PoP 198 | How To Evaluate Goals With Kelly Higdon

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How to evaluate your goals

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Kelly Hidden on how to evaluate goals.

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In This Podcast

Click below to listen to the third podcast in this series, Sparks of Ideas With SparkSpace Founder, Mark Henson.

Slow down to spark innovation

First 3 Practices Of The 7 Practices Of The Practice:

  1. Evaluate
  2. Define
  3. Plan


Take a look at the resources that you do have to make your ideas happen. This includes your finances.

Make use of time studies to see where you spend most of your time and whether or not what you are spending your time on contributes to your end goal.

Make sure that there is a need for your service. For example, go where there are no sharks and lots of fish as opposed to lots of sharks and no fish.

Do risk assessment. Know how much you are willing to spend in time, money, and energy on the project. This will also enable you to learn what does and doesn’t work. Listen to your clients as part of your research.

Make use of best practices and learned ideas already out there, but be sure to put your own mark on it.

Figure out why you are doing what you are doing. It should be a balance between professional and personal reasons, i.e.: for you and for your clients.

Meet Kelly Higdon

life-coach-for-entrepreneurs“My purpose has always been to leave the world a better place. I want my daughter to walk into a legacy of compassion, kindness, standing up for injustice, and creating beauty.

I wanted to be so many things growing up. And now I am. A therapist, a speaker, a coach and an advocate for having a vision for you life and turning that into a reality. This is a culmination my life story and my curiosity. I’m direct. I get deep quickly. I unearth not only the pain but the potential.

This is about internal shifts that make ripples into the universe. That’s how I help the visionaries of the world – transform inside and out .

The other good stuff – I am a wife, a mom, a derby girl (Jelly Slamwich) and a pretty kick ass friend to those that know me well. I love to sing, laugh hard, and sing some more.”

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 198 | How To Evaluate Goals With Kelly Higdon

[0:00] Music.

[0:09] The practice of affected podcast with joe sanok with alison pidgeon session number one ninety eight.

[0:14] Music.

[0:25] Practice to practice podcast we’re going through the awesome stories about how to slow down the spark innovation,
so today we’re going to be diving into the very first stop from the seven practices of the practice before that alison pidgeon is in the house with me how you doing,
hey are you good you in the house at my house but you know where in the virtual house that.
I’m at my house you at your house yeah i just love that we were able to stand up paddle were together in traverse city with a bunch of the people on practice people like that just was,
i mean i like being practiced the after party stay at a boarding,
and then getting back into the water was pretty awesome oh yeah sure is awesome for me ever got a thing for but you didn’t the paddle boarding but yeah this year this year is the year for you.
saying today we’re tiger kelly higdon about evaluating we’re at with goals like just the very first step in evaluating it and recently i’ve been trying to do more like green smoothies and just getting even healthier the maybe rd was.
No for me it’s like i have to figure out what i can sustain because i still love chatter covered popcorn and cheese its and pringles and those who are not healthy things.
But for me like you’re having a kale smoothie or sing a few with a small step in the right direction has been super helpful for me in a can of achieving that new goal.
Else and you have any thoughts on can you goals in your things that maybe helpful for you or your directions you go.

[1:59] Yeah i think you know i have decided last spring to look into seeing women who have.
Middle ages and pregnancy and postpartum that was a population i never worked before and,
you know somebody have adjusted it to me cuz are more really any resources for those women in my area and i was like oh i never thought about that before and so my next step was like i’m gonna look into this and research it.
Is that sort of my first inclination is like i wanna learn all about this subject as i can and so.
You know the more i look into it the more i realize it was a good fit for me so yeah cisco doing a little research on the front and.
Yeah and you know trying on and seeing how it would feel or if it seems like a good fit for yeah that’s great to.
Alright see now is you are interview with kelly higdon.

[2:53] Music.

