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A photo of Vikrant Shaurya is captured. He is a best-selling author and the founder of Vikrant Shaurya speaks with Sam Carvalho on the Marketing A Practice Podcast about how writing a book establishes your authority.

Are you thinking about writing a book? How does writing a book make you an authority in your business sector? Can publishing a book connect you with high-value clients?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Vikrant Shaurya about how writing a book establishes your authority.

Meet Vikrant Shaurya

A photo of Vikrant Shaurya is captured. He is interviewd by Sam Carvalho on the Marketing A Practice Podcast where he speaks about how writing a book establishes your authority.Vikrant Shaurya is a best-selling author and the founder of He helps thought leaders, coaches and experts write their bestselling books despite not having time and skill to write one for the purpose of building authority in their expertise or generating high-value clients.

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In This Podcast

  • How to write a book with no time to write one
  • How can you generate high-value clients through publishing a book?
  • Building expertise in any industry

How to write a book with no time to write one

1 – Hire a professional service company who can take your interview, write the book for you and also handle:

  • Proofreading,
  • Formatting,
  • Designing the book cover,
  • Marketing and publishing.

A company, like Bestselling Books, will write the book in your voice with your ideas and tailor it to your guidelines that are laid out in the interviews.

2 – If you have the time to write the book but you lack the skillset. In this case, you could:

  • Start with the book outline and set out the relevant chapters and ideas,
  • Instead of writing the book, they record themselves speaking and discussing the outline of the book from start to finish,
  • A transcriber can then write out their audio recordings into the book format which you can then further edit as necessary.

 These people, maybe they don’t have the skillset to write but I’m sure that they’re really good at speaking those ideas … those messages and stories. They can use [their] expertise to record the entire book and have a transcriber or some kind of a tool to transcribe everything. (Vikrant Shaurya)

Keep in mind that the first draft will be junk. But then you have the first draft, and you can build up from it, refine and fine-tune it, into a readable book.

How can you generate high-value clients through publishing a book?

We need to understand that the moment when we publish a book, it really helps us distinguish ourselves from the other competition in your industry … if you are an author, people see you as an authority on the topic. (Vikrant Shaurya)

You boost your authority in your sector of work when you publish a book. People will associate your name with the subject on which you wrote, and you will become more well-known.

The trick is not necessarily to boost authority, but it is also to capture high-profile clients through your published book. You can do this through strategized marketing, such as:

  • Create a checklist or e-book, worksheet, mini-series, or a webinar that can go alongside the book to complement its message and get people interested.
  • Offer your free media so that people go to your website and exchange their email addresses to receive your freebie.
  • Now that you have their email address, you can send a handful of automated emails with further tips and tricks that relate to the content in your book.
  • In every email signature, have a link where people can schedule a call with you.

It becomes really easy for you to close that deal because you have already established a repour because they see you as an authority, they want to work with you now. At the same time, you have also offered something to them over email … this is a kind of lead-generation funnel. (Vikrant Shaurya)

Building expertise in any industry

Skyrocketing your business will depend on who you are and what your goals are. Evaluate where you want to take your business so that you can lay out some general goalposts.

After you have published your book, people will want to work with you, and they will be willing to pay more because they see you as an authority on the subject.

  • Charge premium price for your time for one-on-one consulting,
  • Start a group coaching option for clients.
  • Create a video course or series to complement your book and charge a once-off price.

Creating a range of products with various services and at different price points will help you to skyrocket your business faster than if you simply stuck with one.

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Meet Sam Carvalho

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Podcast Transcription

[SAM CARVALHO] Welcome to the Marketing a Practice podcast with me, Sam Carvalho where you’ll discover everything you need to know about marketing and branding your business. To find out more about how I can help you brand new business visit And if you’d like to see some examples of my design work, be sure to follow me on Instagram at Samantha Carvalho Design.

Vikrant Shaurya is a bestselling author and the founder of He helps thought leader as coaches and experts write their bestselling book despite not having time and skill to write one for the purpose of building authority in the expertise or generating high value clients. Hi Vikrant. Thanks so much for joining us today.
[VIKRANT SHAURYA] Hey Samantha, thank you so much for having me here. Really excited for our conversion.
[SAM] So can you tell us a bit about your story, and how you got to where you are now?
[VIKRANT] Sure. Of course the story is very long, but I’m going to be creating, I’m going to be sharing just some pieces of those stories. So 11 or 12 years ago, I graduated from my high school. My dad asked me, what do you want to become in your life? And I told him that I want to be an engineer. The reason I told him that, because almost all of my friends, they were taking admission in engineering college. The place where I come from, it is India and in India, like there’s a mentality. Nowadays of course it is changing, but initially 11, 10 years back, if you are not an engineer or a doctor, then people think that you are a big time failure. So that was one of the reason I told my dad that I’ll be an engineer.

