician and you know walk the dog thing on my really cool i you know basis and then there one else does.

[28:14] It is funny thing about this is crazy by the lack of options and pretty much everything so bad was or this like just having dinner yeah seven options right you create you yo p c max and.
I know there’s a couple of variations of all that is so stinking.

[28:34] When it comes like the religion there’s only forty five major religions answer the top three or four because quest but no questions of life for seven point six billion people so you ask what do you do.
Yes same struggle you do it of like hangout.
Take a walk in the that’s me to think about people that are intentionally on a spiritual path saying you know what like,
walking the dog with my wife is super important but rather just as today thing and he’s like i try to go surfing like every day or every other day and i would like to,
she is his niggas like veg and she is now in i think this is really what i think a lot of people say mundane things but like maybe those are the things that,
the makeup life and that when you become more present or more involved or more conscious that those things just are the things of life.
Absolutely no i’m big living server is the danube sharks you now get all.
Brief power brake area but yeah i am and the simplest ca kinda works yeah so.
So i guess i’m thinking like him so many different directions i can go sorry,
actually audiences like i have some questions but this isn’t life so please remember us is live right,
so what device you have i guess are people just from like artistic standpoint so you’re filmmaker outside of kind of your own special experience with what’s worked for you in regards to just.

[30:08] Can it be art of filmmaking or the art of creation that we could take away his creative people that are in just a different arena.
This is in a certain sense question it know it is because.

[30:24] I mean i don’t know i’d rather say this and i thought this is cool for now.
Is is next stop is a hassle cool by this always the process of creating which was really help you at the.

[30:38] I’m planning you have to do tv or movie that’s years upon years of just focus on that one target that moves a little ladies in you miss.
I’m so i don’t really have any great advice on that is just a crater for a night have.
What are the plans for maybe half of it doesn’t but i think it is just her you’re looking at you now if you’re looking to write that and another song.
I got new device is not in sight.

[31:08] A big be creative are three things very therapeutic so i look at that way but i don’t look at i try not to think about it on the business line.
As for me making what i really thought this to be the only thing everyday and i feel like you would be career suicide i doubt south baby is there or not here we made it to the right,
set the nest to me it’s interesting to hear people that are creating as part of their living like what are things that they’re investigating curious like what is it that’s fueling them.
Oh yeah answering a question on mean i think i should figure out my question to you so it’s all good.
Know what you doing tho just shows i am no man’s home in a life with user board.
I know it’s a newborn things on board like there’s a difference.
He is pondering with how we doing what does this mean what happens when you die you know why think i’ve been assaulted me why i’m i doing this was the energy behind that was my intention waking up little by little.
That’s fancy me so i’m never bored and i that’s the mojo fuel were only creatively and is that is developing where the road bunnies bring station not but like.
Where is sources or label over god running the show that is the inspiration for me.
Hello my name is i have these moments where i can build a connection even with geico happen traffic that i would wanna watch the face you know five years ago i can feel that connection so.

[32:46] When people say the board is dumbbells me yeah when using people are waking up like.
What what can that look like a what is that look like working with his messy is i showcase in the poem i did.
But people are scum and where is versus earlier generate the younger generations they seem to have a little grass on it so much is i wanna be in all that complain about someone else.
They are much more inclined to do volunteer work you know that the people that surround speaker is sister tire.

[33:20] But people are start getting on some level is a person just me and you now just of the people for.

[33:27] I don’t know maybe said they always are working and looking for something new and rob had a situation where he really open door for a lot of people with there’s a way to look at the same as opposed to stream religious pod cell.
I guess i think we’re looking for more than just like a really quiet and you know pizza supreme of the screen tv yeah they want something error and god bless you should why not.

[33:51] So anyway it is a very things that the people waking up to a string grief and then hopefully strange or yeah,
i’ll be at robs today of he talked a lot about spiral dynamics and the idea of to moving forward in a lot of different phases and i’m at dr back in on the show and a few months probably,
good idea for me really help consent lisinopril into that the show notes for people that can read more about spiral than me.
I’m just one last question for you jonas is it every counselor in the world were listening right now like what would you want to know.

[34:26] Oh lord don’t tell me sad.

[34:33] If the shoe was on the other side and i thought about is the psychiatrist goes time to seen this and experienced in this know what i know now.

[34:42] That would be really hard call for me so and i say to people in this of course i do that may be considered for you star.
Over diagnose someone with you get help with this.

[34:57] But it is above my pay grade even address to be honest yeah i just,
what’s your had these experiences lot and the reusable built in and they’re open to the rounds and health sciences are saying we have different dimensions for i don’t know why this is so hard for some people either arms around the.
I think most people they come out because when this happen to me i wish to a shrink and what were church the church said yes all real mature this is the will stop and we have to save you.
As a number back in-car in this the psychiatrist.
I was talking to me medication but you seem to know what to think he just knew what it was.

[35:37] So this is to hard question i use the call does the open in the open like that the opener there’s other possibilities of those sportsman straight jacket and start planning for next did cancers would.
Mr do that but yeah.
Who’s i you get nursing a lot of white wine mother’s right my kids have any experience while must be spiritual and now this man he cannot be heard from you check out yeah.
Scientific check out all searching to my jet then you have the other scenario.
What is a person that’s why i really like but the phone to use it like throughout your so like.
Methodically trying to get people that,
are mark’s brain science and religion and experiences to just say what’s going on and you know having worked with people that have dealt with psychotic breaks like,
they don’t usually have that kind of read them to their like here’s what i want to figure out and so it’s just it is fascinating to watch and such a unique experience for you to share with the world so.
Thank you so much for making a film to join us for yeah so what’s the best way for people to follow you work learn more about what you’re doing you know as things come out the future like how can people follow you doing.
I’m sure i’m on facebook that’s.
And anchovies arrive i know the lake is on twitter instagram and you can see wake up for free if you’re on netflix.

