Where to Take Your Wild Child on Vacation | PoP 383

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Where to Take Your Wild Child on Vacation | PoP 383

Do you have a strong-willed child and are planning a vacation but not quite sure where to start? What are some activities that are appropriate? How can you get your kids involved in the planning of your vacation so that they have something to look forward to?

In this reverse podcast episode, Megan Chapa interviews Joe Sanok about where to take your wild child on vacation, how your influence can determine the tone of the trip and some do’s and don’ts.

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Meet Megan Chapa

Megan Chapa is the host of Travel Radio. The goal of her podcast is to connect travelers to travel professionals. Her hopes are that you find a new destination, style of travel or an adventure to add to your “bucket list”.

Find out more about Megan on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Megan Chapa’s Story

Megan is currently living in Oxford, UK while my husband finishes his DPhil at Oxford University. Her children think she is super “cool” for having a podcast and will do anything to sneak onto the show.


In This Podcast


In this reverse podcast episode, Megan Chapa interviews Joe Sanok about where to take your wild child on vacation and offers some advice on how to make sure they feel grounded in a new environment.

The travel and the experiences that we experience that challenge our cultural assumptions, challenge the way we do life, allow us or our kids to just see how other people live, that’s where our own personal transformation happens as well.

Things To Keep In Mind When Planning a Vacation With Strong-Willed Kids

Being in a new environment, having new sounds and smells is going to have a kid feel less grounded.

  1. What kind of environment is your child usually successful in? Do they like a quiet or noisy environment?
  2. Before even leaving for a vacation, what is the basic home environment expectation? Make sure that the behavior system makes them feel more grounded by still doing what you do at home.
  3. Look at basic things that could make them be more off, such as changes in their food, digestion, and sleep.

Your Influence

You as the parent have the most influence over your child’s experience when you’re traveling. Your planning, the management of your own expectations, your behavioral training before you go on vacation can give you a sense of control over the destiny of your vacation or trip.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO involve the kids in the planning of your vacation as much as possible. Find out what the one thing is they really want to do.
  • DO see what you can do to help them stretch themselves and get out of their comfort zone a bit.
  • AVOID lack of planning.

Planning Activities That Are Appropriate

  • Theme Parks – figure out a couple of rides your child is excited about and space those out throughout the day. Prepare them by watching YouTube videos about it. Define what it looks like to be a good family member.
  • Animal Experiences – allow kids to have very clear boundaries of what they will and won’t do.
  • Dirt/Volunteer Experience – make sure that this is more of a game so that your child does not get bored.
  • Camping/Beach Trip – have safety measures in place and understand what is developmentally appropriate.
  • Crafting – gauge your child’s interest and make sure that they own the process.

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