Why Your Business Needs a Welcome Video & How to Nail Making It

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Why Your Business Needs a Welcome Video

We are sure that, by now, you have recognized a growing trend of making video content. If you thought it was just reserved for highly skilled and eccentric people, think again. Find out how your business can benefit from a welcome video and how you can create one for an excellent first impression.

It Lets You Speak to Your Website Visitors Directly

Serving engaging content is one of the first rules of creating a successful website. Videos are probably the greatest form of content designed for user engagement. Your audience can relate to you based on many different aspects, such as: what you are saying, what you are wearing, what kind of attitude you have, whether you are short or tall, with dark or blond hair.

It is Good for SEO

Google is known to both set and follow trends. They have successfully recognized the potential of mobile device usage and video content. This is why they give an advantage to the websites which are mobile optimized, as well as those which contain videos. Some of the web developing companies claim that a single video can multiply your chances of coming up among top Google search results by 50 times. As the success of your website depends largely on your SEO efforts, adding a video to it might be worth a shot.

It is Cost Effective

An introduction video for your website does not have to be professionally done. All you need is a good camera and someone to slightly edit the video. Even if you opted for professional services, you’d still be paying around $1000 for a minute, which is comparatively not a lot seeing how much you gain from it. You’d be able to use it for at least a year before it wears off. The video from your website can be shared across social media platforms and you can improve engagement of your social media followers without incurring additional expenses.

What to Say?

Seeing that this is just an introductory video, you should start by introducing yourself and your business. Introduce it with thoughtful and relevant details. Your introduction should be followed by the problem you are offering a solution to. This is that one challenging situation your audience has to deal with that you can help them with. It is now time to explain how you relate to that problem. Tell them the circumstances that led you to recognize the issue they are facing. Perhaps you were facing the same issue at one point. Explain what you can do to help. Finally, give them a simple way of getting in touch. Tell them how to contact you for more info or for access to your services.

The Time is an Important Element

Regardless of the platform, you are posting the video on, it’s length plays a significant role. Since this is an introduction video, both website and social media production come down to short video formats. You are looking at 1-2 minutes videos. The trick is fitting your script and your message within that time frame. Dont try to talk fast and cram as many words in the 60 secs. Weve listed the points you need to cover in your script, which are all a part of video psychology, so try to be more concise rather than speaking fast.

Speech Mannerism

When you want to do an impression of someone, speech mannerism is the first thing you should learn as it is a very distinctive feature. Try to speak as clearly as possible, but make sure you still sound natural. Film as many takes as is necessary and have someone else help you select the best one. Avoid filling the gaps with “like”s, “so”s, “uhm”s, and “er”s. Don’t use words or phrases repetitively, or else you will become the “apparently” kid.

Body Language

Not many of us are comfortable in front of cameras. As much as you may want to fight to overcome this challenge, try being yourself but still look confident. First of all, start by smiling. Your smile will say a lot and relax the users. Watch your posture and make sure not to move around too much, nor look too stiff. Try not to wave your hands a lot while you are talking, unless you are signing the video for the hearing impaired.

Once you introduce yourself and gain that kind of personal relationship with your soon-to-be customers, don’t stop there. Keep them engaged and updated by creating a series of videos and posting them regularly.

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, freelance writer, and business-improvement enthusiast from Sydney. Currently, she is working with some of the best web video production Sydney area offers, consulting companies on various effects different marketing solutions can have on their business. In her spare time, you can usually find her hiking with her furry four-legged friend.