PoP 174 | Money Mindset and Epic Journeys with Joan Sotkin

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Money mindset

Today we’re talking about money mindset and epic journeys with Joan Sotkin.

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In This Podcast:

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Below is a description of her book, The Search for Connection: A Spiritual Journey to Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health:

Follow one woman’s journey to inner peace , physical health and financial well-being from young adulthood to the present. Many times in our lives we just take things as they come. We figure that, well, this is just the way it is going to be for me. Joan did not settle for this answer. She began her quest to find her connection to this world, along with the help of her inner guidance, to eventually realize her abilities as an innovative entrepreneur and natural healer.
Her spiritual voyage  began in 1975 when she gave all of her things away and wandered for a number of years. Using her intuition as a guide, Joan’s journey brought her to many new and exciting places. She met many new people who would play an important role in her “coming into her own “. With the help of family, friends and often times strangers, Joan found her way through life to eventually connect with her inner happiness, physical and emotional well-being, and financial success.   
Encountering set-backs on the way, Joan sought help through spiritual leaders as well as conventional ones and learned how to affect the series of illnesses and financial conditions that plagued her throughout her own life.
Take this exciting journey with her as we see how one woman’s determination brought her to where she is today.

Meet Joan Sotkin

sotkin-1500“It gives me great satisfaction when clients tell me how quickly their lives — and businesses— transform as a result of the work we do together. Increased income, greater peace of mind, feeling more connected, and finding a new sense of purpose are only a few of results they experience as a result of working with me.

For years, I suffered from a long list of physical, emotional, and financial problems. After giving away all of my possessions, an extended spiritual journey connected me to the deeper parts of myself that led me to everything I needed to find health, well-being, and peace of mind.

Like most of my clients, my financial problems were the most difficult to overcome. In the 1980s, I thought I was on the way to financial security as I rapidly built a wholesale, retail, and mail order business to the point where I was grossing over $30,000 a month. My lack of business and financial skills led to my downfall—and bankruptcy.

This experience led me on the path of learning everything I could about business and financial management. The knowledge I gained allowed me to flourish as an entrepreneur while sharing what I learned with others.”

Website: http://ProsperityPlace.com/

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/sotkin

Twitter: http://twitter.com/joansotkin

Email: [email protected]

Meet Joe Sanok

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 174 | Money Mindset And Epic Journeys With Joan Sotkin

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[0:43] Music.

[1:06] Right after my freshman year of college going to europe for six weeks alone and get your road pass.
Stay in hostels and met some incredible people i flew into dublin and travel to ireland.
Then took a boat over france me my way up through belgium and the netherlands and then a friend of mine from germany pick me up there.
And then i said he and his family travel around germany for a while and this one day i decided that went down to switzerland for the day so i left in the middle of the night from watching black box.
And with to this train leaving the switzerland got off in mind true which i didn’t realize their jazz festival i just happened there and just hiked around and.
Which of the mountains and i had a yogurt that exploded my backpack and clean it in the river cuz otherwise i’d smell like yogurt all day.
And as i was going back to germany on the train i fell asleep and i woke up in france and i have no idea where i was i mean this is in nineteen ninety eight i think ninety nine somewhere in there.
And there’s a really kind person that he help me figure out the trains and everything and.
I think you an undercover cop cuz he said me know if you have any drugs you might wanna give it to me now before you go through that border.

[2:29] Yeah it is that we have these times in our lives when we go on these african adventures and they forever change you.
I remember hearing news after that of things going on the middle east and other parts the world and had met people from those countries and.

[2:44] Travel and seeing the world and just having these experiences forever changes you and today.
A big adventures like leaving everything behind and bill were also talking about business adventures and changing your direction and.
Does all these different things and go inside can is not more about her just a minute but her stories and her business and all the different travels and things she’s done in her life is just super exciting this is what.

[3:16] Music.

[3:27] Practice podcast i have jones out can i am so excited to have her here she was dealing with physical emotional or financial problems and give away all of her possessions,
and it really worked through some interesting things during that period of time in her life.
As well she now works with people to understand the connection between emotions life stories what we create for ourselves and finances as well going to family of origin issues,
she’s just a really fun lady to talk to you shoes from santa fe new mexico and she lives there with her dog angel joan thank you so much for being the cracks of the practice podcast.
I’m glad to be here looking forward to this yeah this is gonna be great so what start with you and i talked a little bit ago,
about some of the things you are dealing with in your life and how you can wait and this journey to sort through them take us through okay how that started for you.

