PoP 205 | Skywalker, Apple, and National Assets

Skywalker, Apple, and National Assets

Today, Joe Sanok speaks about talking in front of people and provides tips and advice around this.

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In This Podcast

Our best ‘ah huh’ moments come when:

  1. We look at what is, i.e.: best practice
  2. We dream about what the world could be

The way that adults learn is through engagement with each other and engagement with the learning process.

Our brains have evolved to crave innovation. What would happen if we fostered immense creativity in our kids?

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 205 | Skywalker, Apple, And National Assets

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[0:29] Music.

[0:53] Hi i’m joe sanok your life to reduce and it’s building in beautiful downtown traverse city i hope your ideal clients are finding your practice and your building your ideal life with your practice as well,
focusing on those things are gonna fill you up but they also feel you up outside of your practice.
Things are good here in northern michigan it’s a blustery winter de la radio center three is slowly being built next to me as my water front view is disappearing if you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen,
is building slowly getting away of my water front view but you know such is life first world problems right.
Well i don’t talk a little bit about hawking today i’ve had a number of different you know it’s recently,
and they’ve been all local so usually my key notes are kind nationwide but i was approached and they kinda lined up within a week of each other.
And so i wanted to talk a little bit about how i structured those out and also gonna give the talk they gave at the great lakes children’s museum,
and we’re gonna talk a little bit about just how to be successful as your speaking more to attract your ideal client your practice to fill it up.
And to them it really kinda grow the ideal life outside of your practice.

[2:07] So let me ties with the three talks were so the first talked was at this place called self cafe health cafe is this cool little shop here in traverse city that has an indoor wooden playground sort of like.
It launched its own coffee shop smoothie bar and it’s just it’s a beautiful design shop and they offer these of talks which are.
He’s our so talks about things i have to do with kids sort of like a ted talk that’s expanded with some q and a and thought discussion.
So i did one that was in teens and technology and that was last thursday.
And then on saturday i spoke at the greeley children’s museums high event which is their annual gala and then tonight i’m gonna be doing it had,
hits an accuser can each of those and tell why i think it’s important for you to have these kind of things on your radar,
so the elf talk with my teens and technology.
And i focused on who i want to attract my practice even though this is a place that is indicator younger kids it was a great way to talk about some things i’m passionate about with teens and technology,
i also re purpose some of that content for a local article for the newspaper and also i’m on the radio every other week.
And so i talked about that when i was in the studio as well and so it’s really important that when you put all this time into creating content.
That you find a way to re purpose it numerous ways because people are gonna,
right pain joy that you’ve expanded upon it so make info graphics about teens and technology do some blog posts re purpose in a newspaper article or on the radio show.

[3:44] Or in the casino so it’s kind of one of the first concepts that i really do to effectively use my time well.
So the second event was the have a vent which was put on acrylics children’s museum so just be understanding have the framework of where i was speaking.
This was the great lakes children’s museum gala it was in this beautiful space people and ties tuxedos,
overlooking the marina beautiful dinner silent auction live auction there’s a few things that i did that b went beyond just the keynote so i donated a half day workshop.
Of team building and visioning for any company that has six to five hundred people.
I’ve given away coaching sessions are giving away consulting sessions i’ve given away counseling sessions are parent coaching sessions and none of them usually get very many bids which i guess that’s fine for me because they’re not on this early.
Have to do anything i got some free promotion that really you want that institution there supporting to make some extra money off of what you give and also you want to show that you’re worth it.
It was really cold giving me this half day workshop of helping with visioning and team building which honestly the group activities all of us know how to do is counselors you could frame it that way.
It was done by a local hotel that’s a really large hotel,
and they are gonna put all of their staff through this so it was a great way to get from business leaders in a different way,
so there’s three or four different people that were beating on it and i could have gone up to them and giving them my card and used as a pitch but it just felt like.

