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counseling private practice advice tips

counseling private practice advice tips

On Practice of the Practice, I usually make totally unique and original content. But, I am not too proud to tell you about things that are better designed and implemented than what I could or want to do. In creating a website, which is essential for any small business, I have sought to have something that is easy for the reader to navigate and easy for me to update. Websites typically cost over $1,000 and then there are ongoing costs for updates, SEO, and everything else.

I do consultation for people that don’t have the time or desire to create their own (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE), but usually I encourage people to take the time on the front end to really learn about how to use technology to grow their practice.

These videos are created by Bluehost. I use Bluehost because of the ease that they have made integration. Before you launch your website, you will have to set up an account. Depending on which one you sign up for, it is around $5 per month, for unlimited websites! So please click on the Bluehost banner below to use my affiliate link (I do get a small commission, thanks for using it!)



These are the videos step-by-step, they will help you set it all up!


counseling private practice advice

Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LPC, LLPC, NCC is a licensed counselor and owner of Mental Wellness Counseling ( in Traverse City, MI. He loves seeing counselors save money and time by learning to do their own marketing and tech work!





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