[4:21] Well first of all this happened in the nineteen seventies when i was in my thirties.
When i was brought up it was that error when women were supposed to get married and have children and there were ants.
Other plans for the company my father is a take away my teaching license so it doesn’t case i need something to fall back on his assuming azalea divorced and its self fortunately i didn’t,
i didn’t become a licensed teacher but they in new jersey they,
they had this special course for people who could fill in for that the teachers that the teachers are shortage they were having so i can buy nineteen seventy five i was sick.
I had been thru two marriages and obviously marriage was not for me.
And i need to find out who i was i was broke i really didn’t know what to do.
And so the obvious thing to me was to give my things away if a,
i’ve been a bit of an unusual finger and i have been already meditating for three years i start meditating in nineteen seventy two.
And i just felt that i was getting direction from someplace deep inside of me that i didn’t even understand.
And it was so some of the guidance I was getting was so accurate.

[5:54] And when i got the message to the appointments it get give everything away i did and just i was still pretty sick so i didn’t have a whole lot of energy but i wound up.

[6:08] Traveling in different places in the united states and going to england with a one way ticket and just.
Learning so much about the hell you can really trust life i felt very guided to a lot of alternative therapies.
And along the way.

[6:29] I i i bought it one day i woke up and in meditation i heard go buy a pound of tumbled stones.

[6:38] And my mother has been giving away minerals mineral specimens is a gift so i knew where there was a let the dairy store cuz i was staying with my parents at the time.
And i went bought a pound a tumble stones and that turned into a huge business called jones crystals.
And i was making a lot of money i had was the first one to.
Market crystals and minerals for healing and meditation nationwide i had align the stones call john stones that were in six hundred stores.
I made a lot of money i was bringing in today’s money fifty thousand dollars a month.
And when that going bankrupt because i didn’t know how to manage cash flow.
And which is one of the reasons that i do the work that i do today and helping people with their money i also at the same time my father died which.
Lead to my over spending in.
Learning a whole life out and my emotions were affecting my cash flow so and that’s how i got into all this and when i look back on it.
That time when i had given everything i own the way and when traveling with that inner voice.
Was the most valuable time in my life because i just learned something that so few people are willing to do.

[8:04] Yeah i remember after my freshman year of college i went to europe for six weeks on my own and a friend of mine is going to go with me and he got in some legal trouble and can’t leave the state as freshman in college after to do,
but i was one of those freshman be in it and the pretty extroverted but it was really interesting to find myself like all on my own in a foreign country,
just traveling to europe passing i think that.
I love the touch on that because when you listen to that inner voice just kinda pushing you to do something outside your comfort zone it’s amazing how they can spark so much inside of you.
Yes and a lot of people here the voice better friend to follow it.

[8:44] Cuz it usually takes you outside your comfort zone and the and it leads you into the unknown.
And and that’s scary for most people most people wanna know what they can expect.
And i i didn’t have any money when i was doing this i have i never knew where my food was coming from if i had the money for food i figured i was learning how to fast,
for i just trusted the process and it was amazing.

[9:11] So what other fears sd is kinda stepping out of your comfort zone bring up for people like family of origin all like what other things pop up form.

[9:21] Well yeah there’s always the fear rejection and your failure but when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.
You’re a middle is programmed to tell you that if you don’t know what’s happening is dangerous.
So the minute you start doing something where.
You haven’t been there before you get this signal that is dangerous and you have to override that signal at the same time you know it’s i’m really looking of brain science now.
And and you have these neural pathways that are built.
As an there your habits how you think how you feel what you believe the behavior is that you do.
And and you’re stepping into something new.
You haven’t got the normal path ways to support what you’re doing and sell it gets very confusing and you get what i call the moving students.
Which is why when you when you move into a new house you really wanna be there.
But you don’t know where anything is yet you lose your wallet you lose your key you book bump into walls until you build those new gnarled pathways so that where you are becomes automatic.
And there’s that period when you still have the old pathways in your building the new ones and you go to do something and your brain is going which direction am i suppose to go in.
And it’s very disorienting that’s why people are so resistant to change cuz you have to go through what i call the time of transition.