[5:19] This is a charity event so i don’t want to be like him which my cards off on people too much i just watch willy wonka with my.
My kids for the original one and i forgot about the heat an insurance salesman a car salesman was from the north dakota.
But its violates dad and he’s just like the slime ball and thing on a little bit but i want to just like throw my cards out of people.
So at that event by the time i spoke,
there’s an open bar all night long for people so they see you don’t bid more but it was a rowdy crowd is like speaking greek you know in a bar and talk a little bit about.
Some of the techniques that i use to try to ring in and then tonight’s ted acts which is ten x there’s independently organized ted events around the world.
And in traverse city they tend to get the tax speakers from outside of the area and then they also have four spots there are for local people that do it ten x pitch in so i have a three minute segments do my text pitch tonight.
And you really wanna be focused on you only have three minutes three part story is a great way to do it some gonna be talking about i’m kinda going through cancer some how moments in them and on a cliffhanger.
Because what happens people have to vote.
For you in order to move on and some and they do sort of bachelor style like you have to come to the next one for the rose ceremony i’m actually say that be terrible,
i’m them and then if you wanna hear the rest of the story vote for me joseph.

[6:51] Set those are the three events and i want to take you through the talk that i did about how moments and also describe for us the way i engage this rowdy crowd.

[7:03] It all started when we went to the really children’s museum for the first time.
And they have this table there that it’s this water table is probably.
Twenty feet long it’s on a slight angle in water trickles from one side and goes all the way to the other side and they have these little pieces of plastic that you can put in to redirect the water either straight or to the side or diagonal e.
And so kids are constantly putting these plastic pieces in to redirect the water to make more water going to their channel to make water go back upstream to put,
he left the toys in the balls and little ducks and before down the watch what happens for delta thirteen getting to you cuz you see like these engineering feats that are that are insane.
And that was really the inspiration for my talk this keynote was all about moments and i said to think about as i planned out my talk.
Will do our best moments come from the start of a talker saying are best ah ha moments.
Come one two things happen when we look at what is when we look at the best practices ideas around us for consuming content where understanding the world is a is.
And secondly when we dream about what the world could be.
When we ask what if and when we set linking these ideas together so that’s how it’s gonna open with this like strong sentence.

[8:31] So what happened was i said are best ah ha moments come and everyone still talking.

[8:38] And so i said are best ah ha moments come when everyone is still talking when your starting your keynote.
And then i got like half the rooms attention and then there’s music playing the back so i said the best are best ah ha moments come when.

[8:55] We turn the music off behind the keynote and like a bunch of people after the more people have their touch and then i gave my actual first sentence.
And i moved into it like gonna be a night of inspiration a high d is of support for the great lakes children’s museum.

[9:13] So the way the adults learn is through engagement with each other and through engagement.

[9:21] In learning and actually be a part of the learning process so what i wanted them to do was to experience.
Learning and excitement and community so i created this activity at the table there’s a large like red solo cup for each person and for every two cups there’s ten cotton balls and it.
Explain to them what they’re gonna be doing is in round one the first person is gonna take these cotton balls it was gonna be throwing them across the table to their partner.
And the partners and try to catch them but the thing was the partner could move their hands stated always in towards there like body so can i get terrible service reps with little hans is holding this cop know that could bobbing weaving can move.
They can move their hands and so that the top people that in these two rounds copy cotton balls gotta come up front.
And this is where when you do a keynote you wanna make sure that you give yourself extra time if you have an activity because.
It was crazy it was fun people were laughing and engaging definitely got the mood up the energy which is what i wanted.
But it was like wrangling a bunch of cat.

[10:35] We finally get the top of the six or seven teams up front and we have this convo chan’s rather throwing it and try to catch in the winter and of winning a free birthday party for the kids the children’s museum.
So i planned on taking maybe five minutes of my twenty to thirty minutes you know and it probably to ten service is down.
And then i start talking about the brain and i say that.
Our brains are trained for innovation the train for how moments you think about.
First time that someone realize that you climb a tree when i rhinoceros is running after them and they survived better than the people that tried out run the right now.
They were the ones that survived the people that have ah ha moments that look at what is.
And then start chilling together ideas of what could be are the ones that provides our brains have evolved to want to crave innovation cuz this part of our survival instinct.
And something has got in the way of that creativity.

[11:36] And it really starting have the seventies eighties research take off and nineties and today we see that this thing has stood in the way of creativity in our kids.

[11:47] And that thing is unfortunately narrative play with our kids,
luke skywalker is a perfect example of this sunday my talk i have i just happened on a full cut and luke skywalker that usually is done in our basement but i brought it along with mean people danced with him on the dance floor later in the evening.

