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A photo of Ashley Comegys is captured. She is passionate about helping mothers build their confidence and run therapy practices. Ashley is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Do you want to rank in multiple states? Where do you find your referral sources to grow your network? Is your networking system working for you?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about whether you’re networking in the wrong places and how to do it efficiently with Ashley Comegys.

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Meet Ashley Comegys

A photo of Ashley Comegys is captured. She is passionate about helping mothers build their confidence and run therapy practices. Ashley is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Ashley Comegys, LCSW, is passionate about helping fellow moms feel confident about running their online therapy practices while having the energy and time to nurture their families. She believes that we don’t have to make a choice to sacrifice our careers or sacrifice our families. Building an online clinical practice can give you the time freedom and flexibility to be a mom without having to walk away from your passion for helping others.

Visit Ashley Comegys’ website, Raised to Empower, and connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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In This Podcast

  • How to rank in multiple states
  • Make a phone call!
  • Keeping track of your network
  • Ashley’s advice to private practitioners

How to rank in multiple states

1 – Have state-specific pages

2 – Have location-specific pages within the states

3 – Get your SEO optimized

If you aren’t able to [give] the time or put the time into [optimizing your SEO], having a team like Jessica’s [is] absolutely so beneficial, especially if you’re trying to rank in multiple states.

Ashley Comegys

Do the basics, like adding keywords in your blog posts and connecting locations with Google My Business.

Don’t try to blanket-reach a state, and rather talking to clients within each specific location is more important and effective.

Make a phone call!

Making phone calls to network can feel like an introvert’s worst nightmare, but it is completely doable.

I want to challenge people to really think about it more so as relationship-building.

Ashley Comegys

Take the pressure off of yourself – whether you’re calling someone or sending an email – that it doesn’t have to be a high-stakes moment.

You’re simply reaching out to fellow mental health practitioners and medical providers to build a network and help support one another.

Keeping track of your network

When you are networking, think about what your goal is. Is it to build relationships that will lead to conversions and referrals? A collaboration opportunity? A business friendship?

This will help how you track your networks.

Consider including the following on your network spreadsheet:

  • Their contacts
  • Their specialty
  • How you connected with them
  • The purpose of your starting a connection with them
  • What their availability is to receive referrals
  • Which clients they usually see

It only takes a couple [of] really good relationships [to build a strong referral source]. You may only have five people [that] you have a solid networking relationship with.

Ashley Comegys

Ashley’s advice to private practitioners

When it comes to networking, it doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. Look for the low-hanging fruit: other therapists! And build connections with them on a human level because it’s a great, easy way of building your referral network.

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Meet Joe Sanok

A photo of Joe Sanok is displayed. Joe, private practice consultant, offers helpful advice for group practice owners to grow their private practice. His therapist podcast, Practice of the Practice, offers this advice.

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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