[11:00] And it is that the dark period where your be in between where you’ve been and where you’re going and you have no idea how long the tunnel is and so most people just go back to where they were.
Why do you think that that’s why so often,
people might be learning a new parenting style or they’re trying something new in their business and then all the sudden they’re like oh my gosh I sound like my mother oh my gosh it sound like my father is old way of thinking that,
they know isn’t healthy but it’s more comfortable.
Absolutely and even if you have for from a very disappointed you when you starting to change your emotional paradigm.
You’re going to get the moving stupid will i know i have a client who is now.
Living his dream everything you want to do is happening and he still in that same state of fear.
That he learned when his mother committed suicide.
And and so you call me the other day and i said yeah you have to make the decision to change your habitual emotional response and until you make that decision.
That you’re willing to go through the discomfort of change.
You’re gonna keep on feeling the way you’re feeling and it is i have it i mean i had a lot of emotional.
Yeah people ask me what my credentials are and i say was really screwed up and now i’m fine yelling going to set prices yet learn a lot and.

[12:35] Add eggs recognizing the protocol that i use recognize release replace and repeat so you have to recognize.
What what you’re feeling in a particular situation because all of your.
Decisions which inform your behavior have an emotional component.
And so you have to understand your emotions to understand why you’re behaving that way.
And so and a lot of people don’t have enough of a vote and emotional vocabulary.
To be able to say well this is what i’m feeling so what i teach people to do is to.
Recognize the can’t miss that experience in their body with that’s associated with a particular.
Situation and say okay.
I’m gonna allow myself to feel this and ask myself when did i feel this before.
And very often will people remember all when i was three or four such and such happened and then the idea is to.
Express that feeling in some way or the use i use the energy psychology techniques eft and be set free fast and some that i’ve i created does which includes making the sound the feeling.
And and then ask yourself what would i rather be feeling.

[14:07] And that was not a question then it any therapists never asked me what would you rather be feeling do i know how to feel that what do i have to practice that feeling and that’s the building of the new neural pathways.
So like if you have a disappointment have.
Everything happens you’re not satisfied with your disappointed you expected something to happen and you are disappointed well.
That’s a habit and you can change that habit,
by saying what would i rather be feeling and doing that over and over again until you build at noon or all the way so that that new responses automatic,
that makes sense yeah yeah so i wanna go back to cali so you go through this adventure to like find yourself like so some like myself i.
I’m in my thirties my wife is in her thirties we have a five year old two year old that how do we know if we want to say oh i’m not.
Happy with my life right now and work through some of these things what is that look like for someone has responsibilities could when you and i were in our twenties,
or to early thirties before we had some these responsibilities it’s easy to give away your possessions not easy it’s easier to years oceans to jump on a plane go to india or europe or wherever,
but what you say something to some people think i can do that now so i’m just gonna live the life i have and that’s just what i have not.
I’m not suggesting that anyone do what i did first of all remember was in nineteen seventies.

[15:43] I was trying to escape from the expectations that were all around me although i didn’t logically know that.
I now see what that was and my everyone thought i was nuts my parents were afraid i was becoming skits frantic,
so they can humor me until they couldn’t stand having me around anymore cuz i was meditating six to eight hours a day and do i wasn’t contributing at all,
cuz i was sick and no one wanted to recognize how sick i was when i was in my in nineteen seventy two wish,
a doctor said me joan you just a hypochondriac and you better learn to live with all your physical disorders.
And and i just wasn’t my answer and there weren’t that many health food stores or alternatives around,
so i just started studying has the body work his mind work is that i made physiology books bio microbiology books and.
And can i meditated so i could figure out what was going on and i would wait for answers,
so it was a different area it was different place but there’s no reason when you’re suddenly getting your buttons pushed by your kids.
You can’t stop and say what am i feeling and when did i feel that before now a lot of anger for example.
Comes from being repressed when you’re a child not every two year old is somewhat repressed the effects like yeah one of the feelings i’ve been getting in touch with lately.

[17:23] Is feeling restricted as if there are.
Chains or ropes around me that keep me from expanding into what i perceive is my potential.

[17:38] And and i know that my feelings might my core feelings.
Are water determining my life and financial outcomes so if I hear myself saying if only I had more money I could do such and such if you ever heard said that to yourself,
yeah it’s fairly common okay well the thing is never belt money.
It’s it’s about what you’re feeling because the situation doesn’t cause your feelings your feelings cause the situation and this is so hard for people to understand,
well i’m in this tight spot will why do you need to be there you need to be there,
to understand your emotions it’s all the emotions are the creative force on the earth plane.
And this goes so far beyond where most people are thinking yet if you do this work on this level.
You can get you can change your life so dramatically it’s am and this is what are the work i do with my clients even some psychologists that work or at and t help them.
See that red the feeling of being stuck and you just said something about half how can i.
From dissatisfied with my wife and how can i do the work will dissatisfaction is a bit.
And if you’re not happy and satisfied with where you are now you’re never gonna be satisfied because that’s your habit.