My dad thought like I’m serious about my career. He sold his land, got my admission in an engineering college. and here I was not at all enjoying the lectures. I was not at all liking the entire environment. Everything was extremely theoretical and I’m kind of a practical guy. So I was not at all liking it. So then one and a half years passed, I discovered a college library. I used to read so many books from the self-help section and one day in the third semester of my college, I discovered this book by Robert Kisokai, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It changed my perception about life in finance and in the very same day I just dropped out of the college. And long story shot, I dropped out, wanted to start something off my own. I started my business back then and I made a bunch of mistakes.

I hired a bunch of employees, even when I didn’t know exactly what to do, what’s going to be the main idea, and of course within six months I completely ran out of money and I had to shut down that business. And here I was, I was 18 year old in financial debt, not able to pay my rent and now I’m living in a single room apartment and with a broken laptop and a 2G internet speed searching online how to make money online with zero investment. And then I discovered self-publishing. So and then of course I wrote my first book within 21 days. There’s another story like how I wrote the book in 21 days, but I wrote that book and the first month made around $27 and it was kind of a dream come true for me because it was the first money I’d made online.

So I still remember that in midnight, I was jumping on bed when I discovered that I made this reality. I published another book within three or four days, for the short book, and this time, I also did some marketing and this month around $440 or something. So now I was seeing the clear path at exactly what I could do. I started helping people with my coaching consultation and some of these students, they mentioned that they really don’t have the time to write the book. Then I did some research and found out that there are so many people out there who have amazing ideas, amazing message stories to share with the world, but really don’t have the time or skillset to write a book. So what I did is I created, I assembled a team of editors, writers, designers, marketers, and I created a book writing publishing marketing services. Initially the company’s name was the books factory, but just because almost all the books, which we were producing, it used to become bestsellers, so we rebranded the entire company and made it So this is my journey.
[SAM] Sure. That’s an awesome story. So can you share with us, for our audience how to write your book, even if you don’t have the time or skillset to write it. So you kind of mentioned that you discovered that there’s a big audience of people out there like this, and I’m sure there’s definitely some of our listeners who can relate. So what tips would you give around that?
[VIKRANT] Oh, sure. So there are two ways. The first day is going to be, you simply can hire a professional service company who can take your interview, write the entire book for you, and then of course they can take it all the other steps like cover designing, formatting, editing, proofreading, then publishing, marketing, getting reviews, everything. We at do that. You’ll be very surprised to know that almost all the top 1% people who have published a book, like most of the famous authors out there, especially nonfiction authors, including Richard Branson’s book Losing my Virginity, Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Then there was also one book like Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. All of these books are of course written. So the thing is, we need to understand that these people have the message, they have the story, they have the idea, but they really don’t have the time to write the book.

So they know this. That’s why they hired those people who are professionals who have more than 20, 30 years of experience in writing, editing, publishing, marketing, who take care of all of these things. They just pay the money and then everything is going to be sorted out. So we at also do that. We have a system called [inaudible 00:06:47] writing, which is a hybrid version of ghost writing through which we take the interview of our clients, understand their thought process, ideas, message, story, experience, and vision of the book and then we write the entire book for them in their voice with their personality. So this is our expertise, and not only we write the book, we also do the editing, do the ISPN, cover designing, publishing, marketing. We get sales, reviews, and we guarantee that the book is going to fit bestseller on Amazon, so all kind of thing.

Everything is done for you. So this is one way. If they have the financial resources, they can simply hire a publishing company or a hybrid publisher who can take care of all of these things. Now, what about for those people who really want to write the book, but don’t have the skillset, don’t have that much time, but also don’t have the money as well? So I have developed a system called, which actually helps people write the entire book for them, even when they don’t, are actually writing the book. So first of all, like, of course, it’s really important to start with a book outline. Once the book outline is ready then what they could do is they can, instead of writing the book, they can just record the entire book; means they can just talk about those ideas or sub ideas, and then they can have a transcriber who can just do the transcription.

So maybe, like, there’s so many tools out there like or Happy Scribe, which can almost, like you can just simply upload the audio file and it can do the transcription for you. Or they can hire a transcriptor who can do the transcription for them. Now, the thing is almost all of these people, like your audience as well who are coaches, healers, practitioners and consultants, these people, maybe they don’t have the skillset to write, but I’m sure that they’re really good at speaking those ideas. They’re really good at talking about those ideas and those messaging stories. So they can use this expertise to just record the entire book and then have it either a transcriptor or use some kind of a tool to transcribe everything.