[3:00] The practice podcast we have kelly higdon from city me good morning kelly how you doing what you.
In the new car thank you for getting up early to be on the podcast today will talk with kelly.
Oh about how to evaluate where you’re at in order to set and achieve and then outsource goals we’ve been talking how first you slow down to spark innovation so we’ve got to that slow down step.
Who got you that spark stop and now we’re diving in once you have the innovation what do you do see go through the seven practices,
it’s in the first three are evaluate define implants and next week we’re gonna be talking with luis house about defining your goals.
And they’re gonna talk with j pappas and one of the authors of the one thing about planning your goals but today with kelly talking about evaluating we’re at,
what’s working what’s not working and really kind of drilling into that area that is working and amplifying it.
Kelly when people are having these can sparks of innovation and they have these ideas that maybe haven’t tried yet what should they do in regards to evaluating where there at.

[4:06] I would say to start looking at what resources are at your disposal.
Starting in consideration who you know what skill set you bring to the table i think this is a critical points in the journey that you’re talking about.
Where is people freak out though go back to more,
innovation go back to creating and not ideas and never be able to accept so that the things can turn in to something.
In reality so i think looking really at the resources to something care giving your head so you have this idea and now it’s let’s actually make this thing happen,
great and i will see it can be hard when no one else has done it before i have been there.
Buy twix surrounding yourself with people who see,
your capabilities that can pull out your shakes is also another important part of this piece in terms of really looking at how long it and move an idea and sue,
information yeah,
so think in our private practices you have often heard in the business world the twenty percent of what you do get cat food is outside or that yeah so.

[5:39] How do you focus in on that twenty percent so that it’s eighty percent is giving you those results and that you’re putting your time into the things that actually,
make moves actually move that needle for.

[5:50] Well if it hurts times studies english and replaced wednesday that firstly where time is going.
Ans then ask yourself how does this contribute to this other picture houses contribute to the same goal and how does she care in eight times daily can i have.
Yeah really it doesn’t it doesn’t.
People expect you to respond quickly because he thought and not so you can t say that you responding two days i mean there are lots of things you.
And can we use.
So when it everything i could just the reduction of the here and then it look at what you live in a.
You ready which is not at value to the project you’re working on.
When you’re evaluating when your starting something brand new really can’t doing a time study at the front and to make sure that,
you have that time to do that new goal really so that would that times the look like for some of the things i’ve never heard of a time study what are you like what do you talking about kelly so walk us through what that would look like to do a time study.
Yeah you do fifteen minute increments for a whole normal work day.
You got your day and you block out what you’re doing today if you’re not really sure,
keep on top of all of your awesome multi tasking in your person works a lot on the computer and recommendation something like rescue time.

[7:27] The funny thing is that won’t start docking your time selling a journal utensil what to do things.
Tuesday after no idea what she does it here totally is good to do something like this for several days so bad that is worn out of you,
He is resting time mr kind of like a digital and i had in my personal stuff for the engine you projects and.

[8:02] Something has to get it because i’m not gonna give my family something.
So i make the rest of my projects is that is that i am already drawing more streamlined and i really value it when i can win many there so that i can carve out time for something you,
do you know that in a given week you really are only gonna put in a certain number of hours unless you’ve kinda decided okay i’m gonna give up some family time or some help trevor,
and so it has a very intentional choice that night give up that family time give up that roller derby time in order to do a new launch,
yeah in those things can i usually non negotiable me you not talking for,
sometimes i’m okay for your babies come with a window i’m gonna work at night after my daughters,
in bad but i know it’s temporary i don’t wanna get into some bad habits that will destroy my health o meter have to be really careful about that stuff so.
Yeah you can make exceptions you to meet chris is here but he really understands.

[9:18] What you’re doing and why you’re doing it and that requires a reflection into.
Nearest hand mess up house what is necessary,
you may also find that would you venture into things what things take longer than the claim that when you go back to the summary of the weekend so he starts shouting this process is something that you’ll,
re you realize as you get into that planning days and replication jesus lol and that’s what we’ve been talking about with this whole series is how this is a repeatable process that,
you slow down you spark innovation you do this sprint can just what you’re saying there’s these hostile times but the hustle is not what you do every single moment of every single day,
and i love the talked about those narratives cuz when you walked us through at the most awesome time,
what’s the ideal date her that exercise before something about that moment when you took people through it and i realize that i wasn’t living my ideal day,
where and then you’ll start to schedule when i want my ideal we to be interesting and i decided that i wasn’t gonna work on mondays and fridays other than a little bit email,
i feel terribly guilty like i’m supposed to take a forty hour week i am not supposed to have a four day weekend i’m not contributing member to society hot the gym during the day,
working out helping a buddy of the us and my back doesn’t like spasm re,
and i’d be like i wonder people think i’m unemployed like me knows crazy all these like internal things that just happen and so i’m so glad the touch and.