[19:09] Can you see that it is underline that if you’re not happy and satisfied now you’re never going to be that the habit lol it’s just it’s just a habit so.
It is an answer of using only had my money i could be more satisfied not that’s that works cuz you have to recognize the habit,
and say what would i rather be feeling because the situation you’re in does not.

[19:36] Require certain emotional responses it’s me it is this situation is neutral.
You’re bringing what you’re bringing to the situation some people would be very happy in your situation others would be just as the satisfied is you’re so once you understand that it’s never about money and that.
You can save yourself i need this i need this situation to express some feeling that’s left over from my early childhood.
What are my feelings and if you don’t have the words for it to get in touch with the kids that a guy if feeling in you’re the kids that experience in your body.
And there are certain ways to do that so this is why you know i have a little.
Problem with some of the talk therapies because the people just talking and talking and talking and talking about the problem and i think you have to take action.
To change the habit are good you where the adverse childhood experiences study and yeah okay heavy there’s a great movie about it be implemented in inner city school,
forgot the name of it was shown here the traverse city film festival and it’s just yeah i couldn’t continue at and the book there’s a book child disrupted,
and i have every one of my clients read that book.
And and one claims it to me every page was it haha and it changed to those adverse childhood experiences like my clients whose mother committed suicide or if there’s any kind of abuse or neglect.

[21:13] Then it not only causes these have bitch you’ll.
Uncomfortable emotions but even alters your jet genetic code it causes these genetic variations.
That that can cause physical disorders and it’s amazing will,
as a result of those adverse childhood experiences yeah i mean working on lock certain things that idea happy genetics like on top of genetics that certain trauma will open up genetic code that would have been opened if you haven’t had that trauma.
Absolutely and is like i had a really full jeanette genomic panel done recently and i gave up sugar in nineteen seventy three.
Honest to god give up sugar and carbohydrates and i’ve been on a health kick since then eating organic food sleeping enough meditate and do all the right things straight.
And when i took this genomic test.
That the genesis was working with me said if you have been living the way you’ve been living you’d be dead by now.
Because this was all of that epigenetics cuz I was counteracting those Snips they’re single nucleotide polymorphisms which are the genetic variations.
Bye bye living right and taking a whole lotta supplements i do take a lot of supplements but at seventy five.

[22:42] I’m healthier than most people i know were twenty years younger than i am you’ve got the energy definitely someone much younger for sure i know we talked before this i was just like dang shown has to be on my podcast the and so.
Yo i was a suicide still suicidal depressive for fifteen years.
I was in la belle in solution icon all the sake of joke drugs that are available at that time and i found is.
This doctor who was entered the knowledge is and nutrition is to work mostly with barry at your patients and.
And he’s a specialize in treating those patients for hypoglycemia and i have seen a.
Documentary on television about hypoglycemia and knew that was it.
So i went to see him and he handed me a piece of paper that said the peas beans no corn no rice no potatoes no bread no grapes no bananas the watermelon no sugar no white flour no kathy.

[23:45] And he said do this and you won’t be depressed anymore and i went home and did.
Now it knocks me out because i had all these added to know what problems but within two days i wasn’t depressed anymore.
And i have to learn how to not be in a depressive personality.
That was about changing the neural Pathways so you know when someone says to me they’re depressed I asked them what they’re reading.
Yeah and it’s amazing how depression can be mollified rather easily with dietary changes.

[24:21] Psychologist don’t include that very often and i think it’s absolutely essential because if you’re not fueling your brain with what it needs.

[24:32] It’s gonna work right yeah there’s the whole side and then.
I know that you’ve done a lot of work around money mindset and that’s always a popular topic here on the podcast,
cuz and i think this podcast and blog is unique in that we really try to,
be open about the counseling field because so few people really open about like it was my monthly income report every month we talk openly about money and debt and how to run your business.
What are some financial.
Handle anything pitfalls people fall into our mindsets that they get from the family of origin their on self-esteem like take us through what you see around money and mindset.
Okay well let’s talk about money and emotions okay cuz i think it all starts there.
I mean this is where the core of the work i do i think there are five main emotions that are typically acted out through money.
They are.
I’m alone this that feeling of being disconnected which starts when you don’t bond right with your with your parents so that that’s sense of separate this.
Hey the anger when there’s any kind of abuse or neglect that on express the anger.
Really prevalent in and women so you have aloneness anger shame when you look at your bank balance.
If you feel contracted.
And are saying to yourself like look at that do some all the things that go around in people’s minds about the money that’s chain.

