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These are all of the great resources that I have found very useful in launching and growing my counseling private practice. I do want you to know that some of these things are affiliate links, meaning that I get a small commission for recommending them. With that said, I would not recommend them unless I thought they would make your counseling private practice more awesome. I take being an affiliate seriously, I am aligning myself with these products because I have experienced growth through learning through them. If your experience is different, I really want to know! If you ever have questions about me being an affiliate or how that works, please drop me an email or check out my monthly earning reports. Here are things that can really help your practice grow!

Filing for a LLC

Legal Zoom has been called “One of the 10 best digital tools for entrepreneurs in 2012” by Forbes Magazine. The Wall Street Journal has said that their customer service is their “best feature.” The Huffington Post says, “Get top quality legal documents without paying top dollar.” Filing your LLC is something you can do on your own, but if you want to speed up the process, click on one of the links below:


Want to jump-start your private practice? Why not use the same forms that I use? Click Here to learn more about the forms I use.

The rest of these are resources that I use most often to be more effective in my counseling private practice. Don’t feel like you need to do it all at one. As you build your counseling private practice, you will find that it is better to take small steps slowly, rather than run. That way, if you screw something up, it is easier to undo. I have found that I have screwed up a lot of things by going too fast. I then learn something in one area, that make it easier in another. So take it slow. Thank you in advance for going through these affiliate links, it helps me to continue to spend time on this blog, I hope it is helpful. Feel free to email me if you have comments or questions: [email protected]


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