Should I Or Shouldn’t I Build My Own Website?

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Private Practice Website

My Story

Starting Off

It started six months ago when I had decided to start private practice. One of the first things on my “to-do” list was to create a website. Being a recent graduate with a lot of student debt, but not a lot of experience coding, I decided to go with Square Space. At first, it seemed like the perfect website builder, very easy to use and cool themes. But, I learned that when I wanted to change or add something to the design it was impossible or extremely difficult to do. And don’t even get me started on the limitations for SEO!

Paying a Website Company

I then decided that maybe I should just get a company to build my site. I chose Brighter Vision for their website template, low cost, unlimited support, and SEO. I was matched with a web designer and we started to create the website. But, lingering issues remained in the back of my mind:

  • “I don’t like that I have to wait for someone else to edit the website”
  • “I am stuck to this template”
  • “All of my SEO will be on brighter vision hosts”

Freaking Out

These issues, PLUS the fact that many of my friends did not understand why I was paying a company to build my website when they built theirs cheaply by themselves… made me stress out….. majorly!

Now when I stress out I try as quickly as possible to release the stress. So, true to form, I canceled my account joined and told myself if other people can do this so can I!

Yet, within four hours I realized I made a HUGE mistake. It would take me hundreds of hours to learn and create a professional looking website and that’s not even considering figuring out SEO. Instead of releasing my stress, I added more!!!

Going Back To Brighter Vision

I realized that I needed to go back to Brighter Vision. I needed to focus on blogging, networking, and counselling, not the technical aspects of my private practice. Though so embarrassing to go back after telling them to cancel my account just 12 hours before, I am glad I did. I learned that

  • Most SEO can be transferred if I leave
  • Though I may not get everything I want, they are willing to personalize your website
  • They can teach you (at no added cost) how to use so you can make changes to the website, and add blogs without going through a middle person
  • I also was able to skype with my designer and discuss the website and changes. I didn’t have to send emails and wait for a response (shout out to the talented Rachel Tschanz)


For me, Brighter Vision is the best choice. Because I use their company, I can focus on what I enjoy doing like writing this blog post, counselling, and making money. I know that my website and SEO are taken care of and that peace of mind is priceless.

Helpful Links

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About Julia

In October Julia moved from Northern BC to Halifax, Nova Scotia to live out her dream of living on the east coast and starting private practice. Julia looks forward to a long relationship with Brighter Vision and loves her completed website. No regrets!

Click here for her Halifax Counsellor website.