[12:05] So luke skywalker is a perfect example this luke was always luke skywalker darth vader was always his father yoda was always the guide with will be one kenobi.
Yo that was never a bad guy just peter was never lukes son and luke never rode into the sunset in barbie’s dream car and replaced can.
That for kids being raised in the seventies eighties nineties today.
Narrative play that’s based on a story only allows them to take their own ideas and prince so far on to their toys.
Well now let’s compare that to lego so i have this giant lego set next to me legos until like the lego movies came out recently.
Could be anything there was no story attached to them you created a.
You put what ever you as a kid were thinking about brainstorming dreaming about and put it on to those legos.
Its white boxes sticks strings lincoln logs these toys that don’t have an narrative based of them are so popular with kids because they can literally become anything the imagination is the only limit.
Where as we’ve narrative base play with little luke skywalker it’s harder for kids to do.

[13:22] Yeah let’s look at how this applies even to the business world when steve jobs took back over to apple back over in the late nineties.
He had this dream of starting his own line of stores what was happening was apple’s share was going down sales weren’t going very well they had agreements with these big box stores where.
The spot where apples were sold for supposed to be a story within the story and a lot of the larger stores weren’t doing this they didn’t have this sort of.
Apple store in the targets are the best spies and they were following the rules and steve is really frustrated by this.
And so he’s big vision for like an apple store chain and as i was coming out.
People were comparing it to dell and microsoft all these other stores they have tried to do that and really weren’t doing it well.
And most of the analysts are saying we give apple stores two years if that there’s a bloomberg article that came out in may of two thousand one.
That was titled say was i was i’m sorry steve jobs but this is why the apple store will fail and.
A nuisance isn’t gonna work.
So steve took his top managers and this guy ron johnson i never today retreat where he did retreat.
And during this section that johnson was leaving he was asking people when have you had your best customer service.

[14:53] Overwhelmingly people keep saying that was the ritz carlton when they went to the ritz carlton that’s where they had so he sent his top five managers,
to the ritz carlton training program to learn from them how to have customer service and then they took some of their best it people the best genius is that understood apple inside and out and had them.
Stock bar that was similar to a ritz carlton check-in in the name to the genius park they have their geniuses from apple that were there to help people problem solve.

[15:26] And you look at what happened with the apple store when they started linking together ideas of what is now with what could be.
They came up with the genius bar that came up with many things beyond that and you look right now at their average amount per employee that they make.
And it’s over three million dollars and we look at the apple store cost per profits per square foot it’s more than any other company in the world.
It’s better than tiffany and co you look at all the best and biggest and brightest and there amount per square foot that they make just blows everybody else out of the water.
I was using other industries to so i was recently interviewing brian can western kansas restaurant he may have heard a few podcasts ago.
And what brian is talking about the brain and his brother on a restaurant in seattle is often one of the top five restaurants in the nation different lists been nominated for james beard awards,
of it on top restaurants in the world is an amazing restaurant with an amazing philosophy.
It’s a one thing that they do is every year they send some of their top staffed any restaurant in the world all-expenses-paid.
They can go to do we can go to japan they can go to south america any where they want to go to check out what the other people are doing that innovative.
In one such trip brian talked about how one of his folks went to japan and.
This restaurant viewed the drinks in the bar the ingredients as being part of it at the glass that was served and was just as much of an ingredient.

[17:02] And so when they came back they ended up changing out all of their stem we’re so when you go to a canvas restaurant.
Every single glasses different based on the drink.

[17:12] Is it just sends a message to people because cameras of brian using the podcast that time that somebody comes to the restaurant is a gift it’s the daughter sixteenth birthday it’s an anniversary it’s maybe last meal and it’s a gift and that.
Having the idea from with someone else is doing and linking it with what your philosophy is to create something new and innovative that ah ha moment.
Create this moment of clarity and when i think about our kids and i think about how they could start linking ideas.

