2015 Practice of the Practice Awards | Voting Open!

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What a great group of applicants! This year is the first ever Practice of the Practice Awards. You may notice that some of these folks are also involved with The Most Awesome Conference that I am a part of. However, the practices, consultants, and tools/resources were selected based on impact, influence, and income. Here’s a little bit about each one:

Central Counseling Services

Riverside, CA www.centralcounselingservices.net

What’s your story?

Central Counseling Services began as a dream between the two of counselors a few years ago. Our families have been part of a tribe of close knit friends for more than 25 years. We knew we worked well together and wanted our own business where we use our specialized skills with clients, and to improve the education of local therapists working with adopted children and their families. We are a practice that is known for welcoming the gay and lesbian community, and as one of the few in the two county area that provides support and services to the transgender community. We are a referral for the Unforgettable Foundation, which serves families facing the death of a child who cannot afford burials and services at the time of death. We’ve gone from working in between hours at our “real jobs” and taking contracts with minimal payment just to pay the bills, to a self-supporting practice where we can utilize our skills, be our own taskmasters, and actively shape our practice to what we want it to be. Our spouses are supportive of our hours, and our children have watched what it takes to own a business and make it grow.

Who do you serve?

We serve clients that are affected by trauma, loss and grief in all it’s forms. We are proud to work with all ages in life, all genders, and sexual identities, and their families. We help people focus on solutions, hope, and  lend them a hard to reach their goals.


The Parenting Skill

Los Angeles, CA www.theparentingskill.com

What’s your story?

I started this path with one thing in mind: helping one kid not feel the sadness and despair I felt when I was 18. In reaching for that goal, I decided that coaching and therapy were two ways that I could help not only children, but families as a whole be more compassionate, more effective, more empathetic to each other, and be more healthy for each other. Coaching came into my focus because I realized that many families’ main barrier was communication and effectiveness. In my family/parent coaching, I develop a plan of action, focus on 1-2 barriers, and direct the family to developing the skills they’ll need to be supportive of each other. On the other hand, there are some barriers that require deeper inspection and in family therapy I sift through the past and present to help families move into a healthier, less pathological future. My goal to help one kid has transformed into a goal to help families build relationships that will support each member of the family system throughout life.

Who do you serve?

I work with frustrated parents of school aged kids and tweens who are looking for effective strategies to manage their child’s behavior long term and wanting to develop a dynamic parent-child relationship.


Stokes Counseling

Naugatuck, CT www.stokescounseling.com

What’s your story?

Stokes Counseling Services LLC is a private counseling practice located in Naugatuck made up of licensed therapists who specialize in children and families.  In addition to our work with children and families, we provide individual, family, and couples counseling to adults.  We understand finding the right fit for a therapist is important and acknowledge you must feel safe and comfortable before making those difficult steps in getting better.  We do our best to provide a comfortable setting to help guide you to feeling better within the first few sessions.  

Who do you serve?

We believe you are the expert on yourself and we are the guide to help you manage ways to overcome what is currently getting in the way of living the life you deserve.  We provide a strength based solution focused approach to help alleviate unwanted symptoms and utilize a variety of modalities including Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to increase positive change.


Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW


Julie de Azevedo Hanks, MSW, LCSW is a self-care evangelist, author, relationship expert, media contributor, blogger, speaker, songwriter, and licensed therapist with 20 year experience counseling women, couples and families. In addition to owning Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC and serving as executive director, Hanks is an emotional health and relationship expert on TV and radio. She is a regular contributor on KSL TV’s Studio 5, a celebrity commentator on Reelz Channel’s new show Celebrity Legacies, and has appeared nationally on TLC, Discovery Health, FOX News Channel.  Her down-to-earth advice has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Women’s Day, Women’s Health, Real Simple, Parenting, and others. Hanks writes for Answers, Sharecare, DailyStrength, and PsychCentral websites.


Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer from ZynnyMe

We both have a masters degree in Psychology and are licensed to provide therapy. We realized that if we help 50 health and wellness professionals reach clients who need them every year- we can have a greater impact on the world than we ever could just running our own psychotherapy practices! Let’s heal the world and run a great practice!


The Psychology and Pro Blog, www.PsychCentral.com
Psych Central is the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network. Since 1995, our award-winning website has been run by mental health professionals offering reliable, trusted information and over 200 support groups to consumers.

We are today’s modern voice for mental health information, emotional support and advocacy. With the broadest online reach and recognition of any mental health network today, we touch the lives of over 6 million people around the world every month.1 We’re also proud to represent the interests of our membership of over 400,000 people whose lives have been touched by a mental health concern.


Simple Practice

A Private Practice Management System, www.SimplePractice.com

The idea for SimplePractice came from our desire to build a practice management software product that would be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The core product provides the necessary features to run your practice and help meet the legal and ethical requirements to document treatment and protect patient information. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

We believe that simplicity should be at the core of our products. Our goal is to make secure, powerful, and easy-to-use software that exceeds your expectations.

We are committed to working to always improve the user experience and responsibly add features that bring value to the product.

SimplePractice is built for you and supporting your success is one of our top priorities. We strive to provide you with unparalleled support and encourage you to let us know how we can improve our products to serve you better.




Private Practice Marketing and Training, www.ZynnyMe.com

We find many passionate therapists, psychologists, and counselors who are unsure what the next step is. Or they try to “wing it” and implement a plan that won’t work, or will lead to burn-out. We are your private practice experts and we know what works.

ZynnyMe was born out of two therapists coming together through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events and deciding to make something beautiful. Our hope is that this site and what we’ve created truly transforms your life, your clinical practice, and your business.




Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman