PoP 159 | SEO and How to Rank Higher in Google with Jeff Guenther, LPC

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SEO Tips with Jeff Guenther

Today we’re talking about SEO and How to Rank Higher in Google with Jeff Guenther.

Mentioned in this podcast:

  1. Focus on 3 to 6 keywords per page
  2. Optimise your page titles
  3. Naturally integrate keywords
  4. Create quality specialty pages
  5. Acquire more links to your website

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Meet Jeff Guenther

jeff-guenther-lpc-180x180Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005 and currently leads workshops on how health and wellness practitioners can build their digital brand and attract more clients online. Jeff is the creator and owner of two highly ranked healthcare directory sites, Portland Therapy Center and Wellpdx. Jeff recently launched a new project, the Practice Academy, to teach therapists and healthcare workers how to ethically and effectively build and grow their private practices or small businesses.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 159 | Seo And How To Rank Higher In Google With Jeff Guenther, Lpc

[0:00] Music.

[0:27] Weather it’s something really valuable or something they just take your keys and can’t find it just drives you crazy.

[0:36] I remember as a kid we had this dog named biscuit and biscuit.

[0:40] But always in the springtime get this like primal urge and usually when we open the door for her to go to the bathroom she just go to the bathroom she come back with save this kid and she come right back in but.

[0:53] Every spring she would disappear and go roll in poop.

[0:57] And we would know where we finder she be just like running through the fields should be free and wild.

[1:04] In that whole time we be asking ourselves are we in the right place to find this kit is this the place he is this gonna be the spot we find her.

[1:14] With accounting websites it’s exactly the same people ask themselves are we in the right place and can i be held.

[1:23] So today we’re talking all about as ceo.

[1:27] And the bigger concept of how do you make sure that people find what can help them how you as a counselor can better frame what you’re doing in a way that helps people find what they’re looking for.

[1:42] So today on the show it’s all about looking and finding and.

[1:47] Music.

[1:55] Well i am super excited to have jeff gunther lpc here on the show today he’s a therapist from portland oregon.
He has been in private practice since two thousand five and currently leads workshops and how health and wellness practitioners,
can build their digital brand and attract more clients on-line he is the creator and owner of two highly ranked healthcare directory sites portland therapy center.
And well jeff just also recently launched a new project called the practice academy to teach their purpose in healthcare workers.
How to i think lee and effectively build and grow their private practices or small businesses.
But he’s never gonna practice the practice podcasts and now the one the only the never replicated jeff welcome to the show.

[2:41] Thanks i’m really excited for being here yeah yes great to have you it’s funny oftentimes people reach out want to be on the show and.
I’m just like no like you and i can i guess lined up but when you reach out when your website on my own my gosh like this guy is gonna be like rocking out and i don’t have them on my show first so.
So i say to have you here today how’s your day going.

[3:01] It is going really well i just had a consultation group this morning that was fun and my thursdays and fridays are mostly devoted to working on the practice economy and trying to develop,
tools and techniques for people for their past to be able to take a look at and apply to their websites that they can move up in search engine ranking so today fuck soundtracks got me a nice night so,
you started practicing in two thousand five you did clinical work tell us a little bit about kind of that journey into code seeing your own sites rank and then starting the practice,
Hold well yeah so i started my private practice in two thousand five i got my degree in marriage and family therapy i got it out in california to see in the mood to portland in two thousand five and i just,
i had an i want to start a private practice i did a little bit of agency work and crisis call work at a crisis center.
I know it’s not my passion wasn’t chiropractor as hell wasn’t licensed yet so i needed to start a private,
test and a licensed therapist and was a little difficult attracting clients because i wasn’t expecting insurance sounds like i,
i am obsessed with technology and google and freaking high and search engines something apply this to my own private,
tess and i dug and i have a lot of time with us for starting up my pro,
discuss that many clients so i learned the basics and what i found out early was actually.

[4:33] Their past and other health care workers but especially therapists,
they don’t play a lot of search engine optimization and her lot of time to really optimizing their website so it’s not as difficult to rank high,
sorry there this website does as it is compared to like you now,
technology but size eight or news but side or cars or lawyers or something like that so there’s this vs openings for their past and i still feel like there’s,
a really big opening for therapists these days to is not as much like competition the other slot of therapists,
lot of competition for therapists optimizing sites no wholly agree i remember in two thousand nine my wife and i are gonna be moving from kalamazoo were living up to traverse city my hometown,
and i had this like bookmark of high either ninth housing websites and traverse city that has just been watching for job leads watching to see what people are doing.
And so every week or so i would like open all the tabs at once and it was crazy to see how like,
bad not just like lee but also does the dad as ceo and then like,
even still if some of the other websites that have been changed since two thousand nine they look exactly the same and it’s like.
Yeah i’m level i’m just like sad the field has which ugly sites,
then on the other side it’s like there’s such opportunity like when a me grad students are like hard is it to break and i’m like honestly just blog a little bit this is the owner collect.