[26:10] Deprivation if you felt a motion only the privacy child or you came from a very poor family.
There’s that again a contracted feeling of deprivation and the last one is a sense of being trapped.

[26:28] Which is so common that and people don’t even realize when you’re in debt the feeling is i feel trapped.

[26:37] And once you get in touch with those feelings which are acting out to your money.
If if you’re not happy with your earnings and you’re feeling ashamed.
That’s shame has nothing to do with your money it has to about how you feel about yourself so that the deprivation one so you said black of.
Can you go into a little more detail on that one sure i’m especially interested in looking at touch deprivation.

[27:08] I came from a family where my father used to say when she was six months old she drooled on me and i never touched her again and that was pretty true so i can say that i was touched upright and my mother wasn’t a good touch are either.

[27:22] And I now see that there is a connection between under-earning and what I call / earning.
People for home a billion dollars is not enough.

[27:34] No one needs a believe what is right but they have it it’s that needing that long of the fifth the feeling behind that.
Which i got in touch with after i wrote my billed you many muscles in it that feeling of longing.
Which comes when you don’t have your emotional needs that meant when your child that longing to be touched that longing to feel connection.

[28:06] It’s the same feeling as longing for more money and once you understand it’s never about money i can’t say that enough times.
When you start saying well it’s because i don’t have enough money you have to save yourself what is it really about cuz it’s never about.
I love that point it’s never about money just yesterday i had someone that called and they didn’t want to talk to the intake coordinator they want to talk to me.
And they are sharing how they thought my rates for too expensive and all these different things,
and the typical counselor you know they are in a tough situation like their family situation like a lots going on,
i could’ve you know reduce my rate i could’ve made a lot of exceptions but i knew that personally i would show for the sessions and just feel like.
Me and i don’t wanna be here as much as this is my regular rate and at the end of that call when i was able to say.
Here’s my rates i don’t have any sliding fee spots here other options with my practice they have different rates here’s why we do this his why we don’t have payment plans we wanted to counseling we don’t wanna be chasing people for their money and.
Articulated all of that it feels so good to be able to just talk through why i was standing firm with my rates,
and you know even a year ago i think that,
that would have been more of a struggle for me where I would have said am I doing the right thing it you know am I just doing this for the money and all those issues that come in,
there’s no i’m trying to help the world in a very positive way and i wanna spend time with my family and that’s okay if i choose to be a family instead of with a client that doesn’t want to pay my rates.

[29:44] Okay let’s look at the issue of pricey okay i’m in it can be all over the place.
People are charging fifty dollars an hour and people in charge of five hundred dollars an hour and what.
Allows a person to get that five hundred dollars an hour and their mouth it’s the all i charged some of my clients that money that amount for an hours of coaching.
Because I know it’s worth it and what I’ve done and I think anyone can do this if they’re determined is to have a lot of options I have group’s and I.
Do i even have three things that i do.
But and i of course is where they can do their own learning but i know that if a person is habit you will be less than.

[30:34] And they’re acting it out to the money.

[30:37] The chances of their changing are very small unless they have a certain amount of determination that is on the usual.

[30:47] Would you agree with that yeah yeah i think that.
Are go to is typically our mindset that we’ve been raised with unless we really do some tough work to get through that especially think in the field of counseling.
All the way through grad school especially in like social work and counseling programs we hear you know we’re not going into in it for the money we this time are their mentality yeah question is so.

[31:12] Set the hue but it’s like.
I’m gonna have all my sense of the world and volunteering and goodness and humanity wrapped up in my client’s like right that is not healthy for you to be working out those issues with your clients.
But i have decided to put together website which is still up i just don’t do a lot with it called the mexiconaturalhealing.com.
I’ve been searching and community by helping them get noticed and get clients.
And it was such a hard group to work with chris they don’t even realize they were in business and if you’re in business to make money as a counselor.
Then you have to treat it like a business.
Because it doesn’t just come by itself is a magical thing just because you’re a good person doesn’t mean someone’s gonna pay you have to learn how to manage money had a market.
And i remember twice for this group i put together a marketing workshops and half the time i have to spend.
Telling them helping them see that marketing is not a dirty word yeah it out and he is this whole.
Yo i have to serve humanity thing no first and foremost you have to serve yourself cuz if you don’t take care yourself no one else is going to and that’s not selfish it’s just being responsible.
Yeah and i feel it that often i see that money just magnify as what’s already there so if you’re the kind of person that you don’t care about the world you treat people poorly if you have a lot of money.