[17:47] I think about like the girls that are into video games right now and how what would happen if they then go off to college.
And they said studying game theory and how people make decisions and then they launch a video game that enters real world data into this video game.
And the goal is to solve the refugee crisis in so through their own linking of what is the create a new reality of what could be.
We think about the boys that could be playing the water table at the great lakes children’s museum.
And they’re looking at and how the water flows and how you can build energy that goes upstream and changes,
and then maybe they can go off to college and they and their female counterparts are studying quantum physics and the look at.
Quarts for example that if you split one you put one in la and one in new york.
If you get spinning clockwise the one across the country starts spinning clockwise reset thinking wait there’s an interconnected energy here.
And then maybe they then get concerned about the environmental movement and,
what’s happening in the world they’ve been given and they go back to that water table in think so we built energy around that,
here and then this interconnectedness with quarts and what if we change things in a different way to get more people excited about.
Making a world a better place so yeah i think that with our current political climate i think that with our current world climate.

[19:19] I think that often times we miss the point and the opportunity of what we could be doing.
That i wonder what would happen if we fostered amends creativity in our kids.
Cuz really creativity is a national asset.
So much can be outsourced phone technology putting things together making the next widget.
I used things there are going to be places that can be done cheaper in the world and so thinking about it always being america first is going to be difficult.
But if we teach our kids to be creative.

[20:00] If we teach ourselves to be creative if we teach ourselves how to have those ah ha moments this idea as they go deeper and deeper and deeper.
And that’s where we start to stand out as a society that’s where start making impact when we come up with things the improve the world to create a bigger impact.
But that also are going to help our influence and our individual and collective incomes because when we do that were gonna be the ones that people come to.

[20:32] So these talks are really exciting to put together.

[20:41] And then it’s like they’re done so that’s why part partially why my hand like share this with the practice the practice people.
I gotta figure out how to re purpose cuz this is good stuff.

[20:56] M and i wonder for you as a counselor if you started linking big ideas together what that would be it’s really cool because.
So get this concert commit the summer we’re gonna slow down and they were gonna focus in your ideal clients and building your ideal life and some people that’s gonna work for them to come.
To that there’s other people that they can come to traverse city for a week or they’re not the point of the ready to move that quickly to fill up their practices with their ideal clients.

[21:24] And so i’ve been working and so if people can’t come then what would be the next steps were the next things.
And so i’m gonna be putting together and i don’t have all the details and of sorted out so you can head on over two packs of the practice that come ford slash mastermind i’m gonna be launching some mastermind groups.
And i’m gonna get you the details and the people that apply first will getting first dibs on it.

[21:50] But it’s gonna be groups of people small groups of people that are at the same stage of practice the pastor had these mastermind groups that it was focused on just can anyone wanted to join on so one group is gonna be for people that.
Aren’t full of the practice me be there at five or ten or twenty.
And under a hundred thousand dollars a year in the they that’s are goal they want to be a hundred thousands filling up their practice with their ideal clients that’s the big goal.
Then there’s me a second mastermind group that i am not offering that’s gonna be for people that have over a hundred thousand dollars gross and the needs of people over a hundred thousand dollars grosses much different than those below.
Because when your over hundred thousand dollars gross the things that got you two hundred grand are the things that get you to two hundred three hundred four hundred.
Because you can bootstrap and hustle and work a lot to get two hundred grand i don’t see it’s easy flat hard work but that the math is easy to get two hundred grand.
But to get to two hundred or three hundred and to genuinely bill the company you have to start evaluating your time different lee get to be looking at your ideal life so you don’t get sucked into working seven days a week,
if you create systems and skill ability and is all these other things are different some have a different mastermind group that same justin people that are over a hundred grand wanna continue to grow beyond that.
So i’m still getting all the details together but didn’t let you know about can super excited about it,
also if you apply for that’s good practiceofthepractice.com/mastermind that’ll be directed to the application form.

[23:23] You guys are amazing thank you for letting me in tears and into your brain follow me on facebook over there you can do all sorts of facebook lives are hanging out with people all the time and it’s so fun to do.
And thanks so much brighter vision brighter vision makes the best websites for therapists their price point it’s insane to see what they can do for their monthly fee to head over brightervision.com/joe to learn more about them.
And i will talk to you next week cia.

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[24:05] Special thanks to dance ounces sexy for your intro music this podcast is designed to provide accurate for the information in regards with subject matter covered is given with the understanding me that host the publisher or the gas surrendering legal.
I think we’re all professional information if you are a professional which five.

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