PoP 136 | Blogging Day 1

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In today’s podcast, I discuss everything you need to know about getting started blogging. We cover:

  • How to get inspired blogging
  • What to blog about
  • Focusing on keywords
  • The FOCUS of blogging

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 136 | Blogging Day 1

[0:00] Music.

[0:08] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sandbox session number one thirty six.

[0:13] Music.

[0:29] I can go santa your post live here in the review center to building in downtown traverse city michigan at practice of the pract.
World headquarters.
It is a bit foggy day here in northern michigan and i hope you guys are enjoying your kick off to spring and summer i know i am.
Life is good this week the next three days i’m gonna be doing a three part blogging podcast all about,
blocking in italian a minute while i am doing that but if you want to follow along make sure you subscribe to the podcast so that you get,
them delivered every single morning.
Also i have a five day free blogging course that goes along with this and so i you can sign up for that if you go over the practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog. You gonna get five days of blocking advice taking you through the process of blocking more and it’s just.
Just been really sensor for second tested out with a small part of my list in the test for a little bit more my list to have it sent out the whole list quite yet.
I want to make sure it wasn’t too long key in that like as testing him a new way of opting in and it’s been working really really well and the first question that people get is what’s one word that describes how you feel about blocking and.
To hear people’s honest responses is just so awesome mean when and i’ll get excited invigorated and other people sage red.

[2:06] When they say worried or they say paralyzed are frozen and so,
no matter where you’re at on the spectrum of blocking me don’t even understand the value of a blog were gonna dive into that today too.
Hand over the practice of the practice that come ford slash five day blog in jump that we’ve got,
probably rd fifty people are so going to the five day course that’s just kind of reaching out to just a handful of people i think i’ve had the,
fifty to seventy percent opt in peace and just kind of targeting some of the people that have already been involved with practice of the practice,
she is so let’s talk about logging today we’re gonna talk about what it takes to have a successful blog and then we’re gonna talk about some key words today.

[2:50] Tomorrow we’re gonna dive into content how to make content if your.
Staying in front of the screen and you have writers block like what do you do when you focus on your ideal client,
i’m in the third day we’re gonna focus on visual and why the visual component is such an important part of blocking in so yeah let’s dive right in.
So there’s five reasons that blocking the bloggers are successful that people that are blogging find success and spas upward focus.
And i really like this idea of having these five.
The people are successful in blocking the first reason is frequency that there blogging regularly,
they’re blocking two to three times a week when they first launched their blog and this is for a number of reasons google really likes to see new contact,
and so when there are websites that are creating new content that’s relevant to the audience that people are reading and spending time on and in match the keywords that people are looking for,
they really like that’s when your brand new if you can commit to doing two to three block posts so we can really get that rhythm especially if you don’t have clients coming into private practice or your business is a little bit slow,
it’s a great way to spend your time cuz you’re gonna get that as ceo juice breaking hiring google for years to come i blog post i wrote two or three years ago that i still get a ton of traffic from a put in that time to write,
i’m for example of a blog post about the process of getting licensed in michigan for a counselor it’s still the second.

[4:23] Highest ranking blog post or website,
underneath the state machine for the state of michigan they’ve there’s obviously they’re gonna be the first one hundred get license in michigan and mine is the second and everything like three years ago and going up the to once in a while,
but there taking the time to raise many blog posts that have to do with your id audience is really important to focus second.
Optimization and so we want to focus on internal and external linking and we’re gonna be talking a lot about that today but making sure that you’re basing,
your blog posts and keywords so you’re not just saying counseling,
i’ll be focusing and family counseling or even getting more specific than that so family counseling for parents of toddlers in really knowing who you’re trying to reach with your blog posts and with your website.
The frequency optimization and then content so third,
we want to have quality content wanna have at least three hundred fifty words you wanna break it out using her one hundred two bullet points you wanna,
i’m make it look good a lot of people just gonna jump in just can have this ring and these random thoughts on your really think,
through what is the wanna speak about and we’re gonna go through some strategies and the next three days what exactly how to do that.
But i’m content so making sure that your creating things that allow people have new understanding new experiences to give them hope,
the hopes and see that maybe research supports what you’re saying that really like a quality contents of frequency.

[5:54] Optimization content and the you for is useful action.
To use for action so what do the people need to do next.
So if you read a blog post about anxiety with some things that right now on the drive home from work me that person can can do to have useful action so maybe it’s turn off the radio,
think of ten things that you’re thankful for is that something is that low hanging fruit,
that allows them to take useful action may be to download maybe it’s a schedule that you put together to help them eat healthier or sleep better or its answer tips having some sort of call to action that useful.
So frequency optimization content useful and then story cs of focus is story so we want,
information as people wanna taking information our brains are made so that we can learn more about the world,
to be safer to feel better our brains are constantly wanting to absorb new information but also,
they want to be entertained we wanted be entertained wanna enjoy life wanna be inspired as a finding that balance between information and entertainment is really important,
there’s a spot storyteller secret i’ve been reading that one thing that he talks about in that is,
i’m no mirroring and how when someone is telling stories like last week i think it was i told the rhinoceros story when i got chased by wild rhino in nepal.