[6:04] You can rate pretty high pretty quickly.
So you can only started to learn more about that was that something that you had training in or did you just like start listening to podcast how did you learn about as ceo and ranking and all that.
You know he was pretty much i started as a kid getting really into technology now is obsessed with apple back in the nineties,
even before steve jobs,
examples of like no where years was with them during the bad years you have one of the lease says or any of us i had perform sixty four hundred,
note that as did steve jobs biography and so i can get to walk through the whole history there’s a,
oh yeah yeah i was i was on board when he came out with what i mac had that brown the blue bright idea,
so excited bring not home so i was i’ve always been really into technology and i got early and being really interested in google just because when the first like really big search engines to hit a big.

[7:08] So even when i can the ninety thousand two at and i was thinking about going into my computer science or animation,
for some reason i pick therapy cannot make that choice but i’ve always been really passionate and kind of like following trends and understanding how everything works so it was i was self-taught,
pretty much i can’t read a lot of blogs neurotic and i read a lot of books and i read a lot of articles from people that actually work,
google doing so.
Then i guess like to some of starting a website where they recognize that their websites which is not ranking very well like what things that are working.
Now there is a search engine optimization,
yeah so let’s get into about first before i can talk about like five things that a therapist can do right now to,
booster es el we have to sort of understand how google works if you can understand how google works and i understand how the other popular search engines like,
bing and yahoo work so google base they have these electronic spiders and they send the spiders all throughout the weapon this,
haters crawl the web and they collect a bunch of information from all the web sites out there and they jump from link to link a link to them to,
capture all this information they get to about site and they collect all the content and really understand what your website is about me bring it back to google to their servers and they categorize all the web sites in the world.

[8:41] And so that when somebody goes on-line to google do a search they type in their search keyword search queries and all the web sites that have been categorized pop up on the search engine result page in google constantly,
senator spider install the website called the internet and bring back information.

[9:00] So that’s just like a small little tidbit and also google him to have the spiders crawl on the internet they have always like algorithms that are in changing the search.
Change everything all the time and what their goal is this for,
days for google search to act like a human being like in their dream world they would have like,
thousands or millions of like human beings checking all the websites on the internet and then raking it themselves,
so they’re trying to get their spiders to be just as smart as human beings and back in like nineteen ninety seven and eight when they first started,
they do not like human beings ranking websites but now we’re getting really close sasha something to keep in mind if you make your website optimized for humans and also works to be optimized for google,
would you think i love that you’re making a point because thinks often therapists feel like all this is like,
nerdy tax stuff like i can you it but its like whom bass snow is human behavior and,
how humans make choices and why they fail it’s like we do that intuitively in our counseling sessions.
My head is it that same skill and then apply to your website you’re gonna rock it out and so,
it’s not as big monumental task it’s just like take we’re doing the sessions and apply at your website.
Yes exactly so one of the first things that i think therapist or anybody that has websites to do that especially therapist is that they should come up with.

[10:32] Three to six key words,
each page on their website and the key word is the actual search terms that people are typing into google right so let’s say are a couples counselor and one of your pages devoted to couples counseling on their website keywords for that page may be,
couples counseling marriage therapy,
premarital therapy communication issues mostly focus couples counseling government that like those are the key words they’re focusing on for that page.

[11:04] And go ahead oh from,
what’s so how many of you are going to spend how do she people best determine what the key words are gonna be gasket questions so.

[11:16] First it’s sort of like now its real non techie answer really just think about,
the words and phrases that your clients are using in session so when the things i specialize in is treating folks that have like an anxious attachment style or with an attachment style but my clients are typing and,
increase attachment style,
they’re typing in something like codependency you know so i’m gonna go ahead and think like okay that’s the word they use these codependency i wanna use that as a keyboard on my on my website or you should ask your non,
are we friends or family members what are they actually typing,
to all search engines and look at a parts of the years cuz they’re not gonna type and you know testing me i’m gonna type and.
Depression or sadness or record winter blues anywhere to have porn is it to look at like,
google analytics or google translate your status channels or is it just like had a couple therapeutic while i rent for that.