[10:52] That narrative that people need to really cannot combat in order to create this new lifestyle increases noodles.
When you first started you feel like you really did over working when you were working at the school and sailing program and your practice you feel like there were moments of hustle,
oh yeah i think that,
and i knew it was a chapter like a new it was nasty noble but you is okay i gotta get the practice this point to start to feel back even consider leaving my full-time job,
it wasn’t with two daughters with heart issues a history of cancer and diabetes that i had to have health insurance that was affordable at that point i just couldn’t make it work it’s me it was.
What are the numbers for the analytics have to be happening on a regular and yeah over like three quarters for me to feel comfortable leaving.
He said that’s another thing that’s look at when i’m resources you know just wireless size for you to look at your money.

[11:57] Got no.
How this is gonna shake out what it could take and in terms of what’s the flow you there and it does take money so.
I really feel for when i start i’ll on a project and there are some tools that were really see in time but they can’t because they are.
Bootstrapping with bootstrapping which that yeah its fully done and he see you notice about me like i don’t know i’m here whenever but.
If you’re having something man or the you know bootstrapping can just add some more stress,
if you don’t have said it better is i think it back the unknown streets why is it in people so looking at all areas.
Your life and how they are connected to whatever it is that you’re gonna be adding in.
Yeah i think so often people make a little bit of money and then the red to either go spend it or lonely like,
do i look up your lifestyle cuz i just had my first five grand month and it’s like no they keep living cheap for a little bit an investment back in the business i think about how warren buffett when he was edison middle school hino.
Friend both invested in like a gumball machine and it got their first money out his friend wanted to just like to play like,
pinball or whatever it was back in warren buffet in the twenties or thirties up the um the one above was like no we need to buy a second gumball machine now and they just kept buying gumball machines and then i think they had like.

[13:38] Thirty then okay now let’s spend this months money and they me thirty times the money a little like twelve year olds,
and that reevaluate your business to get those tools to free up your time i think is so important that they are touching on that.
Cassell is in the house he bought in the seventies little i know gray is crazy.
So when people evaluating that twenty percent that they get a percent of the results other than to a time study them and look at their resources what else can they do to really evaluate.
Okay should i go into the school like how do i develop the school all of that.
Thank you wanna make sure there is a need for it and what can i do what looks like especially if you’re doing something that no one is number for a witness awesome numbers,
thank you from the desire to go to a conference didn’t suck yeah there’s plenty of conferences.
Hey but it’s blue ocean strategy i guess now i think about it the ocean for people that haven’t heard that.
Sure there’s a book on this where recently you know you’re shark.
You want to swim well the other sharks are in water is lady because everyone is fighting over the fish.
Are you a bus to ocean where are many other sharks and the fishes clinton will.
Right so it’s in how you set yourself,
apart and the book is this example and messages seventy’s away which is very told me about this concert at la it and vs barnum and bailey.

[15:22] They are services by definition a provider teaneck very different experiences so.
I am looking at the value place of what you want to green what’s going to setup our when you know that there is some what of any,
we gotta copper new penny was there are the desire but its a never been done forces no was going to say like i want this kind conference in new york city,
so it doesn’t risky but no i pay.
They’re pissing conferences right you know this part in the sparks were gonna she gets kinda conference ego two or the experience that this entity that,
conference knowing your audience that he points what doesn’t exist out there so that you can swim in the ocean and.
It will make you.
Far more if they is in trying to copy or read polish exactly the same thing brie yourself and whatever you’re doing.
Yeah i think i think that also what we did with the most awesome contra,
we know why risk wasn’t so we said here’s how much this place is going to cost here’s our costs let’s make sure those are covered before we even selling tickets we found sponsors that wanted to be a part of this,
before we ever saw your first ticket,
and so will no matter what the new thing as figuring out how do i limit my liability of things go a wall with this situation great what’s the worst case scenario okay we’re out a couple grand vs like hundred grand.

