Where To Invest Your Time And Money To Get The Best ROI | PoP 321

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Where To Invest Your Time And Money To Get The Best ROI

Are you just starting a practice and not sure where to invest your time and money so that you can get the best ROI? Maybe you’re growing your practice and looking for support to take you to that next level? Have you been searching high and low for some amazing free resources that can help you along your private practice journey?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about where to spend your time and money so that you can get the best ROI.

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In This Podcast


Determine where you’re spending your time – making sure that it’s the best use of your time is one of the best skills you can develop right now!

In this podcast Joe Sanok speaks about where you can get a great ROI for your time and your money based on all the advice and resources Practice of the Practice has to offer.

Free Resources

  • Get this 28 step checklist to start a practice
  • Here you will find invaluable tools and guides to help you start, grow, and scale your private practice!

Watch Joe talk about how the brain reacts to slowing  down and why it’s so important to do this:

If You’re Looking For Guidance To Speed Things Up

  • 1 year practice plan: this step-by-step walk through will show you every single step to go from no private practice to a thriving practice in 1 year
  • If you are just starting a practice or adding a clinician: Next Level Practice is an industry-changing project to help counselors to start a private practice. Unlike many programs that are time-limited, or just an e-course, this brand new approach offers live and recorded trainings, small group accountability, and feedback.
  • Paperwork for starting a practice: here you will find contracts, intake paperwork, receipts etc

The Next Step Up: Masterminds

This is a group of people who are at the same phase of practice or business, they get together and intentionally work on each others businesses.

To apply for any of the below Masterminds and Clean Up Month please click here:

  • Start a Group Practice Mastermind (if you are under $60k per year) – 2 x 90 minute sessions, access to join private Facebook group, be paired up with an accountability partner, free access to Next Level Practice and the paperwork package.
  • The Next Level Mastermind (if you are at $60k+ per year) –  this is great if you want to optimize your practice, maybe you have a big idea and you have a lifestyle that matters.With this mastermind you get access to any of the digital products at no cost and you get to join Slow Down School!
  • Million Dollar Practice Mastermind – Join Joe Sanok and Kasey Compton to discover how to grow and scale a million dollar insurance-based practice. Included in this mastermind is 2 x 90 minute sessions a month, Q&A with Joe, Slow Down School access and you get to visit Kasey Compton’s practice.
  • Clean Up Month – Looking at money mindset, your numbers and anything that has fallen through the cracks via webinars with Joe Sanok, Kasey Compton and Alison Pidgeon.

Killing It Camp

This event is taking place in October 2019 at YMCA of The Rockies – this will be a shortened version of Slow Down School. Sign up to any of our email lists to be kept up to date with news on this event!

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Meet Joe Sanok

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Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.





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Podcast Transcription

POP 321

This is the Practice of the Practice podcast with Joe Sanok – Session Number 321.


