PoP 149 | Blueprint to 100k with JV Crum III Day 3

Blueprint to $100k with JV Crum III

In this episode, Joe and JV Crum III give advice and the blueprint to reaching $100k to callers.

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Meet J V Crum lll

JV Crum lll on how to reach $100kJ. V. Crum, III, MBA, JD, MS Psychology, was, by his twenties, already a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and investor. He is a writer, speaker, mentor and creator of the Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC. which instructs entrepreneurs and leaders to attain complete success. His non-profit Conscious World Foundation Inc. drives community projects which support youth development.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 149 | Blueprint To 100K With Jv Crum Iii Day 3

[0:00] Music. [0:25] Welcome everybody i’m joe sam back and i’m here with the one the only the never replicated gd come the third how you doing today jb.
Go i’m doing great women really sunny day here in denver yesterday it had a hundred and two on my way which is just insane you know i moved from florida and i thought it was for seven hundred and two in denver.
I wish it was ninety five at eight pm but hey it was seventy five,
about ten o’clock it is not heating more than eighty eight singer eight this is the allowable rent if it has in the winter and maybe get without colorado cuz in michigan,
i have so many people are like i don’t know how you live there,
but in the summer time i see all the southern states and what i don’t know how you live there like it just seems to hot. [1:14] Well and part of the answer to how do you live your first of all have a lot i work out of my wife and.
If it’s ten degrees i don’t go outside another it is like folks it’s called the refrigerator you can plan a week ahead and still have fresh vegetables and,
you know cucumbers and tomatoes and squash and all that it states in the refrigerator it’s good you don’t have a kid to get to school in the morning that’s fine at,
so i called layers and layers and layers and one about and scarves right.
Well this has been such a fun project were talking all about how you get your first hundred thousand dollars and we can lay out the blueprint two hundred thousand dollars you’ve been telling you all,
about the weather that were gonna be doing in source super excited about that weapon are we have another question today from a lady that actually i got to me in,
person down in florida and she’s a consulting claim names dana abilities into dangerous question,
i go to put with integrated cancel that is in the,
she are a t i v e c you and see how,
no i have not yet hit a hundred thousand i intend to,
where i feel stuck is how do i preach beyond the choir me how to reach people who are outside of my familiar circle and bloating and gas speaking and using social media,
i’m currently in my name is to target businesses who are eager to use human centered creativity to. [2:51] Increase innovation as well as employee and customer wrath thanks joe for all you do. [2:58] So jamie after you have some thoughts and would day ahead ask there yeah and you don’t wanna start in a different place than i typically start,
although i love start with what’s your why in the country is focused action but i want to comment on human centered innovation,
because when i hear that and one of the things that’s a real cast for how to build your business is when somebody knows that here’s the problem you address.
Or here’s the deliverable that you have read this is what you’re all about when i hear human sugar innovation i don’t know what that is i don’t know what problem it addresses,
and i don’t know what results somebody’s gonna get now i happen to love humanistic kind of approaches to psychology,
so it will interest me is a topic like i might read an article on it but it didn’t like should offer trigger oh,
this is gonna help me solve this problem i have and i really wanna go buy something from this person or learn more about them because it’s going to help me specifically so i think it’s gotta become very concrete.
And a lot of times no given example of that dinner is conscious millionaire.
So when i start working with conscious mean i knew one of my challenges right up front with a conscious could become very,
kind of iffy mall area,
where was not very specific something that my book and my work i really work over and over again to define it in a concrete way like conscious focused action. [4:32] Is the formula for creating wealth you gotta be conscious of what you want,
and why it’s important you that’s the first question i have to ask and you notice when you secure that it’s very concrete. [4:43] If i can you choose one result in your only gonna take the focus actions to get there you need if you wanna use human centered innovation,
if you want to use that phrase you can have to immediately to find it in a concrete problem solution manner that’s going to help someone and a track them to want more information from you and hopefully wanna do business with you.
I totally agree i think that he could be a great tag line after you’ve made it very clear as to what you’re offering in so if you’re reach out to businesses,
i so not a human centered creativity and innovation what is that mean to the average business well you know maybe you’re trying to help.
Employees to think outside or just the products that they offer may be trying to help its very unclear.
Like if an hr person said do not tell me what it is that you’re gonna do for our team.
Weather what’s the one or two things and want to problems that she’s gonna solve and can we use that as can the name of the merry have this human center creativity be something different than that,
i think it’s great though that she’s blogging she’s on social media she’s speaking,
if she’s not capturing that speaking with high quality video it that would be one of the very first actions i don’t want her to do after she,
figures out how the frame what she’s doing a little more clearly because when people see you as a speaker and people hear you speak when i see video of you on you can put together speaker real,
that really bills a sense of expertise that can go beyond any blog post. [6:15] Where would work a little backwards because in a way dinner has somewhat define who what and why but not clearly it’s not clearly defined but let’s go backwards from.
Who is it that you want to work with and what are the problems they have like even if you could start with what’s the three top problems,
that you would really love to work with and you think that you’re great at.
You know like if these were the only three problems you worked on with people organizations for the next year you’d be excited and you would be really happy that you were learning how to hone it.
And there would be a lot of people who would get a specific benefit from you,
so i think you need that might be a good way to work on this is just start backwards and go where the problems and solving,
and how was that really then to the message that i wanna get out to the world so that people or clear that i’m here to solve those problems,
seventeen hours in the hot seat right now and she is scared between the two of us were helping her work and her business we what kinds of questions are people can she connect with.
It’s strange do more this human centered creativity is that you know it sounds like maybe hr people and what kind of questions could she going to.
