Search Engine Optimization: The First 3 Steps

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Search Engine Optimization: The First 3 Steps

Here we will cover the first 3 steps that you should be taking if you want to get your website found by more potential clients.

SEO Tip 1: Have a website that you really like and represents you and your brand

How do you want people yo feel when they land on your website? What feeling can you evoke that will really represent your brand? If you don’t like your website, it won’t convert tons of clients.

SEO Tip 2: Do keyword research

This is coming up with the terms that people will search for when they are looking for your services. We don’t always know which terms people are searching for as we use technical jargon to describe our work, and these are not the terms people are using. The best place to start would be to find a few people that are similar to your ideal client and ask them what they would be searching for.

SEO Tip 3: Look at what content you can add to your website

What content can you add to better serve your potential clients and to give search engines enough information so that they know what to rank your website? The more information that you put on your website, not only are you helping potential clients but you will automatically be using relevant keywords and this will help you better show up in searches.

If you need help with getting your website to rank better on search engines and in front of more potential clients, reach out to Jessica at

Jessica Tappana and SEO Tips for Group Practices | GP 05Jessica Tappana is a therapist, group practice owner, and SEO guru. She filled her solo practice and expanded to a group practice in six months. Now, almost three years later, her 7 clinician group practice has all of the systems in place to run smoothly and she’s busy building a second business helping other therapists reach more potential clients through optimizing their websites for Google! Visit Simplified SEO Consulting or Aspire Consulting.