[17:03] Right is the rest in any situation as you take a look at that the better if you’re ignoring not then,
ignore her slater and you’ll be very frustrated and not really aware why did or didn’t work so i wouldn’t.
Yeah do some risk assessments know how much you’re willing to spend in high energy and money on the projects in order for you to say i did my best,
give me a shot and in order for you to.
You not to be able to know what does and doesn’t work do it well.

[17:48] Yes kinda blue ocean two therapists a lot of people here.
Right now i want to lunch podcasting on the right of the one of the notes are in the course,
so they slow down there like oh my gosh in this audience whatever group it is that they’ve worked with they have the specialty they have the expertise to their knowledgeable they have no small not working of people that can support them.
Now what would you suggest are sticking to blue ocean approach to launching one of those types of things.
And eating some research is gonna seeing where else people sirs for example let’s say you work with people on the shuttle with weight loss and body image stuff,
send them and how.

[18:34] Sends her diet programs settings what is the hook for this for going there.
And since.
What would you bring to the table that still dresses the body image the weights does it in a different way so look and see what is already out there is.
You know,
put on your glasses that filter through and give you a perspective of your ideal client or listen to the place you have,
isn’t them what they’re saying about wire signing up for these programs and things and then you get a sense of plate for example,
We can join different kinds of like intellectual groups because there is a desire to be a part of a community that’s really what the person was looking for and.
They were finding and the traditional ways that they were wanting said they found some other interesting groups that were more focused on to philosophy in those kinds of things so.
Yes they wanna community or the one again with a different focus so listen to your clients is really help when the sense to.
And i know one thing that people often feel is well fire look at what the health industry is doing that apply to psychology well i’m just ripping them off.

[20:05] What you have to say about that feeling of all i’m just i’m just applying something else is doing to our field like this just kinda stealing what you think about that.

[20:15] Well we don’t use your printer right but if you’re going to place your kinda understanding about what you’re bringing.
Your highness see what is unique about it and says you are you got really into that season hold on to it because you’re challenges and even after filing for.
I had have yet to find someone who has always had washes new things go perfectly.
They call sensor challenges cut away at the world saying he wanted us so at that really is a in there.
Any interest you that can be can the address of the cool part is something you just do what’s latest i think it’s reflection of you in something that you wanna come work on.
I think what’s wrong with taking something from the health industry making a better what is wrong with that of course we’re gonna stay with dinner ethical downs and all that stuff but.
If you are making something even greater and more active for a person the more transfer it.
That’s pretty pretty awesome and why read the will we know something hasn’t worked again it’s like.
You’re still shark right your still doing something that’s been done before in some ways that your shitty night what you bring this unique that you part that is the experience whatever it is.

[21:57] Please no different value set so that you are not shipping so,
podcast many when the podcast for example you could go and say well everyone has a podcast i don’t is that podcasting isn’t,
my saying that people that wanted okay totally saying that cecil um you know yet you could bring,
a different kind guest on you could have a different set up for it’s a different perspective mean your bringing something that will.
Move that out of just what everybody else is doing it to this is what i’m doing it any yeah yeah i think that idea of.
Be inspired everywhere i just want to doctor john got men’s level one training for doing couples therapy,
and i was amazed at how much of his training with this researcher did this and so we stole it and we give them credit but it’s great research so we’re gonna play here and divorced couples and then here we.
Learn from this person this person so dr gavin who’s one of the worlds leading researchers on couples if not the leading,
he’s even saying hey we do our best to find the best research everywhere when i doing all the all the research other people are,
it’s i think what you’re saying is you find that best stuff but you look at your ideal client.
Apply in a new way and then become that blue ocean in that process who doing the best disregard this is the number of it and i think it’s important that how humans progress at the.

