PoP 222 What To Do With An Idea Part 2 | Magnum, P.I.

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What to do with an idea

Today, Joe Sanok speaks about what to do with an idea, part 2 – Magnum, P.I.

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In This Podcast

Do investigation about the truth behind the truth to make sure you are making the best use of your time.

How To Investigate An Idea


Poke around on Facebook groups etc. to see if anyone is doing something similar to what you want to do.

Set up a fake ad to discover a demographic that would be attracted to your idea.

Search for what people are doing on Facebook around your idea.


Do a basic Google Search around your idea.

Look in Adwords and make use of the Google Keyword Planner.

Also take a look at Google Trends. Put in multiple keywords and see which one ranks higher.

Start to type in what your idea is and see how Google auto-completes it.


Check what the top books are around your idea. What are the comments on high- / low-ranking books.

Look on iTunes for what terms are ranking around your idea.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 222 What To Do With An Idea Part 2 | Magnum, P.I.

[0:00] Music.

[0:07] This is the back to the practice podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred twenty two.

[0:13] Music.

[0:25] Welcome to the practice of the practice podcast i’m joe sanok your host here live in the radio center to building in downtown traverse city.
And we’re doing a three part series this week on a roast if you missed yesterday part one of what to do with an idea was all about brainstorming your idea i was called trains and actors we talked about brainstorming your idea.
We talked about with the movement behind your idea the motivator that’s not just a product that you’re trying to sell but instead there’s cause you have to change the world.
As we talk to alternative ideas of a kind of pushing back against your ideas in order to discover new ideas,
and we also talked about what pains you’re going to solve,
and experiences that you felt so if you missed that episode go back and listen to part one and then today you can come back and listen to part two which is named.
Magnum pi.
When i was a kid in the summer time my mom on us watching our of tv or least that’s the plan always was and somehow my brother and i do it how we did it we would end up watching so many.
Shows that like we watch the price is right and magnum pi in all these other shows in the eighties,
and remember loving magnum p i don’t remember many of the actual proof the premise of the episodes other than that magnum pi was played by tom cell like he did giant moustache he always wore a hawaiian shirt.

[2:01] And he was as private investigator in hawaii that would investigate things and discover things and always find can the truth behind the truth.

[2:12] And i want to me in today’s episode magnum pie because often times when we have an idea.
Is the side of her brain that it’s creative it’s excited to with you gets a thrill out of launching something in creating and.
Yes it does because shiny object syndrome or something like that.
And that’s good we want to have that energy behind ideas on the same as we can get so into our ideas that we miss the boat.
I remember a couple of years ago i launched this idea without doing very much investigation.
So look into some keywords inside the term how to become a consultant was searched you’ll three four thousand times a month and i thought i could build the whole podcast series around that i could interview some people like pat flynn and chris doctor in.
John lee dumas and other people they really respect.
Could contribute to the conversation so lunch this five day a week podcast you can still hear over a become a consultanttoday.com but.

[3:14] It was probably offended eighty episodes of it and it was so much work i would interview each person all at once and but we break it up into a day two three and four.
And i have this idea of the facebook community launching this community of people joined it.

[3:31] And i thought the public to want to sell with this guy course of how to become a consultant.

[3:36] And i launched it and had a cohort of six people that went through this mastermind group together in this course and i made some money off of it but when you really look at.
How would that distracted me from my core audience you know that time.
The practice of practice podcast was doing well that was growing it was kinda making probably a sixty degree turn up not quite a ninety degree turn up.
Play it was really growing but i was spending every week.
Doing multiple interviews for this other project i was building landing pages i put some money into developing the logo and i don’t regret and there’s a lot of.

[4:19] But i didn’t do as much investigations maybe i should have worked for example.
When you taking how to become a consultant the first thing that pops up is how to become an itunes consultant that that’s a really popular term that wasn’t at all what i was talking about.
So today i want to talk about doing some investigation to find that truth behind the truth.
Before you put tons of time me up like probably half the year in chew this how to become a consultant podcast.
And there are some good things came out of it but i think i could use my time differently the around the idea of helping people level up on their practices.
So today we’re going to talk about his men talk about how to use facebook ads in facebook groups were gonna talk about using google and search edwards and google trans we’re gonna talk about using me as an amazon books and itunes.
All to get some data for you as you look at your big idea cuz your idea is going to change the world no doubt about that your rd,
thriving private practice your growing on you listening to podcasts like this in the other ones that are really training you to run quality business.
But you got this be ideas inside of you and maybe don’t know what to do with them.
So we have all those things today if you haven’t signed up for the challenge june fifth two thousand seventeen is a one week challenge it’s called the world changers challenge.
And the seven day challenge where we’re gonna work on it looking at your idea.
Investigating your idea that cleaning out your ideas are gonna really do that kind of brainstorm investigate planned in the seven days i’m reading facebook lives.

[5:58] I am redoing email so if us and after that go over the practiceofthepractice.com/challenge totally free to do our goal is to get five hundred people,
they are gonna commit to doing this challenge you launch and plan out their big ideas.
Alright so let’s talk a little bit about investigating when you’re at this stage of an idea so i assumed that you understand the movement you understand the pain.
The audience so the idea has at least kind of a working idea going you brainstormed you’ve challenge that.

[6:32] So when you wanna investigate a few different things you can do that start with facebook.