[12:19] Yeah that’s a good question if you want to you can go ahead and look at analytics and google trans and there’s also google keyword planner there’s a few other,
tools that actually just posted on my website this morning but you should go ahead and take a look even angle transfer type and,
the word sin therapy and counseling you compare those together google trans you can see how many times people type,
compare to counseling and typically people typing.
People type in therapy to counseling at four to one ratio so you can one can ask you to therapy more than the ski over to counseling when you use that word in your content,
she still use both tried.
Yeah there’s a lot of freaky were told that you can work on it they can find on the internet that’s really helpful for the stuff you know one practical example of using google trends was.
How was work with cockerel who is the on-line counseling podcasts and twohundredjohnson.com and we are first starting to look at a global transfer counseling with two l’s.
We discovered that in india every aug there is a spike in the were counseling and it was because we figured out that there’s a certain newspaper part of the rotation.
Every year was to have an on-line counseling have an article about every artist for the past three years and so,
i’m going that then clay could adjust his own blogging and marketing in regards to helping people in india find on-line counselors is not,
wow what a cool way to help people that like it’s a tool that me i would never have thought of that before google trends came out.

[13:55] Got google trends has so much great information so definitely check that out.

[14:01] So the first and you have is half focus in on the key word what you people do next.
Yeah so you’re gonna come up to three to six key words for each page on your,
very special important pages even your contact pagers fees paid insurance pays homepage alright some.
What you wanna do is you wanna come up with a page titles so page title which is also called and meditate on.

[14:34] It shows up on each one of your pages on your website has a page title and it shows up on,
the top of your web browser and it also shows up on the search engine results page as like the big no blue title,
let’s stay on but pages and it’s really important to make sure they optimize off your page titles because that’s the first place of the spiders go to,
the page title is only like should only be about sixty five characters long and you should put as many keywords as you possibly can into those page titles and.
If you can i definitely suggest that,
your page titles should be somewhat of a sentence right actually something like portland therapist specializing in couples counseling,
i should just be like your three to six keywords all separated by hi family of which doesn’t work counselor there for his family therapist yeah,
yeah it’s really cringe worthy nobody’s look like on a google’s can like you don’t be sad that that’s what your dad so make sure that your keywords or someone of a sentence.

[15:46] And obviously should like reflect the,
the content on the page and remember just like every page has their own three to six keywords every page has their own unique page title because one of the most important things that,
your individual pages are the ones that are ranking not your whole website so you’re page on,
how to treat codependency relationship my drink on page one for your home page for your website might rank on page ten million so some of my google how to help a co dependent spouse and that.

[16:18] That page might rank where is your home page doesn’t.

[16:22] Know how important is it you have.
Would you want to be a page vs a blog post actually i want to be both okay,
i want you to have to pay really get into this and just a little backed up a separate page on codependency and then,
print blogs that i cannot leaking back to your page i codependency and under paid on codependency also linking to all the blogs that.
And maybe you’ll get to this but so i use wordpress so so i would name my page like,
in the regular wordpress page title but then the matter description title and use something like plot yost mean that separately is that correct.
Exactly so wordpress is really easy for,
for those sort of and that’s the plug-in like yellow store on one es el you can go ahead and turn page tile page description and freezing something like square space or wax or something like that,
just go ahead and google,
how do i edit my page title for square space how do i edit my pics title four weeks and that’ll probably be the first result that’s on there is somebody optimized a page for that question exactly to head,
what they’re doing sweetie okay so we got the key words were creating the pages like what we do than.
Okay so you got your key words in that you keywords on your page title and then spent totally obvious but in the den need to take your keywords and put it through out all of your content for that page so.

[18:02] After the spiders visit your page title to get a good understanding of what you’re patient is about,
they go to the headings and your content cf headings now and sub headings and paragraphs about what your page is about,
go to the headings and that’s where somewhere keywords eleven the gone to the content and that’s where some of your keyword should live and remember it’s really important to not,
stock as many of the key words as you possibly can until content first of all it’s not gonna read really well its gonna be weird and clunky and obviously somebody’s trying to stuff a lot of keywords in here in google just like,
hope you’re trying so hard that’s so unattractive like a bad day for really bad day is really embarrassing and back in the nineties.