[23:32] We springboard off of.
We hope to springboard history and learned ideas and grow then.
That’s what we’re gonna be doing right i love you mention can the personal side of having goals not necessarily come to fruition and evaluating why you doing this,
are there any quick tips that you have people to figure out their why behind launching something you’re doing a new project as part of the evaluation process.
So when looking at.
Why i always to that the exercise free talk about the axis has a little bit of people are familiar with.
Yeah me okay this is a perfect example right things that have been done before i invest from my coaches to learn from some other in this is something that’s been around it’s nothing,
nothing in my life to put a spin on it by licking it clean and the psyche the perfect day.
But basically you,
getting on a team of clay summer why in the city sometime anthony quickly but i can also send cheese in mountain time on it and you at seven,
a full twenty four hour day in a typical workday what you’re doing.

[25:03] It’s i mean like what kind of warranty is your feet,
hey when you wake up and what are you wearing what size are you what’s your hair like what clothes do you put on when you eat what time is it what sounds around you when you smell.
We see the whole day like how are you spending your time and this is like the perfect day and really what i find is that time since you.

[25:37] Dad lotion lol place peace but awesome alignment with curtis and fan in peace with the line with prayers for yeah so if you think.

[25:53] Number of the first time i did this go i was.
Not office and it freaks me out when there is i have an office of their best flick,
what if we just give ourselves permission for this exercise.
To madison like what is you doing i’m on the phone talking to clients in any way even long-term.
In short-term and i’m doing a variety of business and there he consulting make care and also delete lag coaching and.
It is consulting and acting in a perfect day weather conversations like my clients.
How i feel with that really helps you tap into when you mess because let’s honest.
Is awesome you know it’s not just for the clients and is just for the clients you’re in the area will it’s human nature i think like we,
those of us that are helpers this time i’m in the room to it but people that giving guess.
Yeah don’t balance and its is a recipe for using it so your why is the balance of you’re in what.

[27:24] Yeah personally and professionally outside of your home is your home and is in your heart you know.
Yeah okay i love that it’s like things are gonna get rough you know your saying you missing me fail.
But if you are aligned with your purpose if you have this idea of where your headed.
Then signal that wasn’t the best fit that wasn’t the best thing i’m going to learn from that i am at yeah i’m gonna just i’m in a the critical of myself in a way that actually create some positive energy that i can say what i need to improve the skills.
But that’s a functional thing that helps you become a better professional.
When you start with what’s my purpose here why my do it and if i fail okay i need to change that around that if i succeed and awesome and you’ll get all prideful and such you okay now let’s help more people break.
This is where bernie brown hundred cups and the whole.
She mingling they can come out here and knowing your purpose will also help you from getting into that blame as to why this or that the work it opens you to say i’m here number,
yeah because when people don’t see about me is the projects that are sitting in journals that never stop the page where people don’t see are the programs i try to launch and they flops,
we see what we wanna see red daisy done this company is new goo can tell you what could this but they don’t see what did work but all that’s it.

[29:03] Sales have air quotes as what got me to where the stuff that didn’t really take off yeah.
Yeah i think it was been helpful for me is to think of almost everything as an experiment like you can’t say here’s my idea here’s what i think is going to really resonate with people i feel super passionate about and i hope you will join me in it but.
It’s an experiment will see if it works and if it doesn’t then i’ll just kind of tweaking adjust and hopefully not emotionally beat myself up over it ray.
I think when going to like an experiment there there’s if the fail if the fails it easier to get through but then if it succeeds as well.
Yeah i always experiment and it wasn’t like my holy goes based on the singing successful yeah we can’t really kinda areas we,
yes i mean other people can be you and i have is all so so kelly around evaluating where you’re at it every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to know.

[30:07] I would want me to know that says you’re it isn’t worth giving permission to the next dance.
To the point that your discomfort bed near know you’re uncomfortable made that is saying that you feel stretch.
And is not places stretching they want to pursue how you’re going to leave your mark on the world.
This is about helping people and also the groin or something time it’s a beautiful opportunity.
And it’s not about what other people are doing and our lease unique and your purpose in getting in touch with those things.
So that you sit on it is the start bringing them into fruition.