Well, hello, hello. Welcome to the Practice of the Practice podcast. I’m Joe Sanok, your host, live here in the Radio Center 2 Building, in your ears, in your brain, right now. Hey, I’m getting back from Slow Down School as I record this. I know it’s going to go out in a few weeks because we’ve got a lot of awesome content in August. But, I am just so dang. I almost said the F word – Friggin.
I’m so darn excited about this group that we had this year in Slow Down School. People that just had such breakthroughs and their ideas in their practice and their lifestyle. It’s just such a… I can’t even describe it. It’s like you know when those of you who have gone to summer camp as a kid, and you come back to school, and you tried to explain things to the kids at school. They don’t get it. Sometimes I feel like that like I want you to get it. But, I feel like I’m just that guy that really like, “Oh, he loves summer camp.”
I remember I was in a Boy Scouts and we went to Camp Riley Boy Scout camp. My wife, Christina and I, actually got married out there because it’s just this beautiful place on the lake with this old lodge. There’s so many great memories where I really transitioned from being a boy to be a man. I really was able to take on leadership there, plant things. It just thought me so much when I was out camping and jumping in the water, and the time I got a sailboat in the mud when I had to flip it for my small boat sailing mirror badge.
There’s just so all these memories, you know, from summer camp. And, Slow Down School feels like that where the people that came out just retransform in such a quick amount of time as we slow down together. We bonded. We asked each other the right questions. And, we dreamed about leveling up. And, as we think about that as experience that people have genuinely been transformed and launched so many cool businesses from.
I thought I have to go through all the different things we offer because when we were deciding where to spend our time, it’s really important that we do the right things. There’re times that you should stop listening to this podcast because you need to go and do some work. You need to stop consuming and start working out. Stop eating and go run a mile. There’re times that you should say, “Okay, I’m going to take a couple of weeks off of the podcast and I’m going to go enact Joe’s teachings, I’m going to enact what his guests are teaching.”
Come back. I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere. You’re not going to miss anything, but you do need to take that action. And so, determining where we put our time and making sure that it’s the best use of our time is one of the best skills you can develop right now because if you can focus and get things done quickly, you will outpace your peers in so many ways.
I was thinking about how at Slow Down School, we did this 20-minute sprint. This was on Monday, Tuesday. We went for hikes. We had massage therapists, Thai body work, yoga teacher. We had a silent disco one night, did in prom on the beach. And then, on Wednesday, John Clarke, Allison Pidgeon, and myself, did some teachings around branding, envisioning, and your lifestyle, and did some short sprints. But then, Thursday, was really like run full tilt for towards your goals. And, to see what people have done in those 20 minutes, naming consulting practices, buying the URL, sketching out 14 pages of a book in 20 minutes.
These things that are unreal steps forward. Then, you really think, that is a good use of your time. The ROI of that 20 minutes is insane. Whether you’re starting a practice, growing a practice, or scaling a practice, there are things that you can do on each phase that are really going to help you out. It’s been a while since I started. From start to finish, here’s all the things that we have that can help you out, everything from the free tools, from the paid tools, to things that we’re developing. So, if you’re all interested in taking it to the next level, no matter if you’re starting, growing a practice, scaling, this episode is about where you can get a great return on investment for your time and your money based on all this stuff that we offer.
Alright. So, let’s start with a bunch of the free stuff. This often makes sense when you’re just getting going, when you’re bootstrapping, trying to keep cost down. So, over at practiceofthepractice.com/start, you can get 28-step checklist. And, in fact, all of our free things that we’ve offered as downloads, we actually put all in one page over at practiceofthepractice.com/resources. So, we have over 30 different e-books, guides, checklists, things like what do you do when you want to do Google My Business? What is Google My Business? What about a pincher’s page? How do I do that?
All these things that we’ve put together for you, they’re totally free over at practiceofthepractice.com/resources. Also, if you want to watch my Ted Talk, you can check that out over at practiceofthepracitce.com/TED. What that is, is me talking about how the brain reacts to slowing down and why it’s so important for big ideas for us to slow down. Alright /resources, /TED.
If you’re ready to kind of step up a nudge, just dip your toes in all of these. You want to have some guidance that will speed things up. Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about next. I think what we’re really thinking about is the difference between information and presentation because there is so much information out there that if you wanted to take the time to read through it all, then, you absolutely could find the answers to most of the things that we offer. But, the presentation side of organizing it, this is the best use of your time and money. That’s what we’re doing here.