Yeah i think that’s a great starting point there because one of the things i heard in your request for us to,
could you basically coaching is. [7:37] How do you connect with more people but i think you’ve got to start with what’s the problems and then we’ll who were the people who have those problems,
i think you yourself are experiencing this because you haven’t put it yet and the concrete terms the moment you put it in concrete terms and go,
these are the people with these problems now you start answer your own question it’s like we’re those people hanging out,
those are the people you wanna speak to you want to be on podcast are going to relate to those people you want to do blog post that are going to use key words that they would be searching for,
because they’re looking for those specific problems to be answered so everything gets generated from,
where do i go to find the people who have those problems that you’ve decided to work with.
Well i think you do a great job of that with your conscience folk focus action that that’s something that on most podcasts that you’ve been on,
i had the most of and what we’ve been covering here you go back to that court tenant of this is what being the conscious millionaire is,
and so for dinner to figure out,
what is the shit repeat in regards to her human centered creativity is that something that,
that she can figure out here’s my three steps or here’s the way that you do that here’s what we do with businesses,
so the whenever he asks a question like this whenever she’s on a podcast that she can be articulating exactly what it is that she’s offering the problem that she solving.
Yeah i’m one way to do that would be to. [9:16] H r consultants let’s say to better motivate their employees so that they have the right culture and are able to grow your business faster.
You know so that you put it in very concrete terms for yourself and for other people,
and when you do that i think with joan are both,
same back and forth nearly down to just one two or three problems that you really work on.
And edit those three problems are gonna be three different kinds of people they’re gonna be one kind of person are one kind of organization that happens to have those three problems so and are in one specific area you want to stay highly focused,
and highly concrete and that’s gonna help you figure out your marketing right there because you can go all those of the people need to go connect with.
When i would also address her comment about beyond the choir i think that to zoom out from dana to all of us,
i think we all do that a lot of different ways we have the people to follow our work with me see how do we level up a little bit,
one thing i’ve learned from jv is the power of trying to get at other people’s podcasts because there to have a built in audience they are t have a built in camera action network,
and so if you can reach out to other people to get on to their podcasts that’s one great way to break through also i think that the more that you just test the waters to see what you like,
to push yourself outside of we’ve typically served,
that’s another great way to go beyond the kind of choir of people that the dean has been dealing with JV for you what’s help you level up in your career to go beyond maybe your built-in audience. [10:49] Yeah it,
one of the things i do is that i’m system finger dishes i come out of the box that way i think it was that way it unit six months or whatever i don’t know what it was,
something with the system for bottles here system was system for getting for more food here,
night with more food around this crib hear the side can i in like try this way will i get half the right to payment was in the streamlining your system is a six month of who they continue i keep interrupting you,
actually in six months i had german measles and the first six weeks of my life i was an incubator so i know its hard to believe.
Hard to believe in the fridge for sharing little known facts at six years of age i wait thirty six pounds because i.
And when I have my tonsils out it took care of everything,
and i didn’t have i didn’t have those issues anymore so should dana how we digressed in.
Here’s another thing that i think would be very helpful for you you’ve got course drinks that’s what i was really that were borrowed off on this tangent that i’m a system figured that’s what i do. [12:07] You’ve got questions and there’s one two or three things that you do,
show world that you’ve probably gonna gun training in these but before we get the train you put the time of course you can literally doing your sleep you could do a kind of as we say in the back of your mind.
And you may not be able to identify them is usually is other people who know you so i would encourage you go out and talked about five people who really know you well and ask them.
What is it and i do so well. [12:35] Because that’s great influence how you’re going to go out into the marketplace because that’s can influence the kinds of problems you stop and also what can be unique isn’t be other people who saw those same problems. [12:49] You’re gonna solvent in your way. [12:52] Based on your strengths and that’s what’s gonna make you so unique out there and you’ve got to communicate that in concrete specific ways,
i think that’s part of being here height joe’s everything going concrete specific,
you know near your focus i think when you do that you’ll be able to take you know the fuck heartfelt desire that you have to go out there and create a human centric innovation.
And you’ll be able to translate that into a valuable product or service that you’re very specifically targeted customers are gonna really want from you.
What a and the over and over through all of our calls we’ve talked about. [13:31] Focusing in and the person or the problem that you want to serve and so is something that.
Pretty much any business can probably do better that focusing in cutting away the things that are time wasters cutting away,
the clients that are your ideal client cutting away all of those lack of focus things that you’re doing to say what what’s the,
and how do i do that better and put more time into that i totally agree joe. [14:02] Oh gb usb an awesome we are gonna be hosting a webinar or together soon and we’re gonna give you those details right now. [14:11] Sun aug second and aug fourth two thousand and sixteen we’re gonna be hosting this webinar are all about the blueprint to getting two hundred k,
and the lessons we’ve learned from surpassing hundred k and give me those tools of what it takes to get two hundred k because,
getting from wherever you’re at right now two hundred thousand dollars in you’re in the year,
is really okay your first step towards having a business that’s growing a business that’s can thrive and it’s gonna last for a while so again that’s august second and august fourth.
It’s gonna be at one o’clock eastern twelve o’clock central eleven o’clock mountain and ten o’clock pacific time.
You can head over to practiceofthepractice.com/100kwebinar that’s a hundred as in the number one zero zero ka,
that letter k and then webinar so practiceofthepractice.com/100kwebinar we would love to see you there would love to get to know you were gonna have a lot of q and a time and since let you know me it’s gonna be great for you to get energy become the third a little bit more as well so.
Head on over there and can’t wait to hang out in the weather thanks for letting us in two years and in the rain have a great week.

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