Now, of course, I understand that the entire book is going to be junk. The first draft is going to be junk, but you have at least the first draft ready, which means 40 to 50% content is going to be there. Now, what you have to do is you just have to rearrange all of those ideas. Maybe you have to read out some of these stuffs. There are also some tools out there way more advanced like AI artificial intelligence tools, which you can use to re-write those content, where you can simply put all of those things and then you can also have the tool write it, and then you can rearrange it in the book. And then of course you can have an editor, proofreader, whether you are hiring a professional service company, or whether you are doing the writing yourself, you have to, somehow you have to, no matter what you have to write, have an editor or proofreader to edit and proof read the book. So this is how they can simply, whether they have the financial resources or they don’t have the financial resources, these are the two different options for them to write their first draft.
[SAM] That’s some awesome advice. And for those of you who are on the move, while you’re listening to this, we will have all of that written down in the show notes, along with links to some of those tools that Vikrant mentioned. So Vikrant how can people generate high value clients through publishing their own book?
[VIKRANT] Sure. So of course we need to understand that the moment when you publish a book, first of all, it really helps us distinguish ourself from the other competition in your industry. How it does it, like, of course somehow like people perceive people, see you as an expert, people see you as an authority. Brian Traci also mentioned that if you have to establish your authority, then you have to become an author. And authority, word yourself, there’s a, the first few letters combined, it becomes an author. So if you are an author, then people see you as an authority on the topic. So of course the first thing is done. It means like you, if people will discover that you are an author on this topic, they will see you an expert or an authority on the topic.

Now, the thing is how to have that kind of a system so that people can discover that you are an author on this topic. Now this is the challenge. There are some people like who somehow write and publish their book, but they don’t have a system in place so that people can discover that they’re an author on this topic or maybe they’re not able to sell more and more books. So now, of course, first of all, let talk about in case, if you are getting some sales, how to generate high valued clients. So we need to understand this. If we are publishing book on Amazon or any other platform itself those publishing platforms like Amazon as well, it will never be sharing their customers information. No, like it will not share their name, who has bought the book, what’s their email address, nothing.

So you have to create some kind of a system so that you can really get to know who are the people who are buying your book and maybe you can have some kind of a conversation with them with some kind of a marketing tool. Now there’s a way out for this. So for example, the moment when you are publishing the book, maybe you have seen this, Samantha that when you go to Amazon, there’s a feature called Look Inside where people can check out a few pages of the book before buying the book. So over here, we can leverage this feature to generate leads. So before they can become a client, before they can pay you maybe $1,000 or $5,000 per month for your consulting, or maybe for your coaching fees, you have to build some kind of a rapport. And how you can have a kind of a rapport, of course if you are, have become an author, then of course, it really builds that kind of a rapport.

At the same time, maybe you can, you have to send some more value to them with email marketing, with some kind of a newsletters, which you can send. Now how you can capture their lead. So, for an example, if you’re writing a book about maybe how to become more productive right now, you have written a book. What you can do is you can create just maybe two or three pages checklist or an eBook or a book sheet, or a mini video series or a webinar, whatever it could be, which can go with that book. The checklist could be 10 checklist or 10 points to become productive today in your workplace or something like that.

Then you can offer that before the introduction itself. You can mention that and then you can provide that link of that checklist and people can click on that link, which is going to go take them to the landing page on your website and then they can download the checklist in exchange of the email address. Now, the best part is you will also be getting emails from those people or email addresses of those people who haven’t bought your book. And then with your email marketing software, like you can set up maybe seven or 10 value email series. Like every week you can send three or four emails, which can provide more tips and tricks. In this example, it can be about how to become more productive, share more and more tips, and then in your email signature, in every email signature, what you can do is you can have, like, if you want to work with me one on one to improve your productivity once and for all, then you can schedule a call with me and then you can schedule a free call with them, like maybe just a 30 minute call.