[37:08] And.
Play indie shuffle be released some future date awesome will go away and i love your point of view on too because it will only has you’ll do some twenty okay came in cincy and all this were jogger unit,
i’m sorry geometry the sky and having were permissions what would you do i think.
I think what i would have done ten years ago is way different than what i would do now especially having a city having interview jonas alright um no i think it naturally but now i would,
want to just ask more questions i want them to feel validated and weather that turned into you like working with other people and finding that was mental illness are not like.
Either way let them feel validated that the experiences real to them and whether or not that’s mental illness like right away we don’t have to decide that on our first session so i would i would just really ask a lot of questions and try to.
What is it feel like when it’s happening like you know i mean i’ve you’ll understand it but you’re not alone like.
I can’t say hey this is what it’s like but it like i’m as much as i can as a counselor with you so i think this will it start.
That’s wonderful and he is you ever had city the thing is in westminster anti-virus and while.
It does seem really way out there but i think you can dollar back and think about everyone’s has some kind of experience and i’m convinced that this.

[38:37] Weather was a premonition or this will show my age pre caller id is what to expect sick on the bring of cookies you just now.
What a blessing to be more hard-wired with this and that’s why i’ve c situations that thing that would always sing that means so.
Everyone has servitude sense.
For some reason my kids screaming into my awareness and it was pretty intense the beginning but at a dealer once had it you know people have dreams in the next day the dream will come to pass,
snail mail only has one slot one a lifetime should come to ship you to me ask a person a question or two before you just jump gone.
I diagnosed it right yeah absolutely.
But you had supper yet i mean yeah eventually you know raised catholic and so okay twelve catholic school and,
in a rc was the summer going to eleven to twelfth grade am i had a pretty pronounced spiritual experience that,
someone shared with me and so being really analytical person that was searching and a lot of reason and i was reading it said an eleventh grader thing as being a lot of buddhism in hinduism and islam at the time.
No i get lunch in catholics like to read about world religions then this.
Like god was working a summer camp with me and i had this really overwhelming spiritual experience that happened and.
For me i framed as like the holy spirit or something that is much like within the faith that i experience.

[40:14] It’s me in a very positive course you know in being able to connect with a lot of people that were in the church and having faith still very real and then and over time i’ve.
It’s expand you know like i think the alot of people that i follow talk about the expansion of their faith and be able to say you know there’s a lot of truth out there and it seems like.
We all do our best to name that truth but it’s often for my own cultural context you know you look it even though he read customer the greek testament,
both of those were set very specific time and place looking at a very specific culture and your jesus was a middle eastern rabbi and he fit with in,
what was to be a speaker rabbi at the time and so if you understand what a speaker ally is then you understand what jesus was trying to do in a way that’s way different from our can of greek american style of thinking.
Yeah like opened up all.
I read a book here and then like someone would you mention something every five more books and then i mean for probably a good ten to fifteen years i was reading like three or four bucks a month to just like.
Okay so now this kinda started with the spiritual experience in eleventh grade but with what is this mean and for me it just continues to create more connections between people,
and more of like worldwide likes humanity than something that they can become this tribal gate that i have to like three bigger walls around.

[41:41] So sense is very beautiful both my arms is like what joe’s never talked about this yet this alley in a sense of the room i’m glad you asked me because,
and a lot of ways i’ve revealed so that had reveal the podcast them in the past i think that’s important development for even the podcast.
Are you guys that’s really cool and that happened to chloe and thinks rest the russians your years you still dating right.
Oh yeah i mean part of going out to la to hang out with rob for two days was to just like how do you make sense of business creativity spirituality all these things and to find a community of people that you know,
think differently than a bee hive how like i have in the past right so that’s awesome what he is a progression think you think you so yeah.
Will join us i hope this isn’t the last time we hang on the podcast things so much for being the practice of the practice park st,
you haven’t watched wake up on netflix go watch it it’s on real it’s such a great beginning primer for a kind of what janice’s,
experience and doesn’t such an amazing artistic way and all the link so that the show so jonas thanks so much for being on the show.

[42:52] Thanks that is not appreciate it yeah oh nicole sounds good will he only wanted to hear it.

[43:01] Music.

[43:15] You just talked about in regards to his movie in deep shift.
All these everything that he isn’t working and head on over to practiceofthepractice.com for selections jonas and you’ll find out all sorts stuff off for two links there.
Also don’t forget about the webinar practiceofthepractice.com/webinar that’s happening tomorrow in the seventeenth of february.
Two o’clock eastern so.
Would love to see you there hope to meet you guys if not we’ll hopefully do another weapon or soon keep up the good work thanks for letting me in two years into your brain you roxy.

[43:52] Music.

[44:14] Special thanks for the dance ounces sexy and tyler adams will like your music in this podcast is designed right accurate for the information,
got the subject to cover is given to understand that the host a publisher or the gas surrounding legal counting clinical.
Other professional information if you need special usually find one.

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