PoP 147 | Blueprint to 100k with JV Crum lll Day 1

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Blueprint to $100k with JV Crum III

In this episode, Joe and JV Crum III give advice and the blueprint to reaching $100k to callers.

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Meet J V Crum lll

JV Crum lll on how to reach $100kJ. V. Crum, III, MBA, JD, MS Psychology, was, by his twenties, already a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and investor. He is a writer, speaker, mentor and creator of the Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC. which instructs entrepreneurs and leaders to attain complete success. His non-profit Conscious World Foundation Inc. drives community projects which support youth development.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 147 | Blueprint To 100K With Jv Crum Lll Day 1

[0:00] Music.

[0:30] Welcome to the podcast everybody i’m joe sam back and i’m gb from the third.
And we’re doing a bunch of podcasts together i’m just so excited about this it’s been fun to see our relationship grow over time,
i met you when you reach out to me probably six months ago a year ago or so to be on my other podcast have you been.

[0:52] I’m doing great and you know i know about you but i’m having a great summer been camping a lot and you know it’s just kind of.
Cool to be in denver where i can go to concerts and camping and just having a great time i was just in chicago and,
i am awake you know watching the fireworks that night so i’m having a great summer how about yourself what you know what my favorite concerts of all time and went to see back.
Play at red rocks and it was an amazing show and red rocks is such a cool then yeah i’ll have to come out and.
Heat up red rocks about there with ya help i can get quite a few concerts i saw steely dan at the beginning of the season but inhaled.
And we have to stop the concert like twenty minutes of his likes we got through it like a snow everywhere was so white was unbelievable coming out to clean up.
What we should i tell folks but why we’re hanging out together not just to talk musical that be fun for a while i have great respect for the work that jb is doing,
and is teaching people all about how to be a millionaire but i just know your but when it’s conscious towards the world,
and so we’ve been partying and talking about ways to kinda connecting maybe share a little bit about your thoughts on the partnership.

[2:08] Yeah i love what we’re doing and you know one of the things to,
is a lot of people come and say i wanna be a millionaire but maybe they haven’t got your business started or the,
got your business started they’re not yet through that hundred thousand so what i’ve really done is it look it will how do you become a millionaire.
And what are the stages and i think there’s three stages the first one is really so critical and a lot of people try to skip the first page,
because they wanna go i wanna build my systems and i want to ski on again bitch don’t yet have a hundred thousand dollar business you gotta put back in place,
you gotta get those steps working for you and that’s what really brought us together thinking about how can we help people get through that first hundred thousand cuz that’s the critical piece that,
really in my mind when you’ve got hundred thousand dollar business now you got a real business that you can start growing and scaling,
absolutely not that when we landed on the idea of a blueprint two hundred k,
we both like yeah this is it because for counselors and consultants and coaches that i work with that kind of my primary audience.
Hitting the hundred k just there’s something about that i’m a six figure business that he just like,
mc up and ready to just come to grow it from there so we reached out to both of our lists and said he what questions you have if you’re not at a hundred k yet,
what questions you have and getting there and if you are already there like well how can we help you grow from there.
And we have some awesome questions today we’re gonna have a question from ada and gb should jumping to is question.

[3:42] Yeah once you start with what direction question was who this is getting calling from people whom counseling in seattle washington.
First of all congrats on your partnership with gav doing this new podcast.
Mom and i am not get a hundred k in fact far from that.

[4:02] Where in stock i have three specializations and i think it remains hard for me to.
Hang on just one thing to be remembered for this i really working on,
trying to find out when he’s that would make me memorable and set me apart from other people plastic combining two things that of me to me is too much and it’s hard to march.

[4:29] So i hope this helps and is you not just a michigan thinks.