And then over there, you can present your offer by understanding exactly what’s their problem and then of course, it becomes really, really easy for you to close that deal, because they, you have already established a rapport because you are an author. They see you as an authority. They want to work with you now. At the same time, you have also offered something to them over the emails, like value emails. So this is the kind of a funnel, like a lead generation funnel. So before you can simply pitch them like, “Hey, like can you become a client,” you have to follow a system or a lead generation funnel can do that through which first of all, they become your subscriber, you share some tips, and then in every email says, well, you can ask them to schedule a call. And then in that 30 minute or one hour discovery call, you can also offer the services or the coaching or consultation program that your offering. And this is how you can get high valued clients.
[SAM] That’s really awesome and thank you for sharing all those tips. So you may have already kind of spoken into this, but how can people skyrocket their business and build authority in any expertise?
[VIKRANT] Sure. So if you talk about sky rocketing the business, first of all, we need to understand exactly what’s their current state. So maybe they are just having four to five coaching clients per month , or maybe they’re just starting out. So skyrocketing a business completely depends on person to person, first of all. Now for those people who are just starting out and who are not getting enough clients, maybe just one or two client per month, and of course, they’re also not paying you a high ticket price or just paying you maybe just hundred dollars or something. So what you can do is of course, if you write a book, then now do people want to work with you, first of all? The thing is like, of course, I have myself read so many books, but if I really want to see this transformation, so what I have done, like, of course in the last year itself, I have worked with four coaches.

And almost all of these four coaches, first of all, I read their book and I discovered that they offered this thing. Of course, they offer some really great advice in the book itself, but I really wanted to solve that problem once and for all. That’s why I hired those coaches and I have also paid more than $3,000 per month to these coaches as well. And I wanted to hire those people. Like now the table has to turn. Now you don’t have to push them to get or enroll into their services. Now they want to work with you and they want to pay you more. So, first of all, what you can do is you can charge premium price instead of maybe $100, $200 per month. You can charge $200, $300. And we have got so many clients who are charging more than $3,000 per month for their coaching and consultation business, for their packages.

This is the one thing like you, if initially you used to maybe offer your coaching program for $500 per month, now, if you are charging $3,000 per month, so initially even if you were getting maybe just two or three clients per month, maybe three clients, so you were making just $1,500 per month. Now, even if you are getting just one client, you are getting two times more results, two times more profit than initially. Now you are making $3000 per month. So this is the first way, like to simply increase your price point, and now they want to work with you. And you can also have like, of course, if you have written a book, maybe just having the same example, if you have written a book maybe about how to become productive, so now maybe chances will be that there’ll be more and more scheduled calls and you will not be able to take all the clients.

So what you can do is you can have a group coaching or group consultation. So there are so many coaches now. Of course, group coaching is in trend nowadays. I’ve worked with so many clients who are now transitioning to group coaching, because of course now they can serve more and more people with less and less time. Because of course we, as an entrepreneur or business owner or a coach, or a consultant, we also want to safeguard our time. Like this is one of the reasons why we wanted to do it, because this gives us a kind of a time freedom. But it’ll just be occupied in exactly, like with having just calls back to back, then it’s going to be really, really difficult.

So this is the second thing. The third thing is like if you’re reading a book, maybe what else you can do is if you are not willing to go for a group coaching is for those clients who can’t afford maybe $3,000 or $2,000 per month coaching or package. You can create a video coaching around your book and just sell it for maybe $500 one time investment. I’ve got so many clients who have done it. So what it is doing is with your book, just in the front end, you are creating backend products after products, which is really going to help you skyrocket your business. So these are a few ideas which I wanted discuss about this topic.
[SAM] That’s awesome. Again, some really, really great tips. Thank you so much for sharing that. So Vikrant, I believe that you have a free giveaway for our audience. Can you speak a bit into that?
[VIKRANT] Yes, sure. So what I’ve seen Samantha is for those people who are on their journey to writing and publishing their book, subconsciously they know that there are so many steps involved in book writing and publishing steps, like even in the book writing as well. First of all, they have to create a title, subtitle, and then they have to maybe think about what’s going to be the book idea. Then they have to create a book outline, understand who’s going to be the target readers, what’s the hook of the book, all of these things. They have to write the introduction, they have to write all the chapters, then they have to do the inclusion. Somehow if they write the book, then comes editing and proofreading. Then they have to do the author bio, do the do ISBN, Kindle formatting, cover designing, publishing the book, then marketing the book, getting sales, getting reviews.

So if you subconsciously ignore that there’s so many steps involved, which leads to procrastination. They don’t know where to start, where to end. They somehow, like, for example, if they start working on a book, maybe they’ve worked on it for two or three days and then they leave. I have also worked for so many clients. They were some of our clients like who were writing their book for more than 25 years. They were trying to write a book. So if you think about it, like why it happened is because they don’t have an exact step by step path or step by step checklist, which can help them know that, okay, so this is what they have to do first and then this is going to be the second step. This is going to be a third step. They don’t have that clarity.