[18:48] That use to be a thing you know like i had,
up on my website hundred times and you had it under fifty times your website ranked better go didn’t people even like have like their background color with the,
the tax being white also and hats exactly that’s the kid in there and was like nine now this is not okay next time so they just that so you don’t wanna do that instead of you wanna how you know the word therapy and there,
why you can use the center feel my face thirty counseling psychotherapy treatment and google get the idea,
i want to make sure it readable and you can even put your key words and images so you know looking all tasks of the images or you can put it in the file name of the images anywhere tax,
are you a person getting that i always do that when i save a photo for my mental wellness counseling websites like traverse city counseling,
you know steve was like headshot or like mental illness counseling traverse city therapy go.
Perfect that’s exactly what you wanted to sell your putting that on today alternative tax and file names of your images of awesome.
So other ways that people can i try,
those key words that maybe they should do it a little bit more or other ways that they do it they should do a little bit last like what other errors people do when they try to get those keywords and the pages bought,
well sometimes they put key words you know to put.

[20:19] Text in like the part of an image so i’m my public as my header image,
portland therapy and counseling or something but that’s like actually in and mention would be better feels like actual text that the google spiders can read so don’t hide the image but i don’t hide the text in images and don’t have,
like fancy flasher java animations like to have some sort of animation and,
first of all that feels very nineties early two thousands of jamaican work really well it doesn’t look good and also,
google spiders don’t even crawled animation they don’t understand that you’re not gonna get rank twelve halves,
where to the animations i’d say stay away from those things and really just sprinkling actually for your content to the taxed and you’ll be good to go now we,
impending like applicable videos x is a video someone made in codependent spouses that you didn’t create you it adds value to the page.
Would that be the kind of it’s not so much animations much is this video would that be helpful.
Yeah that be super helpful actually do that on my codependency page there’s no from videos about you know attachment styles and there’s a little like,
or two about how to date somebody is codependent and the descriptions of those videos have important keywords in there and that rents my page hires well so you ask a question is that your description of the video or is it the description that,
the original video creator of events if the description of the original,
create a route and that gets crawl by the spiders so like.

[21:53] Could you then go to you tube type in codependent spouse and see what is a ranking and then say oh that’s it ranking so i can help my page rank.
You cut yes definitely resting i’m getting a couple of tips here we go with jeff but that’s awesome okay cool.
Is your wheels turning switch to the next.
Okay so next is kind of along same lines but it,
like pains me that i don’t see this happening more often derek websites but when you go to therapy website you see like all the typical pages right to see the home page see about page services page individual couples counseling,
nigga please location page but seems to be more specific specialty pages and when i say specialty pages mean specialty pages are,
issues that your expert and we specialize in like codependency depression anxiety pst,
i’ll post turn depression or specialty page can be like a population that you serve,
i’m pregnant women or veterans or can be a theory like in dr or dot me and are usually focus there be a.

[23:05] So you’re gonna,
take all of your specialties hope like i have for more you’re gonna make individual pages for them and they’re gonna be really rich and content and the specialty pages they’re gonna be targeting,
long tail keywords father’s sure tell keywords and there are long-tail keywords short help you or does therapy in portland right,
two or three wires but a long-tail keyword or something like couples counselor in portland that treats infidelity and takes blue cross blue shield of our specialty pages are,
getting those guys were getting along tell keywords and those are the key words that you’re gonna rank possibly on the first page of google for i’m so that’s what i ran i ran for a long tokyo or codependency in my relationship,
they are pda in portland and i got about four thousand visitors every year just for like those long-tail keywords on codependency so,
create specialty pages and answer questions that clients are asking you in session so.

[24:09] Lol my clients are asking like are there groups in portland for codependency will codependency last forever how can i attach more securely to my partners how do i know if a partner is codependent can i book,
plant co dependency on my parents,
yeah cuz i want you are looking on here that you and the seller put something like that in my specialty pages i also have like a list of other questions they can find on the website but,
for a special two pages but they’re pretty much now to find the issue with the sign them symptoms,
what are the causes of the issue how to use that there st the issue one of the typical outcomes are treatment and what questions a co singer quantum asking session so,
to the,
it’s really important okay so when you say that have more like bulkier beefy page for some of those like have your long-tail like how many words you talking.
Yeah for the for the long tell the,
what page or the whole page for the whole page i would like you to aim for eight hundred words okay.