We’re saying, “Why spend hours dinking around online trying to figure out how to do something if we have already figured it out?” We’ll tell you! And so, if you want our one-year practice plan, that’s $17. We’re going to get a weekly email that walks you through very kind of basics of starting a practice. And so, it’s going to be a year-long. You get this practice plan. You get emailed to. We have, I don’t know, probably 30 or 40 people a month that signed up for that.
That’s $17. You can head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/plan if you want that. Next step from that is for people that are starting a practice. They’re at the very beginning stages. They’re maybe adding a clinician. They want to get to that next level. So, we have Next Level Practice. You may have heard me talk about it. I’ve interviewed a bunch of people that are Next Level Practice. We’re up to about 140 or so members of that. That’s $77 a month when we launched the cohort. And so, if you want to come in when we have to launch a cohort, it’s a $100 a month. But, if you go over to practiceofthepractice.com/invite, you can request your invite.
At the time of this recording, our next one that’s going to be launching is going to be September 10th at 10AM. We do it every other month or so when we launch our new cohorts. We can really onboard people and we can meet with everybody, make sure everybody is connected. We take on less than 50 people for each cohort. And then, when you’re in that cohort, later on, you can get connected into small groups. We do live webinars. Actually, right before this, I did a Q&A where people all showed up. They gave their URL for their website. I did a bunch of website Q&A and evaluations. I changed this. I moved this. Let’s do this design.
Little things that really help make a big impact. And so, to get my eyes and ears and to get Allison and Casey, Emily, and Sam, and all of us helping you out, for $77 a month, I can’t think of a better use of your money when you’re just getting going. So, that’s over at practiceofthepractice.com/invite.
Now, if you just want the paperwork. That’s something that we give away. I think it is month two or three of next level practice. But, if you just want the paperwork of starting a practice, you can go to practiceofthepractice.com/paperwork. It’s $195. It’s going to just help you have your contracts for 1099s, your intake paperwork, your receipts, that whole flow that we use for our private practice. You can change them and adjust them however you want. So, that’s /paperwork.
The next step would be joining one of our Masterminds. A lot of people know have heard of a Mastermind, but really don’t know what it is. And so, a Mastermind is a group of people that typically are at the same phase of practice or business that get together and intentionally work on each other’s business. So, when we do that, first, we have our Start a Group Practice Mastermind. This is led by Allision Pidgeon. She has a group practice. I think she’s a $30,000 or $40,000 a month now.
Within that mastermind, here’s the structure. Twice a month, you meet for 90 minutes. 45 of those minutes are teaching and Q&A time. And then, the last of the 45 minutes are going to be two 20-minute hot seats. So, you’ll be on a hot seat. You’ll say, “Okay, I’m adding clinicians to my practice. I’m deciding on W2s versus 1099s. Not really sure what to do next.” You’re also gong to then get a private Facebook group and these things are going to last for over 6 months. It’s going to be a 6-month commitment. And so, you’re going to be invested with these people as well. You’re going to get an accountability partner. You also get free access to Next Level Practice, which is normally that $77 a month. You get that totally free. That’s part of this. And then, you can come to all of my webinars, all of my Q&As. Dive right in to all of that content.
Also, you’re going to get all of those hiring contracts that we’ve created for 1099s. And so, the paperwork package, you’re going to get that as well. And, this is $347 a month for those 6 months. And so, they’re going to be meeting every other Tuesday from 1:30PM to 3:00PM Eastern Time Zone starting in September. And so, whether if it comes after September, you can always apply for that over at practiceofthepractice.com/apply. We’ll chat with you and see if you’re a good fit. We have enough people that are applying for things that is not worth it for us to put you in the wrong thing. That’s not going to get you a strong return on investment.
We don’t want to oversell you or undersell you. We want to say, “Here’s the best use of your time and money right now. We just want to put you in the thing that’s going to help you meet your goals and if that works for you, awesome.
Alright, next after that, we have Next Level Mastermind that includes Slow Down School. So, Next Level Mastermind is for people that are at that at least $80,000 a year mark. They have 3 components. The 3 components are optimizing their practice, so they want to have a group practice. They want to run well. They want to be smooth. They have those processes down. They also have some sort of big idea. Maybe, it’s not yet, maybe they’re still figuring it out. But, it could be a podcast. It could be consulting, an e-course, public speaking, something that goes beyond just sitting in a counseling session, doing that work.
The third side is that they want to have a lifestyle that matters. So, they want to spend time with their kids. They want to spend time with their parents, or they friends. They want to go on vacation and not worry about their practice falling apart. So, within that, we look at what is the life that you want. How is your practice and big idea fit in that life?
We include Slow Down School in this. Slowly, we can get all together and take that weak in July and just kill it. So, what happens in Next Level Mastermind is there’s 8 of us that are in that. And, the first 10 minutes, we all give a win, then, we have 1 person on the hot seat for 20 minutes. We start with “What’s your big question for your hot seat?” And then, we ask a couple for clarifying questions and give you rapid fire advice for the rest of your hot seat. When someone else is on the hot seat, unless it’s 10 minutes, it’s up to me or the consultant to really kind of share with you what we think will be big steps forward for you.