[7:25] Did the part of my brain that lights up while i’m telling a story is the same part of your brain as the listener that lights up,
so that no mirroring is really important especially as you’re looking to build trust,
with people that may wanna come into counseling build trust with people that want to come into your business if your massage therapist or p t or have some other service based industry you want to build that trust,
so bloody what you’re doing is through that focuses five different areas your building your expertise your showing people that you know what you’re talking about,
in that they are in the right place and when you think about when you’re on a website your number one thing they are asking yourself first is am i in the right place,
they just clicked on this link it’s all about marriages and maybe it’s about sex after having a baby and i’m in the right place or is this some like website i don’t want to be on,
then so ask yourself is this informative to me is this helpful for me in regards to kinds of things that maybe a couple you’re dealing with.
So the first thing people ask me in the right place,
and then second gonna ask themselves what’s in it for me and my gonna learn something for myself so talking a lot about how great you are and all of your credentials and all that is not important people.
They want to know that you can relate and so telling stories or case studies not talk about clients of course,
that engage them to show them right away you’re in the right place you’re in good hands i know what i’m talking about i’m gonna take you through a process to help you out with the specific problem.

[9:01] That’s where blocking do you can inspire people you can give them hope and also demonstrated expertise which is gonna and actually grow your business so frequency.
Optimization content useful action and story.

[9:15] Alright so that death can the bedrock blogging now let’s talk about keywords the key words are.
What you rank for in google or what you’re trying to rank for and also for example i have a nine person private pay private practice here in traverse city michigan.
And we focus on a number of different areas the sale i just start with the key word traverse city counseling and set the keyword phrase.
Smidgen wanna rate for traverse city counseling or traverse city counselors.
There’s a few things i’m gonna want to do for one i wanna know if people actually google that i think that people do but is that what they’re googling.
I’m also know how competitive is that keyword is it going down in regards to use score going up as a better to focus on traverse city counseling traverse city counselor charity therapists traverse city therapists.
Traverse city common practice that which of those get the most because i may find one has hundreds of more hits than another for example.
When i was writing blog posts and how to start a private practice several years ago.

[10:21] I was writing how to launch a private practice but i found the only about twenty people a month at that time researching how to launch a private practice raise how to start.
A private practice one word change give about a thousand more searches per month so so what if i rent for something twenty people rank for or twenty people are looking for vs.
Thousand people are asking or looking for it that’s really important to know that difference.
So couple tools that google has its roots are really important to learn one is just go to google so if you go to google just as if you’re gonna search for something.
Start type in what you’re interested in so let’s take maybe you’re a therapist to help people with anxiety start to type in anxiety,
and what happens is google then starts to show you that the top three or four things that people typically search for.
And you can also limit his results just your area if you want to.
And so in a private something like anxiety symptoms anxiety test do i have anxiety things like that the very quick and easy way to know what people are searching for.
The second a little more advanced tool is called google trends and google trends you can compare different words to one another so you might type in.
Counseling vs counselor super very quickly see which ones ranking higher and so you can also compare of different countries are different states are different regions you don’t have to have a google ad words account for that function.
So it’s a really great can next step i’m just regular google searches,
the third most advanced step is gonna be using the google keyword planner and so it edwards account edwards is when you google something you seals paid ads at the top or on the side.

[12:02] People are paying to rank for certain terms tv set up one of those accounts you don’t have to pay anything be do after giving your credit card information to they want you to easily be able to buy ads if you want to.

[12:14] So you and then set up an account with google ad words you’re gonna go in there and then will you be able to do is you can use their keyword planner,
and you can type in certain key words such as traverse city counseling and then that would show maybe fifty people month search for that and that i can look at traverse city counselor and make your mother suggestions there similar to that term.
It’s great because you can get a lot of extra ideas like if i was typing and anxiety,
and my list anxiety counseling anxiety test anxiety symptoms all these other key words that really high ranking and i’ll put a video walkthrough for google trans and google keyword planner,
into the show notes that’ll be over practiceofthepractice.com/session136.
So i’m a we can go to my you tube channel just like to practice the practice on you tube and i have a channel of i think like twenty or so videos are walkthrough videos and a variety of different things.

[13:11] That’s.
Figuring out the key words once you find those key words you then wanna use them within the actual blog post and so in the title you want to use it i imagine we’ll stick with anxiety symptoms.

[13:26] You might be put in what are anxiety symptoms question mark c very clear especially when you first start blogging,
around what is it you’re talking about cuz your initial goal is to demonstrate expertise and also start ranking in google higher.
And then you gonna want also have that search term so it’s gonna be anxiety symptoms in a couple of the header once a header ones are they can a bigger more bold.
Sections within your blog post.
So we’re gonna talk tomorrow about how do you come up with the content for it to friends it symptoms you wanna have a couple of those within their,
in the bullet points and your header to is in a few different places in also in the content,
the yellowstone as ceo tool for wordpress is a free tool that you can type in what your keyword is you’re trying to rank for i don’t give you a green light yellow light or red light super helpful.

[14:16] Then the other thing you wanna do is you wanna do some internal linking and so making sure that your lincoln between blog post sofia another blog post that you’re talking anxiety me to check out my blog post about,
and is it symptoms keywords are focusing on the hyperlink that over to the other blog.

[14:34] And then the other thing is having external links to have any other websites that are coming to your website using that keyword surf you write for your local paper.
You might have your bio say joseph back helps people deal with their anxiety symptoms and that links to that blog post.
It’s my we’re gonna go into more about the content,
of having a blog and how to not be kind of stock and how to you and not be have writer’s block can be paralyzed but perfection in just a sec to get things done.
So head on over practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog in there’s some options there to click on to one of them is to learn about blogging and then under some other ones like starting a practice revenue per,
actress or growing a practice or nothing passive income so in the future i wanna launch things that are specific to those topic areas then you guys can,
can opt into the stoop something so much let me in two years and into your brain you guys rock have an awesome day.

[15:32] Podcast is designed tried acting thirteen information richard some smell covered is giving him send me the host,
i guess pleasuring legal accounting chronicler of professional information if you need professional should find one also thanks to dance ounces sexy for the intro music.