[32:51] Then you’re gonna treat more people ny opportunities attributable early,
and i have if you’re a great person that you know when you’re barely making ends meet you’re still donating to the organizations that you believe and that you’re thinking globally about the world and like when you have more money you’re gonna do more.
Right now not everybody has the ambition to do that kind of thing that you do.
Where you create a very lucrative business but not every practitioner can do that check because and a lot of it has to do with mindset.
They don’t perceive themselves to be able to manage more than just daily.
Sessions that they do with clients i don’t know what is like for psychologist but in the coaching field the average income is like twenty thousand dollars a year.
And and that has a lot to do with ambition and and willingness it to step out of their comfort zone and but the more i find when i work with people the more they are willing.
To heal their own money feelings the better they can do financially and the more at the same time.
You have to be willing to keep really good financial records,
and make money your friend if you’re not taking care of your money that’s an aspect of yourself you’re not taking care of and no wonder it doesn’t come i think that money goes to people who love and take care of it just like people.

[34:23] And if you’re not taking care of your money why should it come to you will go on it every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to know.

[34:33] I wanted to know that whatever you’re experiencing is the result of your habits and you have to decide what you want to change those habits.

[34:42] That’s awesome will joan you actually have a course that it’s usually thirty some dollars the are giving away to our audience drainage tell them a little bit about that and then i’ll tell how to get the promo code okay it’s called.
Financial freedom formula.
And blood flow the study area financially before holistic blueprint for success and add touches,
and some of the basics that we talked about today i’m putting i’m putting together much larger course on the brain science thing but this is a good one to get people started.
And and it’s thirty five dollars normally and i will give you a promo code that you can use on the show notes to share with your.
Audience so that they can have it for nothing i really you know i really care very much about practitioners.
Because they are the ones who holds the key to helping our population become.
A motion early healthier than they are today and they’re not very healthy today because of what they eat now they think and the abuse they went through and so i would love to help the counselors.

[35:59] Get healthier themselves.

[36:02] Thanks so much for sharing that with us and i believed that the show no to keep you guys that url in just a minute and joan thanks so much for all the work that you’re doing and be on the practice of the practice podcast.
My pleasure was great being here.

[36:17] Music.

[36:29] Jones final words there were all of us getting healthier as a been talking a lot lately i genuinely think that are most innovative ideas of just sparks of creativity.
They come out when we have those shower moments or your driving it the radio for your on a hike.
Those only happen we slow down when we focus on being center drawer stressed and we’re running full tilt because times that we sprint.
There’s also times we need to rest and i.
I think i find and i think which is i think within half in case.

[37:09] I think i found it also think that you know it’s so funny when you have those moments when you do something like that and it just cracks you up.
There’s literally no in the room with me i am just laughing and.
Anyway i think these moments are just so important to find and to reconnect with your partner reconnect with your kids with people their spec,
and when you do that you genuinely have the sparks innovation,
so why don’t you head on over to slowdownschool.com to see some the things i’m doing around slowing down and it’s gonna be really fun adventure we’re doing together in the summer two thousand seventeen,
and is this gonna be me release a lot more in january around that but deathly go up then for that email so we can be the first to hear more about what i’m doing and thinking about when it comes to slowing down again slowdowns go back on.
I really really really wants to thank we counsel harrison tyner over and we council has been such a great partner and so excited about this partnership.
They’re professional program and their sponsors podcast today,
headed over to wecounsel.com/professional you can read all about the professional program where you can get him to complain video scheduling,
he meant as well you can get,
it’s going to be a monthly webinar with me and Q&A and it’s not just like a recording Insignia actually there so I can,
actions and go in-depth and the things that you guys are going to its great affordable option compared to consulting or the group consulting do.

[38:41] So i haven’t really wecounsel.com/joe thanks so much for letting me into your years and into your brain next week we’re gonna be talking with mark.
Mawhinney in Mark has a really incredible podcast and he can be revealing all sorts of things around how to count to level up your career.
Talk to you next week.

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[39:11] This podcast is designed right accurate thirteen information in regard to the subject matter covered is good with the understanding that neither,
post the publisher already got surrendering legal accounting or other clinical information if you need a professional usually file a.

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