PoP 170 | Growing a Private Practice with Jess Richards

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Growing a Private Practice

Today we’re talking about growing a Private Practice with Jess Richards.

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In This Podcast:

CLICK HERE to listen to the previous podcast with Jess Richards on starting a Private Practice.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Private Practice Launchpad conference. This is what we will be covering:

  •  The exact seven step process to set and achieve your goals, the how to take the non-essentials off your plate.
  •  Where to spend your time and how to get more focused.
  •  How to slow down to spark creativity so you stand out.
  •  Specific techniques to rank higher in Google to get more clients.
  •  How to reduce dependence on insurance companies to increase rates and avoid burn out.

Meet Jess Richards

unnamedJess Richards has been featured on the Practice of the Practice podcast and is the founder of The Private Practice Therapist. She owns her own practice in Orlando, FL and teaches beginning counselors to plan, start, and grow private practices.







Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 170 | Growing A Private Practice With Jess Richards

[0:00] Today’s episode of the packs the practice podcast is brought to you by we counsel wecounsel.com/professional.

[0:07] Brand new program that we counsels offering what you get is a complete on-line office solution including him to complain video in admin dashboard a centralized scheduling and user management.
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all over wecounsel.com/professional again that’s wecounsel.com/professional.

[0:43] Music.

[0:51] Where is the practice of the practice podcast with joe santa session number one seventy.

[0:57] Music.

[1:06] Welcome to the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok i am your host.
This is an amazing day it’s cloudy here in northern michigan getting a little bit frigid my dad texted me and said that across the water on the peninsula.
There was a little bit of snow chunks coming my sister verified as well and my sister moved back to town about a year ago and so fun have family close to town.
Alright i’m looking out my window right now and i this corner office with a view of the water.
And there’s a building that is going up between me and the water and they are at about the Second Story the bricklayers or working hard.
So you may hear something in the background that buildings going up i think its gonna black part of my view which is okay,
you know for progress is happening here in traverse city will.
Today we’re talking about here early in your career issues and i want to start with a story.
When i was fresh out of grad school in two thousand and four.
My wife Christina are she and I had moved back to the Upper Peninsula she had been going to school up there the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is this like.
Wild part of michigan with their still moose and there are cougars and bear and it’s just it’s while that there are lots of the eagles and you can drive for an hour and nazis.
And so it’s really cool place and there’s a small town called marquette.
And christine owes me finishing up her undergraduate degree in outdoor recreation leadership and management.

[2:40] And i just graduated from grad school and was looking for a job and i applied for this job at this residential treatment center.

[2:49] And they had position that was down in escanaba michigan which is about an hour fifteen minutes south of marquette and i remember he was probably in on it say a month or so before thanksgiving.
No mr and more like september.
And kristina is uncle he got into deep fryer and want to try deep frying a turkey before thanksgiving just in case something went awry the thanksgiving turkey so it’s or like a second thanksgiving i remember.
Standing talking uncle wayne and i said uncle wayne.

[3:22] As you know he’s getting ready to deep fry his turkey you know there’s this job down in escanaba it’s an hour and fifteen minutes south of marquette.
And I want to drive that.
And he says to me you know what you can negotiate the asking to pay for that time are asked to pay for gas or i’m going to give you a car to use or something.

[3:46] And i was like what you can you can negotiate for a car he so you can negotiate anything.

[3:54] Am i was like what so i apply for this job and,
i said to them after they offered me the job so i would like to have from the time that i leave my house in marquette.
Until the time i return count as my worked time in sixteen two and a half hours of road time.
And is it in also like to have you let me use in agency car.
And it also like for you to give me a gas card to pay for the gas i’m thinking they’re gonna like.
Next one of those things or maybe even two on if i just get one of those like all of you know that’s pretty awesome.

[4:34] The comeback of the year we can do that so they give me a car that i check out on sunday night.
I use monday tuesday wednesday thursday return on thursday work ten hour days and have three day weekends almost every weekend.

[4:50] And i get a gas card and i get paid for just listening and pr the whole time and counting eagles as i drive and i think for me this story really puts a spotlight on,
when your first starting in private practice when you first starting even in your career with agency jobs.
You have no clue what you don’t know and said so awesome that you if your early in your career,
are listening to this podcast and learning i wish that i had resources like this back in two thousand four they could have inspired me and helped me play and start and grow a private practice.