To really solve that problem, what I have done is I’ve created a checklist which simplifies the entire process and which takes the entire process in just one page everything from book idea, to writing, to editing, publishing, cover designing, publishing, then marketing. All of these things like even the sub-steps as well, exactly what to do, what should be the flow, exactly how to do it, I have created a checklist and they can simply go to, and then they can download this checklist, print it out, paste it on their wall, in front of their desk or something where they’re actually writing and publishing the book. And this is going to make the entire writing and publishing journey so much easy. This checklist also comes with a blueprint, which explains how to use this checklist in detail.

And if they are very much interested to know every steps in detail, they can also check out my book, How to Write a Bestseller, which like every steps which I talk in the checklist. There’s a specific chapter for that inside the book. So they can simply go and find it on Amazon, How to Write a Bestseller. So the checklist is completely free. They can simply go to and simply download checklist along with the blueprint. So this is the kind of a resource for your audience.
[SAM] Awesome. Thank you so much. And we’ll have all of those links in the show notes. Vikrant, if people want to get in touch with you, what is the best way for them to do that?
[VIKRANT] Sure. So they can simply go to and they can explore some of our testimonials there, hundreds of testimonials and case studies on our website itself of our clients. So they can explore that. They can see if they find out, if they have the financial resources, they can really hire us by just scheduling a call with one of our author strategists who is going to understand their book idea, their publishing goal, and then business goal, and then sharing exactly how we help them. And then of course we can work together. So simply they can visit
[SAM] Great. And we always end off every episode was if every private practice only in the world were listening right now, what would you want them to know?
[VIKRANT] Sure. So if you talk about private practice owners, so one of the biggest challenge is really understanding that people really need your help. People are really searching for you, searching for your expertise, searching for your unique story or your unique message, which can really transform their life. The only thing is that you are not able to reach out to these people. So these people are constantly looking for the solution. These people are looking for experts like you, practitioners like you. But one of the reason you are not able to grow because you are not able to get in front of these people. And writing a book can really help you do that. So simply like, of course, nowadays, whether you are publishing, like any type of audience, like they can, they go check out, maybe Amazon, like, they can simply go, any type of audience, like people who are interested in, maybe they read on Kinder devices or digital devices.

They can read Kindle books or something. If they are very much into the paperback thing, then of course they can check your paper book as well. Nowadays of course, 50 to 60% audience is also shifting to audio books, just like your podcast as well. So the thing is that you can also publish your audio book as well, which is going to help you get more and more exposure. Now, the thing is like, once you write your book, don’t stop there. Once you, of course, have written the book, published the book, it’s also time to use that book as a leverage, use that book as a tool to get you more and more exposure of your business of your private practitioner, like whatever you are offering. So the thing is nowadays podcast is a really great platform. If, for example, there are maybe like, of course, if I’ll ask you that if there are three podcast guests who are reaching out to you, one is a best selling author, another is just an author, and another is, the third person is just a simple person, not having written any book, and these people are on the same topic, who would you choose?
[SAM] Either the, well, most likely the bestselling author.
[VIKRANT] Exactly. So of course, whether you are a bestselling author or author, people really want to have you on their podcast. So nowadays of course, if for example, if any podcast has maybe 10,000 downloads in that specific episode, you have shared your message, share your ideas within just half an hour of your time to thousands of people. So podcast is a really great platform. There’s a tool out there called It is free. There’s also premium subscription as well. Maybe you know that, but Listen Notes is a platform where you can find almost all the podcasts in the world. It’s kind of a directory of podcasts. So if your book is about maybe productivity, then you can simply search for productivity. You can see thousands and thousands of podcast channels over there and then you can reach out to these people. You can also find the email address, their website, you can pitch yourself. And then of course you, you can promote your book using a podcast. Because there’s a trend that people always ask that, “Hey, how can people find you?” And then in the end as well, you can know that they can check out your website or they can check out your book on Amazon as well. So, yep, this is my advice to all the private practitioners out there.
[SAM] Awesome. Thank you so much Vikrant and thank you for all the valuable information that you’ve shared today, and for being a guest on the Marketing a Practice podcast.
[VIKRANT] Thank you so much, Samantha, for having me. It was pleasure.
[SAM] Thanks for listening to the Marketing a Practice podcast. If you need help with branding your business, whether it be a new logo, rebrand, or you simply want some print flyer designed head on over to And if you’d like to see some examples of my design work, be sure to follow me on Instagram at Samantha Carvalho Design.

Finally, please subscribe, rate, and review this podcast on iTunes if you like what you’ve heard. Talk to you soon.

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