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Private Practice Podcast

This is the #1 podcast for counselors in private practice. It covers all things private practice, marketing, business, and growing an income. Click to get the Private Practice Podcast and  learn more about the podcast.

Launch a private practice in 12 months inforgraphic

It’s just like it sounds, a visual inforgraphic about exactly what to do over 12 months to start a private practice. Click to learn more about starting a private practice.

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I’ve spent tons of time building an amazing newsletter that is probably one of the most useful things on the website. It’s focused on people that are starting a private practice or that have plateaued in their private practice. Here’s what you get:

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Consulting to Start and Grow a Private Practice

Frustrated with your current pace of growth? Confused by marketing and growing a practice. Individual consulting gives client the following outcomes:

  • A clear plan for starting a growing a private practice so that you spend time counseling not wondering what to do.
  • The one next step, not a huge list, that will continue to move your business forward.
  • The exact seven practice that I use with every new goal.