Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Series: Integrating Psychedelics with MAPS Trainee Concetta Troskie | POP 993

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Do you have a client who has recently begun their psychedelic journey? Are you unclear about how to support them? What are the best practices for integrating a client’s psychedelic experience into their day-to-day lives? 

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with MAPS Trainee Concetta Troskie about integrating psychedelics.

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Meet Concetta Troskie

A photo of Concetta Troskie is captured. She is the founder of Mindfully Embodied, a private practice specializing in psychedelic-assisted therapy, trauma, and somatic therapy. Concetta is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Concetta Troskie, MA, LPC-S, BC-DMT, RDT, RYT is the founder of Mindfully Embodied, a private practice specializing in psychedelic-assisted therapy, trauma, and somatic therapy.

Concetta is currently researching and studying the integration of psychedelic therapies with somatic modalities. She is a MAPS Trainee, a graduate of the Psychedelic Assisted Therapy program at Naropa University, a PRATI trained Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist, and co-facilitates plant medicine retreats internationally.
Visit Mindfully Embodied and connect on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In this Podcast

  • Concetta’s Journey into Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
  • What is Integration?
  • Best Practices Around Integration
  • Concetta’s Advice to Private Practitioners

Concetta’s Journey into Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Concetta has a background in somatic and trauma therapy, mindfulness, and yoga. Consequently, she has always been interested in what’s happening energetically within the body. 

Therefore, when Concetta faced a health challenge, she chose to view it through the lens of something energetically happening to her. Subsequently, she decided to use plant therapy to address her health needs and found it was very successful. 

But for me it was really something that in conjunction with lifestyle changes and therapy and other pieces I was able to integrate into my own life and make some really beautiful lasting changes. – Concetta Troskie

Because of her success with Psychedelics, Concetta decided to bring them in to support the somatic work she was doing.

What is Integration?

Integration is the bridge between the psychedelic medicine experience or the ceremony or the journey of the time you’re ingesting the medicine and the rest of your life.  – Concetta Troskie

Integration is about how a person applies the experiential information they receive on their psychedelic journey to grow and evolve. It’s about creating lasting behavioral and cognitive changes. 

Often though, people will engage with Psychedelics and emerge from their experience feeling lost or confused about what it is that they learned. Concetta helps these people clarify their journey and process their experiences. 

When a client comes to me after having had a ceremony, my work then as an integration therapist is to help really ground and anchor the imagery, the thoughts, the experiences, the emotions that emerged into what that client went into hopefully with an intention. – Concetta Troskie

Concetta helps clients validate their psychedelic journey by clarifying the relationship between the intelligence behind the psychedelics and the client’s subconscious. 

Best Practices Around Integration

Concetta explains that the role of the integration therapist is not to interpret the client’s experience for them. Rather, the therapist needs to meet the client where they are at. 

Doing this requires the therapist to help the client ground their experience within their body, as it is the body that will guide the client’s understanding.

One of the best practices is to really center the client’s nervous system, meet the client where they’re at, [and to] help the body be the guide.  – Concetta Troskie

It’s also important for the therapist to understand the framework of the diagnosis that the client is approaching them with.

At least with integration, educate yourself as much as you can. If you have the ability to work with that medicine… choose that medicine to go integrate with… because then you know the other person’s experience as much as you can. – Concetta Troskie

Concetta’s Advice to Private Practitioners

You can create your practice according to the most blissful intentions of your heart. Your practice can be an extension of your joy, gifts, and life.

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