Why Slowing Down is the Key to Growing a Practice | PoP 385

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Why Slowing Down is the Key to Growing a Practice | PoP 385

Does the thought of slowing down and stepping away from your business leave you feeling nervous? Wish there was a way you could just shut down without having to worry if everything is running smoothly? Not sure how slowing down can benefit your life and your business?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about why slowing down is the key to growing a practice.

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In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok talks you through 10 different benefits of slowing down as being a key to your practice.

10 Different Benefits of Slowing Down

1. Slowing down gives you clarity

There was a study that looked at vigilance decrement – if people do a task for 50 minutes straight vs breaking it up every 20 minutes, the vigilance (amount you pay attention over time) goes down. Micro breaks are so important so that you can maintain focus on your tasks.

2. Exposes system flaws

At Slow Down School we encourage people to turn their phone off for a week. This forces you to set up systems that go beyond yourself and you have to evaluate those systems.

3. It feels good

It just really feels good to not be going to full tilt all the time and slowing down helps remind you of who you are on the inside.

4. It reminds you of what life could be

These adventures and experiences remind you that life is not here just to work. We are human beings, not human doings.

5. Pushes your ego out of the way

If you can’t do as much, it forces your ego to not be as much a part of it.

6. Growing for the right reasons

You will start to evaluate how you can grow in a smart way that respects people’s time, in a way that makes sense, that builds people’s lives and is good for your clients and community.

7. Protects your reputation because you stay grounded

When you are feeling stressed you will not show up at your best and when you take some time to slow down you will not feel as overwhelmed.

8. Helps you focus on that one thing that’s going to help make everything easier

Stepping back and figuring out what the one thing is you need to work towards to make your life easier.  There is something called Parkinson’s Law which states that work fills to the time allotted for it. If you give yourself an hour to do something, it will take you that long.

9. Batch easier and make boundaries

Look ahead at what work you need to get done and try to get your tasks done when you have set time aside.

10. Live the rich person life now

When you slow down you have a lot of freedom and you can create that time to live that life you dream of.

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