[31:03] Kelly my gosh you are one of my favorite people in the whole world as a friend a professional and i’m so excited that you and your family are gonna be joining my family and everyone at slow down school this summer.
It’s can learn more at slowdownschool.com and kellys from sydney means they’re doing amazing work over there check him out thank you so much kelly for being on the practice the practice podcast.
Thanks for having me i’m excited to go to michigan know the snow will be gone by july i from the water will be no more.
And our girls will play together and we’re gonna slow down sparks and innovation that’s gonna be fun and i’m excited to see.
What people change and come away with there so it’s gonna be awesome.
Awesome kelly and she’ll call you on my drive home sometime today or tomorrow so i will talk to you and see kelly.

[32:01] Music.

[32:06] To alison and interview with kelly higdon was awesome all about evaluating where your at me i just love how many value bouncy continues to drop would you think that.
Yeah so helpful to hear her perspective.
Yes that’s very for stop of the seven step process that i’m calling the seven practices of the practice things that you can do to sat he even outsource school so that was step number one evaluate,
next week we talk about defining whether your starting or growing something new and i have luis house on the program next week which is gonna be killer.
Before in this episode alison you’ve been talking to a bunch of people that have been doing consulting with me and kinda where there at what they did to grow,
who are we talking to this week so today we’re gonna be talking to dana would who has a practice in florida.
And she is something really interesting she had her practice is vision therapy and the other half is consulting for businesses which i think is so smart because,
is there so many zora peaks and valleys with clients in private practice and i feel like.
Having that extra stream of income is just sort of an insurance policy against that so i was really enjoyed hearing her talk about how she does that,
yeah dinner is awesome she actually when i was down to florida for the aca conference came over and hung out so i gotta hangout with her in person so i’m excited to hear your interview with their,
so let’s check is interview with dana word today i have was needing them would day net is one of the people that did some consulting with joe and i wanted to touch base with her today to talk to her a little bit about what that process was like.

[33:44] Seventeen and you wanna introduce yourself and tell us and a few sentences about your practice.

[33:51] Sure my name is dana would my practice is called integrated council i’m located in st. petersburg florida.
And my practice is very different than when i first consulted with joe and greatly he really helped me begin the process of clarification.
So today my practice is tending towards consulting from mental health.
And really the consulting practice is around helping businesses and corporations on increase.
And the within teams and it works there and user and creativity and innovation and work with an awesome.
Yes so do you do any fishing therapy anymore do you do all consulting now.
No i still do i’m outpatient mental health therapy however my goal for two thousand and seventeen is really to begin to scale that back.
And do more consulting okay great so how much of your time do you spend doing each thing crew is about half and half.
A lot of consulting is still in the building phase okay.

[35:07] So tell us about before you started consulting how are you feeling about your practice.
I was feeling like i had i told i was on.
Pretty satisfied where i was as far as in the mental health arena but i have this inkling that i wanted a larger impact.
I i believe joe and i first.
Met through linkedin he had responded to a an article that i also have responded to and i was curious about what joe.
Offered and then we had i’m looking indication three email.
Great so since you started consulting with joe howell has your feelings about your practice change.

[36:05] Well good feeling to have an extra winding journey as this.

[36:14] Exploration clarification process has unfolded i’m but i feel really really satisfied and much clearer in the direction i’m going.
So it’s been this process of having to i guess hold both reality that the same time one is yeah i still and.
Your making my money through outpatient mental health counseling and i’m working towards this other girl on.

[36:45] How has that need to be all like you have more passion now when you go to work for you feel more invigorated or.

[36:54] I’m is certainly i feel so.

[36:58] Passionate about the direction i’m going as well as really grateful for my current practice and in the capacity of this so it is.

[37:10] I know i’m not completely clear a little vague but it really is holding both like excited for the future as well as grateful for what is now.
So before you started consulting with joe what was your average day like in your practice and how has that changed.
Oh my average day as far as the structure of where i spend my.

[37:34] Or how many times divided is somewhat similar in the morning really is devoted to business and in the afternoons and evening is when i see clients,
on the way had to take certainly more time off since the consulting practice has begun as far as time off seeing clients i’m.
And so that again the interesting balance.
Buy it now instead of my morning is the focus just carry around notes or scheduling or.
Local marketing it’s really about clarifying my vision creating marking when it’s much more systematic and structured where i don’t feel much of my energy is being wasted or.
It’s not a fuse okay and i actually get what you mean i think sometimes we end up kind of like.
Focusing on just putting out fires or like whatever is like on the plate for the day and we don’t necessarily take the time to think about like where do we wanna be three to six months from now.
Great way what are the steps that i can take today to work on that vision for six months from now so it sounds like you have more of that like overall.
Picture of a business and where you want to go and not just stuck in the day-to-day stuff exactly yeah yeah great.