[4:35] Just gonna jump in here in i talk to so many entrepreneurs that are not a hundred thousand level and i think it is question is spot on and it is first why won’t congratulate you for a dinner find that you got out their,
you’ve tried cake three directions and you can i go away it’s not working,
and i agree with you it doesn’t work to try to go in three directions one of the biggest mistakes i’ve seen on turners make is,
they go in not just three but sometimes can directions so going in multiple directions and they wanna build all these different things but the thing is you gotta choose one,
focus direction that my formula for creating wealth is conscious focused action you gotta consciously decide what is that one direction that is the,
the one that’s gonna appeal to my heart and its gonna peeled and customers are one and no chill you do a lot of work with why what is your advice there,
yeah i think that for me yet you wanna know your market is we also need to a casting call why are you in business and so at eight i know she’s a counselor,
and so what is it in regards to why she went into counseling so if we look back at her own pastor why did she go to counseling but also why he certain population stand out to her,
and then when you can start to sketch out where is that intersection between people that can pay for your business and your why that overlap is where you find that kind of perfect business avatar.

[6:02] Yeah i completely agree with you and that why i want to break that down i call it your policy that you’re passionate different you wanna make.

[6:12] And a lot of times people talk about corpus and what i’ve found is purpose gets a little nebulous is like what’s my big purpose in life,
why so you look at that is kind of a two sided gold coin and one side is the word purpose but on the other side the real secret and that’s how do you discover your purpose,
and it’s that difference you want to be making so I would suggest to Ada two Journal.

[6:38] I wanna give three ways to discover that passion one is it i find that.
Anybody who’s really connecting to the passion that they typically get lost in time like they think thirty minutes past,
but it’s really been four hours which is fine in less you told your spouse you’re gonna meet them in thirty minutes image which case you might as it might want to set the timer second.
I am gonna fight this state the people get into as joy.
And probably when you’ve been in doing something are so totally passion about you might have had people tell you wow you look different but you know what you are okay for,
your blood flowing difference in your skin is coverage radiant you feel this joy coming out of your and the third thing and what’s great is that you’re gonna be charging for this but.
I found with myself in so many coins that had that.

[7:31] Dave done this passion thing for free to help people because they love doing it so much.
And which one hand i feel like he just touches on a point that so many creative entrepreneurs deal with and that’s that we have a lot of interests usually we don’t just have a single singular focus where,
can you stand up paddle boarding when camping were in the hiking in the woods you actually own personal life we don’t just pick one thing usually so then it kinda feels counter intuitive in your business,
to have to just pick one specialization and will want to encourage either to do is to look at her,
favorite client the client that she just like so excited to work with she sees the best outcomes the really make positive progress,
and what’s the thing that links them together in may not be that she only works with women with eating disorders and might not be the she only works with,
couples that are dealing with depression it may be that she helps people through transitions are she helps people through,
some really difficult times in their life and find one of those things that really,
overlap between clients and maybe all three for specializations actually have some unifying principle actually if she zooms out a little bit she’s gonna be able to identify that will be easier to.
Yeah i think you’re making a great point and,
one way because sometimes it is conflicting i went through this myself for two or three years when i sold companies because,
i had such as an attorney and an mba i was trying to psychologist,
i like trading in the market and i’m going wow what am i what am i gonna do it was a big conflict so i really empathize with that it is going thru and if you’re listening to this and you’ve got that conference in a way that’s good.

[9:10] Because it just means that you’ve got a lot to bring to the world.

[9:14] Sometimes you have to sit down to go if a year from now i could only made one priority decision and this was the one that i did.

[9:24] You go back yourself because you’re gonna be able to find a market for anything.
Did you know you may have to hunt around to find out which that is the white market for that but what do you think’s gonna make you the happiest were you gonna find greatest joy we’re,
what’s gonna make you wanna get up in the morning go while i’m so excited to do this because.
If you’re doing that you’re gonna figure out a way to go for it and even when you get road blocks,
you figure out a way through them because they’re so excited that you get to work with people doing this and your business will actually be more successful,
i don’t know if you found this gb for me as i focused in and the kind of people i want to attract i feel,
i have more ideas of how to creatively work with that specific group of people rather than like i have ten different types of clients i work with and so i guess after creek,
you can create exactly what they need.

