The Podcast Network Monthly Roundup: May 2024

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Wow, May has flown by!
In case you missed what’s been happening at POP, here’s your monthly catch-up.
This May, we dove into the pioneering and exciting world of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. We’ve discussed the various modalities, medicines,  contexts and applications they have, as well as how to integrate them into therapy. From Ayahuasca, MDMA, trauma and depression treatments, to ethical best practices, we’ve got you covered!
Outside POP, our network podcasters have also been busy! We have had Group Practice episodes on neurodivergence and nonviolent communication, whilst over at Sensitive in Nature, they’re discussing environmentalism and spirituality.
So hit rewind and unwind with us! There’s so much to listen to.


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Series: Integrating Psychedelics with MAPS Trainee Concetta Troskie | POP 993

Do you have a client who has recently begun their psychedelic journey? Are you unclear about how to support them? What are the best practices for integrating a client’s psychedelic experience into their day-to-day lives? 

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with MAPS Trainee Concetta Troskie about integrating psychedelics.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Series: Ibogaine, PTSD, TBI and Trauma with Talia Eisenberg | POP 992

Are you looking for novel treatments for addiction? How can Ibogaine promote mental and physical health? What is the current state of Ibogaine research?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok interviews Talia Eisenberg about Ibogaine, PTSD, TBI, and Trauma.


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Series: How to talk with your clients about psychedelic-assisted therapy with Dr. Elizabeth Nielson | POP 996

What should you discuss with your clients when it comes to psychedelic-assisted therapy? Which trainings are available for you to do now? What is the harm reduction framework and how can you utilize it in your sessions to support your clients?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to discuss psychedelic-assisted therapy with your clients with Dr. Elizabeth Nielson.

Nonviolent Communication with Simon Wiskowski | GP 223

Have you considered how you define your needs and what they uniquely look like for you to the people in your life? How can people feel much more comfortable, relaxed, loved, and seen by their partners? Why is nonviolent communication something that can change your life for the better?

In this podcast episode, Andrew Burdette speaks about nonviolent communication with Simon Wiskowski.


Creating a Neurodivergent-Friendly Workplace with Dr. Liz Slonena | GP 224

Do you have ADHD? Are there people in your workplace who you know have ADHD? How can these traits be given awareness, and what unique benefits can they bring when they are welcomed?

In this podcast episode, Andrew Burdette speaks about creating a neurodivergent-friendly workplace with Dr. Liz Slonena.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Series: Ayahuasca with Anonymous | POP 994

Have you heard about Ayahuasca? What does a typical Ayahuasca ceremony look like? How can Ayahuasca support a person’s growth and change? 

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses Ayahuasca with an anonymous guest.


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Series: Running Psilocybin and Ketamine Groups with Carrie Haynes | POP 991

What are some of the overlapping benefits between group work and psychedelic medicine? In a group session of psychedelic-assisted therapy, what are the safeguards that you should always have in place? Why is a fully contained and secure space essential for the medicine of psilocybin to truly work?

In this podcast episode in the psychedelic-assisted therapy series, Joe Sanok speaks about running psilocybin and ketamine groups with Carrie Haynes.


Rethinking Diets, Weight, Health and “The Wellness Trap” with expert Christy Harrison | BTB 186

How can research shift our perspectives around weight and health? What are some of the ways to identify toxic diet culture? What’s causing the Ozempic crisis?

In this podcast episode, Dr. Cristina Castagnini interviews Christy Harrison about diets, health, “the wellness trap”, and ozempic.


Sacred Harmony: Delving into Environmentalism, Spirituality, and Ethical Commitments with Roger Gottlieb | SN 109

If you want to contribute to a positive change in environmentalism, where can you start? How is the natural world a place for you to deepen your spirituality? What can you do to preserve the life and spirituality of nature in our modern times of change?

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