[25:16] Let’s meet up at this just like a couple of pages with in word or so so it’s on and you can do it yeah i believe in myself,
Okay so and then when you’re linking those questions re or are you thinking the questions likes to optimize other pages for the internal links.
Yes actually so so you know on my page for codependency am and actually kind of talk about anxiety or depression,
specialty pages on anxiety and depression are pretty st in grief and all these pages are looking to each other so that when,
the goal for when the spider sent here website,
okay just no jump through all the links and you want that’s better to go to,
every single page over and over and over again c you have all of your,
okay so exemption keywords optimize page titles naturally integrate keywords chris specialty pages and.
What’s the final one that is your big tip okay final one is,
get more links so you need more websites out there making to in this really so there’s something there’s.

[26:49] There are some really good thing financial some okay length mirrors like not so that blanks but there’s high quality vs low-quality links so if you get,
a site like a local newspaper link to or a popular blog like psychology take,
today to link to those are really good high quality links and goals can be like oh man this page must be really important has some important pages thinking to so it should go higher in the search rankings,
but if you have some links from like therapists buddy who also has a private practice website me and he like that’s cute,
that’s nice and you’ll move up and the search ratings are bad but not as much as those like big popular ones like google is in love with wikipedia,
so if you can get a link from wikipedia which is actually pretty tricky to link to your website you are,
call dan that’s huge link that’s gonna count for a lot of lectures um so let’s one thing to keep in mind,
let’s so that,
i wait for the record eagle which is our local paper some once a month a brain article it’s in the paper that is put on the on line.
In my bio i always have like visit joseph get mentalillnesscauses.com/us is it better to have them link from there on-line with my keywords or to do the like www.mintonescausing.com,
it’s a little better totally like with key words such called mike anchor taxed the tax that’s actually highlighted and then links to the websites.

[28:20] That’s perfect put the those like the key word c rank for in their however talking like a really popular thing that would say started a spam and try to take advantage,
take advantage of the now even though that’s good google once just all the different types of your tax they possibly have so keywords in their crate or just your website great click here okay,
do you have a few of those so just a whole bunch of different keywords that’s what’s important,
so i’m wondering as the practiceacademy.com grows are you gonna usa that’s a ranking is higher than your own personal counseling website,
what would you then link to your own site through that like in a way that’s everything actually can your bio and in without help one or both of the sites,
yes so i wouldn’t i do i have you know my practiceacademy.comm,
litigiouscounter.com and that’s good also have in my bio on my jetcountry.com site that i’m.
I also have just the ppracticeacademy.com and that’s called.

[29:30] No i that’s it to a link right cell like this website and slot so late like me back and forth and that’s good but what’s even stronger if you have just one link,
going one way to not linking back to the other one cuz google’s like no this is like a back room deal for your like on to you if you let me a rash,
there’s like it will count that as a blessing but it’d be even stronger for just had one and going to or somebody just came across your blogs like only abs is an amazing blog,
i’m willing to i’m right about my website that’s just a one way link girls like wow this one mailings the site must be really important if you go up and search rankings interesting okay,
okay yeah so so,
you should of therapists when it comes like search engine optimization her saying the beginning of the us how they’re not very sappy without using the sights this is the worst this is like this is the part where that were start at.

[30:29] So locker personally have like ten link to base somehow i accidentally got for that there like,
best buddies are talking to them i want all therapists aim for like at least,
thirty links which is really not that much like all the other industries will black out sick days if i heard they hurting saying that the differences a lot but if you can get like,
thirty links i’ll definitely boost your funeral hundred blinks then you’re my hero has a new is so is there a quick way to find out how many links are coming into your website.
Yeah there are lots of different freeways to test kinda how many weeks are going to i usually like to go to backlink.com it’s free way to just type in your website.

[31:11] Can you can see the link for pointing to or for signed up for google webmaster tools which is also free you can go see how many links are pointing to google webmaster tools that part of analytics is that separate,
they’re like best friends but there separate,
they talk to tether and they work with each other a lot but there separate things i need to sign up for but if you have a g-mail address you can sign for both of them for a.