What’s great about this is when you get the right people together, when you get people going after the big ideas, or you know, in early 2019, we’re going to have a group that’s going to be in that multi-six-figure or seven-figure. When we get those people together, it’s amazing how fast we can move because we all have similar questions. We’re all working on similar things. And so, what we’re going to do is I’m going to run a series of hot seats.
There’s 8 of us. So, over 2 months, I’ll run it and kick it off. And then, we’re going to have Allison Pidgeon run 2 months. We’re going to have Kasey Compton, John Clark run 2 months, and then, I’ll be back. And so, what that does is it gives you a bunch of different voices from the beginning and then we’re going to continue to work together and help you grow. Also, we’ll give you access to any of our digital products totally for free, Next Level Practice, all those other… Whether you want paperwork package, you want Kasey’s everything package, all these things we offer you, you get totally free as part of Next Level Mastermind. Also, you get to come to Slow Down School, which is super awesome. It’s in mid-July here in Traverse City right on Lake Michigan. We hang out on the beach. We get things done. We have a lot of fun.
For applying for that, you can head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/apply. Now, maybe you don’t have a big idea that you’re working on, but you really want to grow a practice, automate it, go big. We have our Million-dollar Practice Mastermind Group and that’s run by Kasey Compton and me. Kasey’s going to do 2 90-minute sessions per month. 45 minutes of that is teaching each session, and we have hot seats very similar to starting a group practice. And then, you also get Slow Down School as part of that one. And then, I do a Q&A in addition to that. Also, you get to go visit Kasey’s practice, see everything runs behind-the-scenes so that you can continue to scale and grow. So, if you want to apply for any of those, head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/apply.
There are a couple of things we’re working on that if you’re interested in. You can go over to practiceofthepractice.com/apply. So, two things are working on. Allison, Kasey, and I are working on something we’re calling Clean Up month. And, we’re going to be doing a month-long sprint around your numbers and your money. It’s going to be 2 webinars with me, 2 with Kasey, and 2 with Allison. We’re going to be covering Money, Mindset. We’re going to be covering looking at just your numbers and what’s falling through the cracks.
Most of us aren’t awesome with numbers and so we’re going to take the time to say here’s the basics of what you should be doing. Let’s clean this all up. Let’s make sure that it’s looking good. And so, that’s coming up. If you’re interested in Clean Up Month, you can then go to /apply.
The last thing that I’m cooking up is in October 20th to 23rd, 2019. So, more than a year a from now, we’re going to have Killing It Camp out at the YMCA Verakis. Killin It Camp is going to be a shortened version of Slow Down School. We’re going to have a day of slowing down together and then working your businesses on that Tuesday and Wednesday. And so, it’s going to be awesome.
We want to be the largest gathering that’s exclusively for private practice owners that’s ever happened. We’re hoping for 200 or 300 people that’s a micro version. We’re looking at a price for early birds for $650. That’s going to include your housing and your food, and your transportation from the airport in Denver to Colorado. So, we want to be a very reasonable price point. We want to be something that’s just amazing where people learn to kill it together. And, we could just have a whole lot of fun because we’re sick of boring conferences. We want conferences that people take action that matter, that’s fun. And then, really, you make huge strides forward and say, “Conferences are ruined.”
Actually, somebody said that in Slow Down School, they said, “Conferences are ruined for me. I just can’t go back to a boring conference.” And, that’s just a compliment because it’s not just me. It’s our whole team that does this. So, if you’re all confused or don’t have a pen to right this down, I would say just go to practiceofthepractice.com/apply and we will help you sort out what your next best steps are.
Our team continues to grow. We continue to add virtual assistants that we’re outsourcing. We are growing our consulting with Kasey and Allison and myself. We’re growing our Mastermind groups. We’re offering social media management with Sam. If you have projects like an e-course that you need to turn into an e-course, to turn into a book, we have the infrastructure now to help you with almost every stage of practice.
If you’re confused, just reach out to us and we would be happy to say, “Hey, here’s the best thing that we can do to help you. If it works for you, awesome. If not, then, keep listening to the podcast and hanging out.” Oh, I didn’t mention, for Killing It Camp, all you’ve got to do is be on what of our email list. Go on any of the email list. You can sign up at /resources. If you download one of those, you get added to the email list. And then, you’ll be kept up to date. On Next Level Practice, people on all of those kinds of ecosystem are going to get very first access to it. You’ll want to be in that if you know for sure you want to come to Killin It Camp.
You guys are awesome. You’re doing so much. We love supporting you. We love learning with you and kind of sharing what we’re doing. If you’re confused, let us know. Thanks for letting me into your ears and into your brain. Have an awesome day.

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