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Social Media Sprint: How to Optimize Twitter and Instagram

Does your ideal client spend a lot of time on Twitter and/or Instagram? Do you know how to use Twitter to effectively market your business? Are you aware of the benefits of having a business Instagram account?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to optimize your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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This is the third episode of the social media sprint, where we discuss Twitter and Instagram. Carefully consider whether or not you should spend time on either of these platforms. They can easily suck you in with no return. Make sure your ideal client spends time on these platforms before putting effort into marketing your business on them. Identify which social media platform you enjoy being on and spend time marketing on there.


Probably the most conversational social media platform, Twitter is a microblogging tool consisting of short bursts of content. It’s a good conversation platform and tool to comment on trends.

Twitter Tips:

  • Twitter shortens your URL so as to not have it take up too many characters
  • Search hashtags relevant to your industry to take part in discussions / follow people
  • Create a unique hashtag for your business
  • Use Twitter’s top hashtags to see what’s trending and create content around that
  • Use the location tool to see who is in your area
  • Create lists (of people you follow) according to different topics
  • Include imagery (tell a story through the gallery on your profile)


The most image-rich social media platform, Instagram consists of young users, and it is fast becoming the most favoured social media platform.

Instagram Tips:

  • Switch to a business account
    • Can make use of Instagram on your desktop
    • Analytics
    • Boost posts
    • Include business information / contact details
  • Include your personality (especially in the Story feature)
  • Maintain visual consistency among your posts
  • Make use of to include more than one link in bio

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