[5:24] So today we’re talking with jess richards she has a group beginning counselors of florida on facebook it over eleven hundred members on she is teaching people all the time about how to grow practice.
And i’d interview her probably about a year year and a half ago but what it’s like to be a been beginning counselor.
And this is a follow up episode to talk to about what’s happened since that’s super exciting to see someone grow in their career of without any further ado,
give you just richard some hot today and the packs of the patches podcast we have just richards she actually is gas that has been on the practice of the practice podcast of,
for she’s also the founder of the private practice therapist,
she owns a practice in orlando florida teaches beginning counselor supplant starting bro private practices jess welcome back to the practice of the practice podcast.
He’s so morning do hernia yeah yeah so we didn’t interview about a year and a half ago.
And you’re talking a lot about beginning counselors what you need to focus on and its great nd you can a circle back and i can hear her,
things have been going so maybe take us back over the last year and a half where you gone from being beginning counselor to an established counselor.

[6:41] Yeah it’s been kind of a whirlwind as i’m sure most of the beginning answers that are listening and an even season counselors it out there remembering kind of the beginning stages are really,
kind of a struggle trying to figure out life after graduation and when do i wanna be in practice or not and how do i get started its it’s been,
huge and just not so to say not one that were typically prepared for after graduation but it’s been fun,
in getting to know the ins and outs going to network and advertise and growing a practice and so i have taken some of what i’ve learned and i’m trying to meet,
new counselors where they are and originally we just had some of the facebook discussions and as technology grows we,
increase and lived in podcasts and now you’re podcasting interviewing with you and it’s really grown into this really supportive network that i would have probably never gas tray in the beginning,
we have so many seasoned professionals as yourself that are in the group,
with we’re almost at eleven hundred members at this point and so it’s really supportive group and it’s going to this.
Massive audience is yeah and that’s the beginning counselors of florida group.
It just referring to so tell me a little bit about you said i’m either some gaps after gaps when we covered a little bit of this in your previous interview but i know that after you’ve had some time in the field.

[8:13] Sometimes you realize more and more just wall that you didn’t know or maybe what you did no,
when you came in grad school what were some of the gaps that you notice that you didn’t know in starting a private practice.

[8:26] What’s the gas rate that i had noticed was that a lot of help and support that was out there and it seems as though everyone was kinda.
Funneling us as graduates into agency work and that was really the only sport like this is how you get a job i got an interview.
There was really no direction or the.
Four where i wanna pay practice will you do what who’s the professionals that are out there that i can join or can i join and my and individual contractor how this all work and so does that was the real.
Number one got a gas and some of the other ones were learning how to market and advertise right like we come out of grad school everything you know who doesn’t wanna go to counseling and if we get a call or just have clients,
and not knowing how to get clients and.
That he feeling of trying to sell yourself to clients in not really being confident and not sales approach is an.
You know we don’t sell chronicle you is a client so getting over that cat has always been kind of an adjustment and learning those tools and techniques has a fan.

[9:45] Pretty much a huge out so i would really into that a little bit because i think that i that’s when the most common questions i get from people were there.
Like i don’t wanna see like i am selling my services or even with not working i know that a lot of people feel like,
but i don’t want to just seem like i’m just trying to get clients i want to be authentic which is really awesome people on you come across that way.
What do you say to people if they fear that their selling himself to hard to their client or to potential networking people.

[10:17] And this is actually a great question and i had just had an interview with stephanie adams we did something about motivation all marketing and kind of meeting your audience where they are in the moment.
Sometimes we get over anxious and is and everyone at rush hour okay this is what i doing here’s how i can help.
And some to told i have learned from my old consultants got,
he has taught me this three cups of tea my fed and it’s basically where you know that first cuppa tea you’re not,
really pushing yourself you’re getting to know the other person kinda like that first session with a client you’re getting to know them asking them details about themselves and not really sharing too much about yourself,
so that kind of adjustment has been tremendous i’ve shared that with.
Some of the members in the groups and the private practice therapist group.
Is also can an extension of beginning counselors for clinicians new counselors he’d solely wanted a private practice.
And so that’s kind of a tool and i’ve used in inwood two tickets and two more that cover to use the first one is you can’t getting to know the person with the second third cup.

[11:33] Selling second cup would be following up with them and say he was nice to me lol thank you for sharing all of your information here’s what i heard that you specialize and,
and if your answer says that these are some ways that i might be able to help or that we might be able to work together like maybe i’m reaching out to them and say hey i heard.
That your audience me work with me the adolescents and i were but i wasn’t as well and this is how i work with adolescents if you ever need help.
That says that this is how i can help and third cup of tea is just not continuation of that relationship.

