11 Reasons it is clear that Santa used to own a successful private practice

We all know that Santa is a great guy, but more and more evidence is showing that he used to be a counselor that owned a successful private practice. But don’t take my word for it, these facts make a pretty compelling argument!

  1. Even though he should be retired, he still runs a business.
  2. He tries to change the world in his work.
  3. Kids love him and tell him what they want.
  4. He has a clear niche.
  5. Santa has outsourced most of the real work.
  6. He’s good at marketing himself.
  7. He gets a lot done on a limited budget.
  8. He has streamlined his work into one evening.
  9. Santa takes time for himself outside of his work.
  10. He keeps the naughty and nice list highly confidential.
  11. No one has ever seen his files on kid’s behavior.

Photo by Axel Bührmann




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