[6:37] You start to poke around in facebook and look for groups that are doing things similar to your idea so maybe that the their ceo focusing are helping kids in foster care to transition into adulthood.
You can go on facebook look for groups that are focusing on that look for agencies are focusing on that.
Find if there’s any resources that are out there already on facebook also within facebook.
What you can do is you can set up a fake ad to see if around certain topics there’s a demographic that you can specializes the same maybe don’t want to focus on foster care your focus on,
on some sort of marriage course or capri marriage course for folks podcast see you have some idea of who you want to target.
You can go into facebook and you can set up an add you don’t have to run the ad to see about how big the audience is gonna be sore on the right hand side of facebook with the drop down to see that you can you know make an add.
Do you wanna watch a process you can target the area if you wanna just focus on your state or your country or your region,
you can focus and financial demographics education,
all sorts of different things sales gives you an idea of how many people are married or just got engaged to have some of those numbers in regards to what people might be searching for and if later in,
you wanted to run an ad how many people that might potentially reach.

[8:06] As well you can just or searching for what people are doing on facebook in regards to your specific area,
so now let’s transition outside of facebook and talk about some ways you can look at investigate using google.
First thing is just a basic google search whenever your idea is think of different ways that people might search for that so if you have a podcast you wanna watch that aimed at me be,
parents they have toddlers so you wanna go panting podcast.
Start looking at parenting podcast or listening to parenting podcast search around see what people are doing opt in to some of the e-mails to just investigate,
what are people in this industry doing what are they doing well look the improve on three disconnecting and some operatives behind enemy lines.

[8:55] As well you can start look and add words if you go to add word stack google that covers checking edward sac com.
If you don’t have abs accounting highly recommend setting one up you don’t have to give google any money but the goal of edwards for google see you and spend money,
on a house to promote something,
i said to make you give your credit card verify some things but once it’s set up you can use the google keyword planner which is great because you can look and see.
How much it would cost around specific keywords how many people are searching for that per month you look at categories or groups of keywords on so we might live together twelve different keyword phrases there around we’re looking for a say for.
Forty cents a click or forty dollars a click on you can reach that group.

[9:41] As well you can like a google trends so over are and you tube and practice the practice channel over there i have a whole walk-through on how to use google trans am to find keywords basically go in google trans.
And you can put in multiple keywords and see which one ranks higher so for example.
If you want to write a book and you wanna see if marriage partnership long-term partnership which one of those is searched more,
then you can use google translate quickly come here.
Unless we can use google is your start to type in whatever your kind of idea is to say it’s a parenting podcast type in parenting podcast and then you’ll see what.
Google things will come up gives you different ideas and other things that are ranking higher keyword ranking high and then you wanna kind of poker on there see what other people are doing in that industry.

[10:33] Okay so now to move off of google let’s talk a little bit about how you could use amazon,
so i’m in a sounds tons of products there are tons of books you can see what the top books are,
around the idea of what you’re launching all this is really to continue to brainstorm continue to think beyond just whatever your specific product idea is but to look at the entire can of movement around parenting and the movement around,
co parenting or the movement around whatever does the your big idea is.

[11:03] So when i am in love again you can program you can see what are people ranking high what are the comments when people read a book low.
Product low what are people looking for and then another strategy that you can use is going to itunes see what podcasts are going on already,
i see what terms are being ranked and reviewed around kind of the idea of what you’re doing as well it’s a,
subscribe to podcasts that don’t necessarily align with your id look listen to you know like this american life is one that i like to listen to or to listen to rob bell’s rob cast in to hear how different podcasters approach that art.
You will get some different ideas there’s a ton of different ways you can structure podcasts if you’re doing a podcast or even just trying to learn about how to grow an idea,
it’s really important to me filling your brain with not just everything counseling don’t listen to just these counseling podcast listen to people that are in the business field people that are more on the arts filter journalism,
would you like about the structure things what do you like about how they present their stories.

[12:08] So once you start to do this once you start to look at facebook look at google look at amazon itunes poke around at other people’s websites popped in you’re gonna have a really good idea of whether there’s an audience for your idea,
but also you have an idea how people are doing and where there’s maybe gaps so it’s a good thing when you see a lot of people,
working on something already and so if there’s nobody that’s doing it.
Take me goods up early adopter like when i started this podcast or no counting podcast the only one that was out.
A cat hackathon association they had done their podcast for nine months when i watched this there’s nothing about private practice without their.
So i have no idea if there’s even a market for and thinking it was like a lot of fun to do,
but if there are people that are doing and have done something for a while that’s really good sign it means that people are interested in that topic so,
put on your magnum pie luau shirt and your magnum pi mustache and go do some private investigations and also,
join the challenge i really wanna encourage you to head on over to practice of the practice dot com for slash challenge where would you in the world changers challenging it can be a seven day challenge.
Gonna be super active in this facebook group of five hundred percent free and the goal is to take your big idea inside of you,
and to really investigate it brainstorming give it some kind of first step so you can make massive progress,
in that for seven days now we’re gonna be doing a capstone webinar are at the end of it with me and kelly had an.

[13:43] This help you take those next steps beyond the challenge to really bring this idea to life cuz i know that specially cuz they’re so many amazing counselors that are already a part of the practice of the practice community.
You have world changing ideas inside of you and we’re trying to change the entire face of private practice,
it’s a big ambition but i know that we can get together and out for helping us a guide again that’s practiceofthepractice.com/challenge for the seven day free challenge that we’re doing in june.
Thanks so much for letting in two years into your brain tomorrow gonna talk about how to structure your idea of the brain storm after you’ve investigated.
How do you structure the idea so i so look forward to hang out with you tomorrow and have a great day.

[14:28] Music.