[38:59] So how do you think your influence on the world has changed because of making these changes in your practice as a result of consulting.
Oh certainly i am in mean much much bigger than i ever dreamed prior to consulting it really was.
The first time in and had invested that amount in myself and in my private practice it myself i guess that the graduate school in my private practice and.
Dramatically shifted.

[39:32] How large is and imagined the impact could be and now i’m looking more towards a corporate structure and my goal is as lucky as i want to help change the world one company at a time.
Well in a bit to working with a company reaching a much broader audience of people then you wouldn’t necessarily doing individual therapy.
Correct you and the.
And i partnered with my best friend and amazing colleague from graduate school and we’re doing this we’re together which feels really synergistic.
Chemicals they have kind of a partner to bounce ideas off of and you in the process yes.

[40:19] So what were some practical things that you learn from joe in the course of consulting that you think other people could learn from.

[40:28] I’m some real practical tips that i still continues today is an attention to my website and copy on that website and much more direct way.

[40:43] Copy has always been some of my most difficult area is just how do i say what i’m doing who am i are getting in the weekly around that and.
Honestly that it has changed multiple times and continues to still changes i clarify i’m blog game i’m going to go recommended like,
at least three blunts a month and i’m doing one a month and that is still enough to help.
Google pay attention to me and so is good so attention to it as ceo.
I and some are just the real practical but i have no idea how to even start such as out of words.
Heat this summer keywords that you can identify to add words.
And trow he introduced me to trailer which i continue to use today and for various reasons which sounds like he helped a lot like.
Technical aspects of the business and there is something you work for my are with the four.

[41:47] Correct absolutely nothing.

[41:52] So do you think that your personal life has improved in any way since you were able to.

[42:01] Take advantage of the consulting me come up with some new ways of structuring your business or the kind of services that you’re providing.

[42:10] Absolutely and so i think.

[42:14] In this process i came up against a few personal road blocks that i had to work through in order for me to.
Get to the next level in my business and.
Go it’s not perfect there is a little bit more balance in my life and since i take the twice a week to swim laps and news in consulting that on prince anns.
What happens to her my.
However my business some from a personal care i can’t provide this work otherwise i can’t be suggesting other people do i do it so there has been some more balance in my life.
And i love you on always working towards grated on yeah saving yeah that’s wonderful cuz i think that’s a locked and we fall into that trap of.
Not seeing yourselves even though ironically we’re telling our clients to take care of themselves so i think that’s really cool that you were able to implement that as a result of.
Probably just being able to manager time a little bit better as a result of consult.

[43:22] I am making it a priority and again i think because not as much energy was being wasted towards on.
Just running the place i feel like there’s direction on the energy can really be directed yeah that’s.
Thank you so much data for talking to me and i’m really looking forward to seeing how your business continues to grow.
Thank you alison and forever whoever’s listening to this event sure you already know joe is awesome and i just can’t thank him enough.

[43:58] Music.

[44:08] Allison think so much for taking the time out to interview dana i love how she’s taking time to swim laps and focus and balance as well as shooting high for just a bigger goals,
what do you talking with her but was like happening to you i’m sure that’s inspire you hear other people’s stories when you’re talking to on.
Yeah i’d love to hear about how she was mixing the outpatient there be with the business consulting because.
That’s such a great way to make sure you still have steady income coming in and i just thought it was so cool that you know she kind of took her skills and applied it in a different way that was really helping her to grow her business exponentially.
That’s so cool.
Thanks so much for listening to the practice of the practice podcast we’re going to be back with you in just a couple of days here we have a defining weather starting or growing a new goal with luis house and alison’s gonna be with us then to,
thanks for letting us in two years and into your brain head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo,
do that three-part video series that all about slowing down to spark innovation the seven practices of the practice and the one thing you can do this year to level up,
thanks so much have a great day.

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