Practice of the Practice Podcast 006 | Building your dream job and experiential approaches to therapy

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counseling podcast about private practice podcast on ipod

counseling podcast about private practice podcast on ipod

by Joseph R. Sanok


Joseph R. Sanok: Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Marketing Expert, and Blogger

The Practice of the Practice Podcast: Counseling | Private Practice | Blogging | Small Business

In this podcast I talk how to build programs and ideas that will expand your counseling private practice. We cover the experiential-based counseling program that I helped start, SAIL Champion with the Maritime Heritage Alliance.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How I get paid to go sailing.
  • How to build an experiential program.
  • Creating partners in private, non-profit, and counseling fields.
  • Small steps to build a counseling program.
  • Creating new and out-of-the-box counseling programs.
  • Setting up data and surveys for grants.
  • Tips, advice, and ways to continue to grow your counseling private practice

Links and Items Mentioned in this Podcast



These are things that I discussed in the podcast. I’m so glad that you’re checking these things out. I have learned so much for these folks and I really appreciate them as partners!

SAIL Champion Program website and video:


Life Map Document

The Muster Project

The Maritime Heritage Alliance

Mental Wellness Counseling | A Traverse City Counseling Practice

Dinner and a Counseling Session

The videos from NMC I referenced have not been released yet. I will post them when they are released as a blog post and here.

Progress Notes and Paperwork


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Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is a licensed counselor and owner of Mental Wellness Counseling in Traverse City, MI. What have you learned from these podcasts? Will you comment below or email Joe? If you want to take your private practice to the next level, check out the paid e-newsletter subscription.

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