Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Series: Ayahuasca with Anonymous | POP 994

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Have you heard about Ayahuasca? What does a typical Ayahuasca ceremony look like? How can Ayahuasca support a person’s growth and change? 

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses Ayahuasca with an anonymous guest.

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In this Podcast

  • How Anon was introduced to Ayahuasca
  • What is a Dieta?
  • Understanding Ayahuasca
  • What Anon’s ceremonies look like
  • Anon’s advice to private practitioners

How Anon was introduced to Ayahuasca

Anon had a traumatic experience with DMT in their early thirties. However, they were lucky to come across two friends who were coming back from Peru having gone to an ayahuasca retreat. 

Anon subsequently engaged with ayahuasca and had a profound and beautiful experience with it. 

Some people do this and they’re one and done. You get in, you get what you need, and it sets your life on a different trajectory and that’s enough. Some people kind of touch up from year to year. – Anonymous

Anon’s experience with ayahuasca set them on a path to learning more about it, and how they could impact the lives of others with it.

What is a Dieta?

This process called the Dieta is where you’re quieting your diet and staying away from all sorts of modern conveniences. – Anonymous

Anon does their Dieta in the Peruvian jungle. The Dieta is a kind of contract where the participant forgoes certain pleasures, like touching, eating salt, and using toiletries. 

Anon describes the Dieta as a process of both quieting and listening. 

I think what it is is a process of listening. Like learning to listen and learning to tune in. And as you get more and more like the jungle, it’s almost like you become a piece of the jungle and then you have access to everything the jungle is aware of because you’re simply a piece of it. – Anonymous

Anon’s Dieta involves 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, one every other day. They describe it as a process of developing a relationship with the plant from which the Ayahuasca is derived. 

Towards the end of the Dieta, participants are slowly reintroduced to the conveniences they had given up and begin transitioning back into their regular lives.

Understanding Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a living tradition practiced by a variety of tribes in varying ways across South America. 

It is not a cult, belief system, or religion. Instead, it’s a relationship with a ‘vast intelligence’ that is facilitated by drinking the cooked extract of two plants.

‘Truthfully what it is, we don’t know. You know, it’s a mixture of two plants that has this effect. And we can look at the chemistry of it and we can look at the botany of it but truthfully what it is we don’t know.’

Ayahuasca remains a nebulous subject. Anon explains that they often speak in terms of entities, ancestors, or spirits, with which one builds a relationship. In addition, Ayahuasca seems to be both intelligent and benevolent. 

Anon views their role as a kind of facilitator. They try to build a relationship between participants and the entities that they come into contact with in a ceremony. 

Sometimes it’s very very visionary for people. Sometimes its got that kind of classical psychedelic quality to it of lots of geometric patterns and moving lights. And other times its just deep down in your body. – Anonymous

What Anon’s ceremonies look like

When Anon leads an Ayahuasca ceremony, it’s usually about 20 people. They sit together in a circle, and the ceremony opens with praying. Anon will also blow tobacco around the room to invite entities in. 

Subsequently, all the participants will take a small dose of Ayahuasca and then sit in silence for about 15-25 minutes as they wait for the effect to take hold. 

Anon will then begin to sing traditional songs, known as Icaros. After about an hour, Anon will offer participants a little more Ayahuasca if they are only experiencing a low range of effects. 

It’s a really precious moment because everyone’s senses are so wide open; your sense of smell and your hearing and what you feel with your skin is wide open so when you sing a song into the room it’s like your breath is capturing your energy and sharing that with everyone. – Anonymous

After about 5 hours, people begin to come into themselves again, and they close with prayers and by sitting quietly. 

Anon’s advice to private practitioners 

Your training and your psychological work are so important! Please take time to do the research and the training about psychedelics to support your knowledge before you begin sharing it with others. 

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