[10:20] You know i’m thinking as you say that’s absolutely correct cuz i remember is about three years ago and i have white ports i have big four by six wipers and have to a together so it’s twelve feet.
And i really split time with the coach i was working with looking at will what were the characteristics the personality characteristics,
and the success characteristics and i realized i was only,
really turned on by working with people who are already had some success,
and they wanted to go to another level.
But they already had reference point for success and that i was really not ideally suited to work with somebody who would never been successful it just wasn’t who i was on the planet.
And so if you’re listening to this ask yourself that question who is that i really wanna work with.
And your biggest best results with them and guess what if you get the best results,
they’re gonna be the ones who pay the highest fees it’s and it’s a win-win for everybody absolutely not reminds me of when steve jobs came back to apple,
in nineteen ninety seven there is all these ever products the apple is offering and he loves his whiteboard and he made a big cross in the middle of it,
and in across the top he had general consumer and expert and then he had.
A desk top computer and a laptop and said i want one product for each of these and so on one product this for the general consumer that the desktop one that’s a laptop.
For experts i want one desk top and i want one lap.

[11:49] And if so many different products are coming out that time they just focused the whole team to see what are we gonna do a magnificent job on and then you see what you roll that you’ve after that,
that that type of focus with apple and other great companies allowed them to then do that magnificently versus having so many products they couldn’t up.

[12:09] Yeah and you know i become a total apple person in the last three years in fact i’m looking forward to my birthday folks because usually listen me an apple product is november first but only over first i’m gonna get the law,
do they have and my phone will be three years old be a five so i’m gonna get the seven.
But i’ve learned my lesson with apple get every bit of number you can use that to get back out there yeah i’ll,
the kitchen hundred twenty six and one four hundred twenty cc twenty two hundred twenty eight years to fifty six and going for two fifty six on the phone right yeah,
search with communicator with some specific stuff she can take to your it down to that one and again i want to congratulate you it at that you’ve already identified three will work,
and so many people to spend their wheels trying to make all three work,
and going i got have multiple streams of income you know what multiple streams of income is a good seven figure question once you get the seven figures but it.
I would give it just a couple of steps i would have her focus in and the unifying feature between those three specializations and maybe there isn’t one maybe there’s some that she has to say in this is an especially in station i’m gonna focus in on,
suck it i would just help with a mindset shift that.
Just because you specialize in one thing doesn’t mean you’re gonna do that your whole life doesn’t mean that that’s gonna be your entire business is just saying i’m gonna focus and right now,
on that specialty,
and really learn how to build that in so often times and people telling that’s okay this is kind of an experiment and then freeze a.

[13:43] Their brains to feel that is not a lifelong commitment so start there and then i would start to put out some really genuine content,
around that specialty so where is that person connected are they going to yoga going to farmers market with a text with a church or synagogue your,
are they thinking what are the issues and for the people around them to focus that content url so i just never do those three things to start out for you jb.

[14:07] But you know what i’m listening to i wanna give it the conscious focus action model so i would you data to consciously choose.
If you can find a way to bring them together great if you can you still got in the app with one priority.
So we need to consciously choose that based upon what can i bring you joy.
And you might wanna at this stage go out and look at two or three potential markets that you could work with intake,
you know do they have a kind of problems i wanna work with that relate to this and do they have the money to pay for my products or services,
at the level that i want to charge for them that’s gonna work for me to build my business and then the conscious focused action part,
is that what you to choose one result that relates to this in terms of getting two hundred k and i want you to choose a date,
but you’re gonna get two hundred thousand total revenue it at the minimum of one year and then only focus on the actions that conscious focused actions only focus on the actions that are designed to get you there.
And if something comes and you got all that would also be cool to do cuz we were created that’s what we do is as on twenty years i want you to how the self-restraint,
to look at and go but will it if efficiently get me to where i wanna go or is it really a side a side step.
So that’s what i will need to focus on such great steps well this is an awesome talking with you jv and look forward to talking more and its more questions.
But jb and i are so excited because we are going to be doing a webinar are together called.

[15:41] Blueprint two hundred k and we’re gonna be talking all about the steps that it’s taken for us and our consulting clients to get past a hundred k,
as a long time ago for jv cuz he’s the conscious millionaire and so he’s well past that he’s gonna be delivering a bunch of content around your first steps to get two hundred k and gonna be doing the same,
that’s gonna be at all the second.
In august for three to be doing when it is on both those days at one o’clock eastern twelve o’clock central eleven o’clock mountain and ten o’clock.
Pacific you can head over practiceofthepractice.com/100kwebinar, and we will see you on aug second or aug fourth.
Talk to you soon.