[31:38] Alright sauce even tried to finally woke up you had to sign up then put that in the show notes to yeah.
Cool my gosh so much great information jeff while.
And then just actually provided us with not just a summary of his five points but also some screenshots like,
a super hard to download that i’m gonna give you the link to you in a minute for the shout outs you can opt in and get that.
And then i also want you talk a little bit about your new hundred and seventeen checklists as ceo checklist like.
This sounds amazing to me it just like it sounds like so much great content so maybe talk to the little bit about the hundred seventeen to two hundred seventeen stop checklist or jerry he told.
Okay i’m getting out official name and everything so if you go to the practiceacademy.com,
let me put that at the beginning of the practiceacademy.com you’ll see him on the side bar in a few other places that have the ultimate as ceo checklists for their passing healthcare workers and it’s a hundred and seventeen point check last and it’s also,
to buy didn’t like,
three category is important and medium and not so important and just go through those to go to that checklist and that’s for any their best anybody that has like a,
basic understanding of technology so really begin are still on the interstate just download that check last,
put it on your website or put on your desktop on your computer starts slowly checking off everything and before you know it you’ll start seeing your website moving up in rankings but one thing.

[33:16] Question and all of this is that even if you know,
here you go you or go to your website to start making all these wonderful changes it takes a little while for the google spiders to crawl your site,
after you made this change and then take it back to their servers and re categorize that mean it out so lot of times it’s gonna take like around three weeks for you to see some acts,
actual movement and the search rankings so this doesn’t happen instantly x with the questions like a mouse i can make this change is laughing happening right now.
You gotta give it time so,
can download the checklist it’s super cheap is made for seven dollars and there’s a whole bunch of other free content on the practiceacademy.com recently weekly emails with free to tips and techniques to attract more clients online that’s awesome,
so i guess and one question before can we get our last question silly make the case for why people should spend the time to do all this cuz i.
Like this sounds like a lot of work to do build these pages like the key words like.
I’m always asked myself with the return on investment if i’m in a pretty full and counseling like is it better for me outsources and not should do it myself like meeting make the case for why people should.
Take the time to really go through these five tips but even more so like go through a checklist as a hundred seventeen cups because doesn’t,
good to grow and learn and understand the things and just count on yourself instead of like farming out to somebody else who might not even specialize in an essy oh consultant may not even understand our industry.

[34:48] We know it intimately and we want to have like a specific voice on our website so we want to be able to ship all the content and.
Enough to make all these changes that just takes time it could take a little bit of time first and then it take some time to maintain but it’s all free,
it’s like free advertising for you to rank well in search engine result pages and this is how people are primarily finding their therapist it’s super easy going to google,
type in what you’re looking for but on the upside to come out so you can build,
a full practice if you drink really high in search engine result page is so it feels like it’s a no brainer to me like you said at the beginning of the competition is not really strong,
yeah so you can’t just make minimal changes like this buy things are minimal changes but there really that can be really powerful and completely high.

[35:41] You know one thing i thought about when i was doing blog spring teaching people how to blog more to rank is,
i give you think about how many times is your average client comes the city um five times in a span hundred bucks for session so this new clients with five hundred dollars.
If you spend say twenty hours working on your as ceo and you get,
five more clients as a result of that looks that’s a twenty five hundred dollar return and that bit of time that you spend enough to sustain over time does not like.
That is your goes away snow.
Yeah cool jeff if every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to know how well actually i want them to know.
That this is a lot easier than you think feels like there’s some like secret.
Formula out there that google doesn’t like what you drink welcome to want to make well so bad and there’s just like.
He’s really basic things you can do to start renting while so i want people to kinda move to that fear anxiety or hasn’t seen that they have and just.
Figured out just,
just go for go to the practiceacademy.com and go to school as ceo for therapists like observe as much information as you can have and start making these changes.
And start drinking well on track to my clients awesome will jeff gunther,
from the practiceacademy.com you guys can head over there to opt in and get that hundred and seventeen tips or i’ll give you the link to the show notes in just a minute here.

[37:12] To get those five fifths the just cover but just think so much for taking time out to hang out with us sir thanks for having me on this fun have a good one.

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[37:39] So now you know exactly what to do to rank higher in google to help people with that central question of am i in the right place and me am i gonna find what i’m looking for.

[37:49] I want to go and take action.
Over at practiceofthepractice.com/session159 you can actually download all five of those tips with in-depth.

[38:00] Screenshots and walk through that jeff has provided for us i know you do just give us your email.
And then that’s going to send that to use again that’s practice of the practiceofthepractice.com/session159 would love for you to go over there and get that.
Thank you so much for letting us in two years and into your brain have an amazing week.

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[38:29] Special thanks in advance ounces sexy and was sorry we like your music and this podcast is designed to provide accurate thirteen of information in regard to subject matter covered.
Is gonna understand the host the publisher what is surrendering legal accounting or clinical or other professional information from your professional you should find.

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