Redirect your website for better Search Engine Optimization

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website redirect counseling consultant

website redirect counseling consultant

Recently in a podcast I discussed redirecting URLs to go to your website. Following the podcast I got this email:

Hi Joe,

Thanks for producing such a great podcast.  I’m learning a lot and trying to
integrate as much as possible.  I’m writing to learn about the website
redirects you talked about in episode 3.  My website is: ________
and I’m thinking about buying other domains such as _______
or ______________ to redirect back to my page.  Do you
think it would be worth doing?  Where can I find the directions to do this?



Here’s what I wrote:

Thank you so much for listening to the podcast! Yes, I do think it is worth it. It should help your SEO and help you rank higher in search engines. I use NameCheap, it’d be great if you used my affiliate link, it’s one of the few ways I make money off the website and it doesn’t cost you anything more.

Here is a walk-through video:

Also, if you think that you may want to have additional websites that are active, I would suggest using BlueHost, they have unlimited domain hosting and integrate really well with WordPress.

I hope that helps!


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