Rock Thomas Wants You To Redefine Your Life

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Rock Thomas Wants You To Redefine Your Life

These are snippets from a podcast with Rock Thomas – listen to the full episode here.

Are you comfortable with the path you are on? What are the fundamental, simple things in your life that you are doing that is making you feel grounded? Why can’t it be you who writes that book or becomes wildly successful?


Most of us take things for granted, we get bored after a period of time. Rock does his best to appreciate things that are simple and amazing. We are in this rate race to achieve and we have things blasting in our face all the time that you need to get this and get that. So remember that most of the good work you have to do is within yourself.

Trading time for money

We were taught to get a good education, go get a good job, work hard, pay your taxes and pay off your student loan.

People struggle with this idea of passive income, so Rock took it upon himself to help people be entrepreneurial in that area. Know what’s coming in, know emotionally where you’re spending, then make sure that you pay yourself 10% and mindfully become educated around investments.

Rules to live by

Fulfillment comes from growth and progress.

Rock’s written a book centered around this topic and below are 3 out of the 10 points:

30 minutes a day of personal development
Step by step process for setting goals
What do you do before 8 am and after 8 pm?

Discipline actually leads to freedom. Planning actually leads to choice

Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC

joe-sanok-private-practice-consultant-headshot-smaller-versionJoe Sanok is an ambitious results expert. He is a private practice business consultant and counselor that helps small businesses and counselors in private practice to increase revenue and have more fun! He helps owners with website design, vision, growth, and using their time to create income through being a private practice consultant. Joe was frustrated with his lack of business and marketing skills when he left graduate school. He loved helping people through counseling but felt that often people couldn’t find him. Over the past few years, he has grown his skills, income, and ability to lead others, while still maintaining an active private practice in Traverse City, MI. To link to Joe’s Google+