[12:11] Sending them you know how many cards or keeping in touch with then say thank you for referrals maintaining that relationship basically.
Well in that book three cups of tea i believe it’s an army person in afghanistan or something in the military.
The wrote the book three cups cities that’s great that’s got using an is consulting that’s cool adaptation of it.
Yes i know the books you have never actually read the book and thought it was a really interesting concept yeah i think it’s based on him afghan culture that,
you are supposed to propose what you wire to have done so in the military that was you know we wanna help out this town to defeat the taliban whatever their agenda was units was bring it up and keep it three cups of tea with the person.
And so it’s like building that report for you going to do the asked.
You know you got your strongly is on coming in and so that and just missed anxiety you can forget that part of it and you jump right into.
That they’re fourth cup and it turns people off or he say so i am joe you referred me know across the slimy,
yeah so,
so as your cover growing past just being a beginning counselor in your accounts are private practice what are things that may be initially you tried the left,
behind or things that you’ve learned along the way that for you have been important to developing passed just being a beginning counselor.

[13:44] Some of the things that i have left behind is that you know i don’t,
scraps i’ve realized that those really help from spinning your wheels trying to recreate,
thing some of my email us understand say head lights you know more about you or your service is and sometimes it for in the middle of something we respond really quickly and,
we respond better to fourth cup of tea and we miss that kind of target that market and mark,
and so building scripts that you can respond with,
mental scripts of how do I respond to this particular situations such as like when somebody calls from Psychology today,
I lost so many phone calls in the beginning because I would get so excited and that emotion of excitement,
I want you know oversell myself in that first phone call and the person you can hear their voice kind of shift insight,
hello me about this kinda desperate to get close of day yeah exactly and so shifting that,
you know i’m just asking them more questions to tell me a little about what’s yo right here had,
can you reach out today what’s some of the concerns are going for and then sharing what how you can help or what you can do.
Yeah those are some of the things that i have learned a new thing is the same concept with not working.

[15:15] Does he don’t shelf and putting john not working individuals or potential professional relationships out.
As well because those can be a huge source of referrals in the future so.
Yeah i agree i think it’s an example recently is there’s an attorney in town that we got to know each other can overcome we first met at there’s this like parenting fair.
That we have a table at for mental illness counseling.
And as walking around in she’s one of the co owners of this really cool cafe that has like an indoor playground that’s all it would in cool and creative.
This is the corner we got talking about how he wants to do these talks are similar to ted talks.
To sir with that i got a car we have the email the little bit and then there’s some changes can of and how they are doing things we got coffee one time and.
Then overtime like as i talk to her about her can a law firm she shared that,
actually custody evaluations are really hard for her to find somebody in traverse city that she can trust that will do those while,
and actually people are driving two to three hours to go get these custody evaluations not something i’m personally interested in the den as i’m bringing in ten again contractors,
there was something that i was really interested in knowing more about in them so then when i just brought on dr marilyn fitzgerald into the practice,
i can go back to that attorney and say i heard you i heard you say about this gap i just brought maryland on,
and now marilyn and her are gonna go up or not have gone for coffee talked about how to create a custody evaluation that’s best for her client or client’s kids that really its yield the best.

[16:51] Custody evaluation in the court system inserted when you listen to people about the gaps that they’re hearing in the community and then take action based on that so might be,
boy we really need some house eating disorders you go get training and eating disorders maybe even checking with that referral source for you to answer him claim to do it through this organizations that won the respect as well.
Then i think are more likely to referred you because you’ve heard their gap they see.

[17:18] Yeah so true and i think you know as i hear you saying that you know we is clinicians we have those skills right like that’s what we do in those first.
Email first and second third session were listening to the client listening to their pain points what they used in the past haven’t worked what they have use that has worked and then we suggest how you know we can help as a clinician,
but we don’t away,
think about that were going out networking marketing and use that perfectly you macaroni and you heard what she was struggling with and you said okay this is how i can help to let.
That got when we for you that’s a great point you bring up.

[18:00] Thank you when i think about like brand new clinicians one of the other can be questions i get is i’m just not getting the phone calls and does not giving the traffic on my website i got increases the number of calls,
i’m using tactics that you’ve use their strategies to increase phone calls or what are some of the things that,
can the first few years of private practice really can increase the overall marketing.
In the beginning i was like that sink or swim feeling okay,
you i felt like i had to be on every social media outlet and posting all of the time and i felt like i was creating new content over and over again and really not getting anywhere not getting any calls.
Send me the things that i’ve i’m shifted and i’ve changed is reducing content in and making sure i had a horrible website in the beginning he is one of the cheap,
websites just a great bissell i just know i’m safe then just need to get out and is something on very basic and then i learned later that,
it’s not gonna grow with my practice right with technology you can post videos on there can’t post some of the podcast or the recordings and it,
that hurt me a lot in the beginning and i have not what’s a from a six to eight months before i shift it over to wordpress that,
has helped tremendously,
and some of the other things that help has been learning how to multitask like.

[19:33] How was today were using audio were talking i started to dictate my blogs you know i’m out and about just dictate some things that i have thought about an awesome record audio so then i have,
write it and block all of all at once and so that takes ten to fifteen minutes and it’s not as much in and the words they on your website help us yell,
i am interested in some of those search engine stuff.

[20:04] Had a lovely start website and just evaluating it i talked with aaron carpenter from legendary lion and perry over greater vision we do this series called website roundtable separate websiteroundtable.com.
Bill was five v series where they pretty much said that for them wordpress is the gold standard because of how quickly you can change things at plug-ins.
It’s so it and the one that isn’t on wordpress it’s definitely worth looking at him switching over.
When it comes to social media user in all these different platforms.
If someone were starting now would you say that’s a good strategy or would you want to focus and i’m one platform and learn it well and the maybe move on to another one,
i think so this thing on one and learn it well and then moving on it just recently opened a twitter account and did not have one before i was focused solely on facebook and,
just learning and outs of facebook for,
tremendous and not understanding the differences between a business page and fan page or professional page vs a business page even advertisements ads that was such a huge.
Learning gotten so i suggest you counselors that are in grad school to start learning was,
on social media outlets in austin sometime maybe on one really delve into it make some changes learn the ins and outs and then move on to the next one because facebook along to me.

[21:36] Forever and like it to figure out,
what are some of the things on facebook that you’ve learned just can’t speed up everybody else’s progress like the talk about some of those different things you learn that are helpful.

[21:50] Facebook is always changing so facebook actually has a business,
the business school at three and its i can share the link i’m not exactly sure what it is right now i have it saved somewhere but they have tons of training videos and ins and outs that are completely free to help you,
learn how to create your business page and what would be best for you to,
there are programs rate that you can pay for and sometimes they can be very expensive so from the beginning counselor it might not be in the budget.
And so learning that about facebook about their business.
Education programs are great and that’s a three and two huge library so that’s helpful,
and knowing the differences for that ads i’ve worked with several conditions that have created fan pages and rate their.

[22:44] Posting and posting question and constantly putting things up and they’re not quite sure how can this isn’t getting engagement and it is still something that i’ve helped.
Weather conditions is when you create a page not necessarily asking all of your friends and family to like your page because that actually drives down your engagement.
It’s kinda like the guilt like so to say like oh sure all like your page because i know you and you ask me right you just sent me a request and i feel kind of guilty of,
thanks okay sure like it but it might not be your target market so when you’re posting things rate it doesn’t get shared to.
Your whole audience you might have fifteen thousand likes and only get shared to ten percent.
Because it only shares to the people that constantly engage self that’s a huge great your over working for,
that’s a great point is one of the things that annoys me the most is when these random counselors that are in some news state outside of michigan that they look like my business page,
and i’m like i am not your target market and.
Yeah unless you’re creating really brand new content that i need to share like i’m not gonna just like a bunch of people’s business pages just to have more likes like.
Let’s focus on things that the actual person that’s the reader wants to read vs just getting likes.

[24:07] Read it and it wasn’t the that i did the beginning and i’ve considered even.
Making a whole brand new page unjustly having as your target and throw some abs in there for my target market because,
great to hear learning curve for me as anything about like how everybody like it so that they can start referring people and they can see,
tell matt something and,
in making sure that just a lot of the tweaks on your facebook page like making sure that there’s a call to action button that easy for somebody to join our newsletter your services real estate,
just a lot of those ins and outs.

[24:51] Really important on base but also i have noticed i shared this last it kinda but the facebook one is,
will not speaking so clinically on social media breaking it more down into simple terms like when i was,
in the beginning I thought I needed to act like a professional via clinician and speak in big terms like anxiety depression attachment anxiety those kinds of terms we’re,
people on facebook are kind of in the beginning stages of i’m not quite sure if i have this issue are looking for counselor on facebook but i have fear of public speaking i might have,
here failure or protection is insole speaking in those terms when your.
Posting things on facebook is helpful for your audience to basically anything in that first cup of tea and even when they are.

[25:47] That’s awesome so let’s start working where you’re headed so you’ve you been in the field for a bit you’ve got the practice going.
So how does a clinician it’s gone from kinda being a beginning counselor to now can early in her career like we’re.

[26:07] Pull over for me i want to share with other counselors how will.
What’s the move past that will that point on,
turn him down but you can you hear all the time builder net children and children at me or my where they are how to motivate your clients to make those phone calls how to get clients and keep them,
at what raye raye like it’s great and period and so difficult to kinda,
figure out the details on the solution focused useful tips and techniques so i really liked you incorporate that and,
to my private practice and use some of the coaching and techniques that i have learned you pass on to some beginning counselors and helping them,
start a practice and even before grad school like i would love to help conditions that are in grad school,
who would wanna come out and party have a website have blogs to post that is really where my passion is for my practice.
Well maybe talk a little bit about,
why people in grad school should have a website be blogging that would benefit the private practice when they have their license in the ready to go.

[27:19] Blogging takes a long time and learning the ins and outs,
you know the web sites and how does this work there this go there and i,
i know you can pay people already knows pay someone to do your website i’ve seen a lot of clinicians pay others to do their websites and then,
it might be somebody new right out of grad school themselves and then they move or they disappear or do a great job and now the commission has no idea how to get access to the back-end of the website,
they’re not quite sure how it works and so their website is sitting there are paying for and it’s just stagnant.
They have to pay every time they want to post a blog and so that really affects,
and growth of your practice so i think that it’s hugely beneficial for clinicians to understand the ins and outs of their website,
and how that works and then they can pass it on so that i understand what’s going on and what that person is doing.
Then they have control the method i did with blog sprint and cant whenever anyone says washer spend time blogging,
is like if you took twenty six weeks and you wrote one blog post a week so you have every single week if these twenty six blog posts and,
so it’s like if your charging a hundred bucks an hour that be twenty six hundred dollars and lost time,
i see it was a big hit to do anything about how many chances you ever claim council city com even six times and so they’re worth like six hundred dollars so if we took that twenty six hundred box and into the math having to buy just buy six hundred.

[28:54] You just have to get four point three clients out of those four blocks of those twenty six blog posts to make up that time and to me,
it’s like are you gonna for clients of twenty six blog post to help you rank probably number one in your area cuz no one else is gonna take the time to like write that many blog posts in in half a year.
In so i think when you think about it that way it makes so much sense to really put in that time to blog and am really really happy that you’re taking time to talk about that because it’s just i totally agree with you that even in grad school.
That’s when you can decide to ranking google and then later switch the name to clinical practice name.

[29:32] Yeah yeah so in i think i heard in one of your previous,
podcast the importance of you know go ahead and get started and you don’t have to publish it when you’re in grad school the fear of somebody saying and thinking a lawyer selling grad school you don’t know what you’re talking about,
in all reality there’s people that.
Read self-help books and they put information out there and so somebody that’s in their masters level they have just as much if not obviously more,
background and wait a guest to what they’re saying some not all that letting that fear,
will you back in publishing house and like you said you can easily go back and change your title to your license your name your practice.
And it helps you write those blog posts use you start to realize.
What works and what doesn’t in the beginning i was writing them like classical papers on.
And then very in eyes referencing everything and it was,
in that’s outpost really work that can be very simple very bullet point that’s what people want simple to the solution and focused and sell that’s you can sit down and write you think you said several blog post and,
then that’s where it is done it’s published and you can possibly share it reads we get,
and you’re not having to spend that time false grad school working on those things yeah yeah,
well and i’ll put links to in the show notes to the interview i have a grad student can a reverse interview me and i also have a video to help grad students of all those in the show notes for us.

[31:07] Was that an even listening that in grad school wants to figure what to do you know how to do it.

[31:13] Well i think that talking about our project together is really important to cuz you’re talking about how you wanna continue to help counselors that are starting practice is growing practices,
we’re doing a an awesome conference down in florida in january which i’m super excited cuz january in michigan is blustery.
I am really really cold so january in florida although it might be in the fifties or sixties is way better than me tens and thirteens up so.
So jesse and i where can i brainstorming a few months ago about what would what would it look like to put a conference together to re were doing private practice launch pad three january thirteenth and fourteenth in orlando florida,
it’s going to be a fun time to talk a little bit about just kind of what your vision is for this jesse.

[32:00] Yeah i’m so excited about this but we finally get you,
present on it and you have brought up and it’s exciting because it’s something we’ve talked about doing in the past and so now for it to actually be coming to that point nothing point is exciting i would love to see,
connections really take advantage of that is the only dot thing and go to come down here for driving the last time i go,
when’s and two thousand and thirteen at the is a conference that was low so i know a lot of the beginning house,
there’s enjoy the information that you share and so they should be a really fun relaxing get together where we can really delve into some of those things,
that baby condition and i know myself right we put often we say i don’t have time i have time after few case notes i have to,
you make phone calls and so hopefully this will be that dedicated action focused very relaxing environment where.
Conditions can get it wasn’t techniques to get started and get it going.

[33:05] Yeah and i feel like the conference is over i felt run like brewer practice the most awesome conference those types of conferences.
Really it’s were talking about specific things but then taking some action while your there,
it’s a summons recover is kinda seven step process that i’ve developed to set and achieve your goals and then to outsource the non essentials off your plate.
Gonna focus a way to spend your time how to get more focused.
Unless you’re talking to slow down the spark creativity see you could stand out halves can i have the box moments the really stand out in your market,
this is a specialty helpful if your from a larger city ah just got an email from someone that’s out in la and we’re talking how do you stand out in a very competitive market,
we have a specific techniques red hiring google to get more clients and how to reduce your dependence on insurance companies to increase your rates and avoid burnout.
It’s gonna be awesome so that’s gonna be.
January thirteenth and fourteenth right now it’s only five hundred ninety five dollars but after november twenty ninth then it’s going to go up to seven hundred and forty seven dollars seven forty seven,
like the airplane.
A single over to practiceofthepractice.com/florida www.practiceofthepractice.com/florida just in billings in the showing answer also if you go just practice of the practice under events you’ll see a link there as well.
Just richard’s if all the counselors the world released me right now what would you want to know.

[34:33] You are the campers and the world realizing right now i’m in.
Yeah that’s a hard question but mine either cracks and is way,
don’t be perfect and don’t try to go for perfection allow yourself to be,
your individual self because that is what your clients are looking for or looking for you and you are not is what can help grow your practice trying to be perfect is was where we get stuck sometimes i’ll,
allow yourself to make kind of those adjustments on those changes and be easy on yourself,
yeah that’s awesome no i love that idea of not focusing on being perfect and just getting things done.
We just richard thanks so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast and i’ll see in florida yeah thank you.

[35:24] Music.

[35:34] It’s so fun to see somebody grow over the years in her private practice i think that’s super awesome.
So if you are interested in that conference head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/florida,
and you get all the details and all those things recovering in starting and growing a practice we’d love to have you down there in at the conference in florida.
And also special thanks to we counsel i tested out we counsel with a client it was earlier this week.
And i’m totally gonna keep using the setup was easy and smooth and i’m getting the money paid one feature loves you can charge people before they schedule the session before they start the session,
you have the credit card on file so that you can just automatically just charge it right after the session you don’t have to deal with using pay pal or square things like that.
It is always through the system and you can send a bill through that you can send them with switch sessions they did it’s really super easy pc,
to head over wecounsel.com/professional you can read all about the professional program gonna be doing a monthly webinar are and d inviting some of my favorite friends and consultancy can teach you about how to play and.
Grow and start a private practice and then we’re also be doing a monthly q and a so consulting with me like my mastermind group is five hundred fifty dollars right now.
Or a consultant news often seven ninety five to ninety five a month i’m so this is actually a super awesome way for you to get consulting give an awesome platform for doing your virtual counseling.

[37:07] I can get the help you need to play and start and grow your practice it’s a really affordable option for you.
So heading over again wecounsel.com/professional you can read all about it there.
Thanks so much for letting me into your years and into your brain let’s look at who is on the agenda for next week because of that we have no picture to head this up.

[37:28] Let’s look at that time cast idea.
So we have next week so i’m gonna be talking about how to optimize your psychology today profile,
this is where the most important things you can do outside of your website request your digital referral base so,
next week we’re gonna talk all about that so thanks for letting me in two years and into your brain you rock have an awesome awesome week but.

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[38:04] This podcast is designed right accurate thirteen information in regard to this subject matter covered is good with the understanding that neither the host the gas or the producers are rendering legal accounting clinical or other professional information,
if you need professional you should go find one thanks ian.

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